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"I do find PolishForums different, I have given my name to a hand full of people on here also, I have met a gentleman for drinks from this forum. I like the arguments, the different points of view, even if they are extreme sometimes. Like a good book, the written word is a powerful tool and PF gets into you, know what I mean?"

Sean BM, member

Mission is a free community service for both English and Polish language users. We are here, for all members, to discuss subjects in the news, both politics and entertainment, that are directly or indirectly related to Poland and Polish people. With its entry into the European Union, Poland has recently become one of the most important countries in Europe. It now strives to achieve a similar position globally. More and more people around the world choose to visit Poland, not only to explore their family roots but for leisure and the pleasure of seeing interesting places, meeting new people, studying the Polish language, or expanding their business endeavors.

Like any country, Poland experiences problems and is also a place to discuss these problems and potential solutions. We believe in encouraging fruitful discussions among independent groups of Polish and non-Polish people located in every part of the world. Honest exploration and discussion means that there is a chance for the resolution of those problems and an opportunity for this community to grow in friendship. The ideas and opinions of these people, respectfully expressed, can be powerful enough to make a change for a better future for Poland and Polish people everywhere.

We offer our thanks to the many members and guests who have participated in the discussions and we encourage all visitors and inactive members to share their views about Poland and Polish news.

Thank You for supporting the Project.

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