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UK Ambassador Confirms Russia being set up by US/UK. 'Poisoning' a fabrication
Israel opposing potential new Polish law to criminalise term 'Polish death camps'   2   3   4   ...   32   33
Wroclaw - club scene
Payment of ZUS/ Income Tax - 'sole trading' business in Poland
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Why are Polish women so cat-like?
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Warsaw weather in april?
Slavs are descendants of Sarmatians?   2   3   4   ...   6   7
208 - Yes, that`s the forbidden truth of Europe....

GenealogyOgienCrow - 12 hours ago
Native speaker from Poland needed
How easy is it to pick up a girl from a club/bar in Warsaw ?   2   3
How much Poles trust to France?   2
What should Russia and Poland do to become if not friends, then at least not enemies?   2   3   4   5
Jan Potocki On Ancient Slavic History.
Want to find a person in Poland   2   3   4   ...   18   19
Lodz vs Wroclaw - difference in mentality of people?   2
Polish names spelling and pronunciation
Preparations for Leaving Poland and ZUS/NFZ insurance
Renewal of Polish passport from the USA   2
Stanley Klimek married Czernek/Czerniak/Skulsk
Blach/Zmuda in Dabie and Roza, Tarnow, Poland
Kocielko surname - I would appreciate any info   2
Retiring in Poland
Do Prussians still remain in Poland?
Is living cost in Poland lower than Germany ?   2
Closed: Detective agency in Wroclaw
Well.. I got a Polish girl pregnant..   2   3
Hungary Veto on Poland Sanctions may not happen   2   3