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History has always been an important element of life in Poland. Share your reflections on Poland's past. (page 3)

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Association of Lovers of Lwów and Southeastern Kresy
Current Polish-Russian relations.. What do the Poles think? What about PiS?  2
Old Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Inheritance, Legitimacy, and Nobility.
Cars made in Poland - during communist and post-communist times
Who is this communist Polish man?
Why is the Diary of Saint Sister Faustina Kowalska still unknown to Polonia and other countries?
Religion Of Children From Interfaith Marriages In The Kresy areas of Poland
Poland's Crowns jewels - what happened to them?
Rajmund Kaczyński not in PZPR  2
Where was this picture taken? (PZPR congress)
6 - Isn't that the same place they have the Disney on Ice thing? Looks familiar!...

Historydelphiandomine - 9 Dec 2015 Polsyr - 9 Dec 2015
Is there a historical Polish business/company registry? (Szczekociny - early 1900's or late 1800's)
Poland's society at communism and socialism time  2
55 - Johnny, sure it only SEEMS that the US is as you say it still is owing no doubt to...

Historywawa_marek - 16 Nov 2015 Lyzko - 20 Mar 2019
How come Polonization never works?  2  3
WWII fighting in Breznany, September 19,1939
Stalin's Holocaust Against Jews And Poles As "Self Defense"  2
Christian Crusaders and Teutonic order in Poland
Would Russians try to kill my family in 1944-1945 when they came to Poland?
4 - They were ethnically Belarusian....

HistoryWenkityop - 27 Aug 2015 Bartkowiak - 28 Aug 2015
Restitution Sought by US Holocaust Survivor Family of Expropriated Property in Zywiec, Poland
Peasantry system in Poland - Did it consisted of three classes?
Frederick the Great governments from Poland's perspective
Age of Enlightenment in Poland?  2  3
Sin of omission against Poland (Uprising ignored by Britannica)
The Warsaw Uprising memory. To remember who you are.  2
40 - :-) You do not have to Vox. Basically, Poland got run over in 10 days. Then a few...

HistoryNocyMrok - 3 Aug 2015 JollyRomek - 5 Aug 2015
Poland PRL era shops in pictures
Looking for information about a village possible name Demrtau
II Polish Corps - Poland's 2nd Motorized Commando Battalion - Photos
Foreigners in Poland - 1980-1983
Kielce Pogrom - new findings by IPN
National Service (Conscription) in Poland during 1938-1968 period
Adam Mickiewicz. What is his motherland: Poland or Lithuania?  2  3  4
93 - He certainly was, and I wouldn't even try:-)...

Historymatteroftaste - 22 Feb 2010 Lyzko - 1 Nov 2017
Location of Radwau (town in Poland) and its church?
The Polans - founders of Kiev and Kievan Rus'.
Give Poland back it's lost land !  2  3  4  5
Good enough for British - Joseph Conrad? Poland-born novelist.
How far did Kashubia extend?
Politics of Poland in past, present and future; your opinion
Pictures of Polish Jews holding coins and lemons?
21 - They are fortunately rare nowadays, whatever you feel the need to try and say....

HistoryBialystoker555 - 25 Apr 2015 jon357 - 28 Mar 2020
Story & Puzzle: Can we identify this military leader based on family story about Poland's second partition?
Polish nobility - what is the status of princes and aristocrats in modern Poland?  2
Question about historical inter-region settlement patterns in Poland.
3 - Anytime before 1800....

HistoryPolishmerican - 14 Apr 2015 Polishmerican - 14 Apr 2015
Remembering Polish Atheist Martyr Kazimierz Łyszczyński
Any good sources on Kashubian history/culture?
Your favourite Polish Patriotic films  2
Pistolet wz. 35 Vis (handgun built in Radom, Poland, 1938)
3 - Thanks! Great info....

HistorySzybkowski - 19 Mar 2015 Szybkowski - 21 Mar 2015
The Solidarity Movement in Poland - your favourite Kaczmarski's song
4 - Jacek Kaczmarski - Nasza klasa ...

Historygoofy_the_dog - 19 Mar 2015 Borek Falecki - 19 Mar 2015
The Riga Peace Treaty  2  3
Gomułka -- a true believer and realist?
Movie about Polish Fighter 303 Squadron in the making  2
37 - there are two movies about it, Three if you count documentary........

Historyjon357 - 15 Mar 2015 Ironside - 2 Sep 2018
Most important Poles and Slavs that ever lived  2  3
An Aussie Digger gets a medal - Polish/Australian camaraderie during WW2?
37th Infantry Regiment in Poland?
6 - Thanks looker, great information and media....

HistorySzybkowski - 10 Mar 2015 Szybkowski - 19 Mar 2015
Dacians in Poland
Why Is Lipsk nad Biebrzą Called "Lisko Orliscko"?
Why Cross of Valour with 2 bars was awarded to my father (Miszczyk / Bradley)?
Why is it ok to represent Polish history of WWII inaccurately in the film "Our Fathers, Our Mothers"?  2
Questions About the Reformation of the Husaria under Sobieski and Poland's Husaria
Poland's symbols for Love and Strength
7 - Did you click on the links?...

HistoryRich24 - 11 Feb 2015 Rich24 - 16 Feb 2015
Polish - Scottish history - which part of Krakow did Scots settle?
4 - It turns out the author of this book works at the university in my city :) - here's his...

Historydtaylor5632 - 30 Jan 2015 Paulina - 31 Jan 2015

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