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Advertise Your Business in Poland and Abroad

Does your business target people who are directly or indirectly interested in Poland and Polish-related issues? If so, consider the benefits to your business that advertising on can bring. We offer online-targeted advertising solutions that can boost your sales and increase brand recognition.


1. Compose a 1-3 word title (or anchor text to your webpage) and 1-5 words of text describing your business profile. 2. Fill out the contact form and provide us with more information about your needs and expectations (do not forget to specify the time you would like to run the ad for). 3. Your ad will be active upon approval and payment (usually within 24 hours from the payment time). 4. You are on your way to attracting thousands of new and targeted Polish and foreign customers interested in Poland every day!


An ad on a specific forum:

Ad Forum
An ad on a forum's thread:

Ad Thread
Sample custom web page :

Custom Web Page


1. Who are the Polish Forums visitors?

Polish Forums is the biggest English-speaking online community of Polish immigrants and foreigners who all have one thing in common: interest in Poland and Polish-related news. Listed below are the top 6 countries the forum users come from:

- United States
- Great Britain
- Various countries of European Union
- Poland
- Canada
- Australia

2. What forms of advertisements do you offer?

We believe text links are one of the most efficient online advertising tools. In result, we offer you links that can either go directly to your website or are linked to a custom webpage we can create for you. Graphic ad formats (banners) are also possible. Your own custom webpage [located at, for example,] can describe your business, display your logo and include pictures.

In addition, we offer sponsored articles and sponsored threads that can be hosted by advertisers as well as targetted private message notifications about your business sent to all active members (note: we delete those members who have been inactive on the forums for a specified period of time).

To better target those users who are likely to be interested in your products/services, you can specify which forum category/ies and threads your links should appear in.

3. Do I have to have a website to place my ad?

No. At minimum, the name of your business and phone number or email address will be enough to advertise with us. Alternatively you can ask us about creating your own custom web page as outlined above.

4. Do you have any restrictions as far as the content of the ads is concerned?

Yes. In order to maintain the best possible user experience on our forums, we can only work with advertisers whose business is at least in some way related to Poland or Polish issues. We don't allow ads for adult services/products, mortgages, insurance, drugs, gambling, and other similar categories that swamp other advertising venues.

To maintain the integrity and quality of our forums we consider each request for advertising space on an individual basis.

5. How much does it cost to advertise on Polish Forums?

The price depends on the period of time you'd like to run the ad for and the form of your preferred advertising campaign. A precise quote will be sent upon receiving and analyzing your specific inquiry.

6. Can my company buy exclusive advertising rights for an individual forum?

Yes. If you want to become a leader in your business niche, you may want to ensure your exclusive presence in all possible areas. We understand the importance of this in brand recognition strategies and will do our best to accommodate your needs.

7. How many ad spaces (table rows) is it possible to buy?

Currently, we don't allow displaying more than two separate ads in a table of one row and two columns.

8. Can you sell me an email list of registered members?

No. Due to privacy reasons, the email addresses of our members cannot be shared with any other parties.

9. Can you provide me with Polish Forums statistics?

Yes; prospective long-term advertisers in most cases can be provided with a print-screen of the most important statistical data related to our site.

10. What methods of payments do you accept?

We accept credit cards, Paypal, money orders, bank transfers, and checks.

Recent advertisers: Polaron, Polish Translation LLC, Chocoladka, Signature Gems, TV Polonia

If you need an answer to a more specific question, please contact us directly at Team