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Why English do not like Polish?   2   3   4   ...   11   12
357 - Neither have I:-)Think someone's confusing the Poles' status with that of the Turks and other so-called "guest workers"!...

UK, Irelandmietek emigrantLyzko - 15:15
Buying a USED CAR in Poland, my personal experiences and TRAPS to avoid !!   2   3   4
106 - Gniezno does not have a good reputation - a lot of revived post-accident/major repair sales... I would rather look...

LawSatyanamJardinero - 15:14
Help - Polish archives information is in Russian
2 - Nice sample of old-Russian handwriting......

ClassifiedssunbreakJardinero - 15:10
Are there any swingers club in Poland?   2
38 - It takes good look not luck, in your case you need luck.That's what they do, especially for British born...

LoveCuriouscoupleWulkan - 15:08
Abortion still under control in Poland   2   3   4   ...   41   42
1,260 - Well, said at the moment, step by step, a soft revolution. No thank you! No pasarn! lol. --- I'm talking about...

NewspoloniusIronside - 14:29
Poland hopes to attract hard-working, trouble-free immigarnts - Ukrainian, Belarusians and Vietnamese
5 - Mostly for low-wage jobs like farm work and possibly working in shops. I think it's a better...

NewsPolonius3Sparks11 - 13:07
Applying Residency card after 3 years in Poland
2 - P.s. i have 2 passports from visa free country . so each time i can stay up to 90...

LawJuano11120Juano11120 - 12:47
Is there anybody who work for Atos in Bydgoszcz as a foreigner?
6 - Hi, I also just had a technical interview with them. I haven't received a reply yet, but the interview...

Workbakkalgazimerve112 - 11:04
Adam Michnik awarded for integrity, professionalism and high standards. Poland's No. 1 fascist?   2   3   4   ...   8   9
259 - Not their faith but their ethnicity. There's a separate haplocode for them. Their only faith was in Lenin,...

NewsBorsukratesPolonius3 - 10:36
New Polish war memorial in central London
NEW - A great idea and not before

UK, Irelandjon357 -
Polish nurses and medical staff wanted for work in the UK   2
40 - Just to add, I checked the acceptable use policy for NHS email addresses and she's in breach of the...

ClassifiedseuromedicsgroupAtch - 06:09
Differences in Polish and English idioms   2
48 - so my grandma used to tell me.. "kolorowe snów"..colorful dreams then my very funny mom still says to me when my...

Languagemalwinafloweriwonkaalaska - 05:30
Is it possible to convert my Pakistani driving licence to a Polish one?
23 - Jawad212 Contact me here please.

LawswediAndroid1956 - 01:29
I have D Type Cel Wydania 10 visa? What EU countries can I visit with it?
15 - I have got D type cel wydania 9 visa ' do i need visa to go to france...

LawqwaszxcSusa - Yesterday
How long can students stay in a university in Poland?
11 - Thanks. I was so curious and a bit concerned really. She lives at home with mom and dad. Says...

StudymoooHildaN - Yesterday
Krupski name   2
32 - just some info which may be useful in your search: KRUPSKI is the mascilane gender of a last name KRUPSKA...

Genealogyelkrupskitedjunce - Yesterday
How is the Rzeszow city for a single guy to live ?
9 - Do you mean a student hostel? The last time I visited one (in Warsaw, not recently) you could smoke...

Real EstateBoomjon357 - Yesterday
Information about Polish Public Schools (Warsaw) and Zerówka
6 - Hallo,I will be move to Krakow starting on November 2016, I'm from Indonesia, i'd like to get some assistance...

Studyelysianndhanur - Yesterday
Poland economy is a financially drained economy of suppliers?
9 - The so-called "markets" are guided only by their own selfish interests. Morawiecki's plan is designed to help and promote...

NewsZiemowitPolonius3 - Yesterday
Moving to Warsaw. What salary should I ask for in banking sector?
3 - @Mover: Your questions have been asked and answered a gazillion times on this forum. Use the search function and...

WorkMoverDominicB - Yesterday
Pro-Israel lobby to be formed in Polish parliament
23 - Well, seams that Israel have more respect for Polish interests then Poland`s NATO and EU partners.Spot this >"I'll say...

NewsTheOtherCrow - Yesterday
Poland under pressure of EU to accept more asylum seeking refugees   2   3   4   ...   93   94
2,795 - As it did and now pays consequences, as we all see troubles that befall Britain....

NewsLeviCrow - Yesterday
Need someone in Poznan Poland to visit a designer who will not transfer contracted designs
3 - I agree with the lapine poster; it is unlikely to help. Did you sign a contract for the work?...

ClassifiedsCMAjon357 - Yesterday
Non EU parent of Polish child
11 - A great argument for keeping abortions legal...

UK, IrelandSikandernothanks - 29 Sep 2016
How have Albanians wronged Poles in the past?   2   3
83 - Greater Albania is part of so called `green transverse` idea that as a spear must stub into Europe, as...

Historyalbania22Crow - 29 Sep 2016
Polish buyer wanted for top Quailty uk clothes /shoes
NEW - Hi I am looking for one polish contact to buy the very best in used uk clothes /shoes every...

ClassifiedsAll Scotland -
What are Poland's pagan roots?   2
56 - Zaduszki - All Souls' Daybig quote cropped...

HistoryjasinskiDave Michnal - 29 Sep 2016
Should I bring gifts? - help with a Polish wedding   2
44 - Funny! Came this close to going into orthopedic surgery myself. I even did a long rotation in a forensic...

LovepelowskicolinDominicB - 29 Sep 2016
Salary for a senior software engineer in Poland   2   3   4
95 - P.S. house is 223 m² and land 783 m². Still very big and a very decent house....

Workatul.noidakaktus44 - 29 Sep 2016
The village of Surazkowo in Poland (Chomczyk, Czaban, Sawicki)
25 - I thought it was Slovakian.Thanks....

Genealogyarchiwumarchiwum - 28 Sep 2016