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Poland's Baptism 1050th anniversary -- a return to sanity?

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
14 Apr 2016 #1
The 1050th anniversary of Poland's Baptism has given rise to films exploring various facets of the coutnry's origins. The once promtoed Marxust view that Mieszko's decision was motivated solely by political and diplomatic designs has been disputed. He is now being compared to Constantine who came to deeply believe in the Messiah. Today the Marxist approach is being continued the PC ideology, yet another passing utopia bent on reinventing the world at all costs. It aims to destroy the three main pillars of our civilisation: the family, the Christian faith and the nation state. The advocates of this insane scheme, backed by seemingly august institutions such as the EU and different governments, seem not to notice that our cvilisation is being infiltrated internally and penetrated from without by a an extremely expansive and aggressive belief system that totally rejects PC principles.

1050th anniversary

In a statement released by the Polish Episcopate on Wednesday, the Church confirmed that the Vatican opposes Archbishop Juliusz Paetz playing any role in this week's events.

"Once again, the papal nuncio personally reminded Archbishop Juliusz Paetz today of the instructions he received three years ago that he should refrain from participating in public celebrations," the statement clarifies.

"It is hard to imagine that this would not be maintained during celebrations attended by the papal legate, not to mention the visit of the Holy Father in Poland on the occasion of World Youth Day [in July]."

Celebrations marking the Baptism of Poland are due to be held on Friday in Poznań, western Poland. Paetz was Archbishop of Poznań before being compelled to stand down in March 2002, although he retains the role of senior bishop in the city.

Yesterday, Archbishop Paetz indicated that he would be taking part in the celebrations when asked by a Polish journalist whether this was the case.

Merged: "Krzyż i korona" tonight at 9PM on TVP Historia

All red-blooded Polish patriots and assorted history buffs should set aside the 9PM slot tonight (15 April) to watch "Krzyż i Korona", a feature film devoted to Poland's Baptism in 966. It is being shown on Poland's TVP Historia (History Channel). Maybe some high-tech ultra-gadgetarian PF-ers based abroad will find some way to watch it online.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,075
16 Apr 2016 #2
only problem is that the 16th today so we have missed it.

but a nice article below,Historic-adoption-of-Christianity-what-Poles-think
Ziemowit 14 | 4,444
16 Apr 2016 #3
Tonight is the 16th of April, so Polo is mistaken on the date, the film is shown tonight, This film is the third in the series on the roots of the Polish state. The former two were really good, in my view, so this one is likely to be as well. We know nolthing about Mieszko's motives for the baptism. Even the year 966 is not certain, but it is the most likely. Sources mention no exact day or month of the Baptism, so the 14th of April is pure speculation. The place where the Baptism took place is unknown, but the most probable are Poznań or Ostrów Lednicki or Gniezno.

Mieszko had been known under a different name before being baptized, but we don't know what name it was.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,075
16 Apr 2016 #4
Thanks Ziemowit I will tune in later.
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
16 Apr 2016 #5
16th today

Mea maxima culpa. Yes, it is tonight, the 16th April.
jsbt - | 3
18 Feb 2022 #6

Help with understanding Poland Baptism Day

Hi! I found information that king Miezko I was baptised according to the Roman (Catholic?) rites. However, he was baptised on a Saturday. The Lord's day for Catholics is Sunday. I thought this could point to existing pre-Baptism Day rites in Poland based on Orthodox Christian faith. However, after reading this post here it seems that the books of the Orthodox faith also declare since very early time that the Lord's day is Sunday and not Saturday. I would love to hear thoughts and know about historic sources why king Miezko was baptised on a Saturday, because as a king for sure his baptism day might have been selected with care and for a reason. Any advice is welcome. :)
Alien 12 | 2,680
20 Feb 2022 #7
Who cares if it was Saturday or Sunday. It was 1050 years ago.
Oathbreaker 4 | 474
20 Feb 2022 #8
What does it concern you then?

I found information

Is it crediable information tho? Or hearsay?
Do you have anything to show for that claim?
jsbt - | 3
20 Feb 2022 #9
@alien thank you for your reply. This is a Polish History Forum, I hope I can post questions about Polish History in it.
@oathbreaker thank you for your interest. I believe this is credible information, from there is an estimated date (not attested) 14th April 966. However it does not mention the sources, the academic article or the book that states that. I would like to know the sources, as this is a study about the possible historic changes in the early Christian faith. Any help is appreciated concerning the indication of sources.
Alien 12 | 2,680
20 Feb 2022 #10
Ok,ok it wasn't normal Saturday, it was Easter Saturday.
23 Feb 2022 #11
Polish ancestors came from the Caucasus, that is, today's Armenia and Georgia. Poles, Armenians and Georgians have the same ancestor. They are close brothers and sisters.
Ziemowit 14 | 4,444
24 Feb 2022 #12
there is an estimated date (not attested) 14th April 966. However it does not mention the sources

This is a speculative date based on the fact that that day in 966 was Easter, and the day of Easter was very likely for performing baptism in the higher circles of society in the Middle Ages.
jsbt - | 3
24 Feb 2022 #13
@ziemowit thank you. It is clear now.

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