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Why Poland has no problem with terrorism
28 - You still have a lot to do with iron though. Ie. "zakuty łeb"....

NewsPolskaFreedomNoToForeigners - 1 min ago
Can you BE Polish without SPEAKING Polish in the US?   2   3   4   ...   7   8
Poles prefer pizza & kebab?   2
Now it's official: Wałęsa was a paid snitch of the PRL poltical police
Poles have a more loving attitude to food than here in the UK
Pro-Israel lobby to be formed in Polish parliament
New European Council's report: "Poland oasis of racism, xenophobia and homophobia" ...   2   3   4   ...   7   8
BPO work in Cracow is recruting in Poland
Thousands of teachers to lose their jobs in Poland   2
Salary of a customer service representative in Krakow
Eviction process from an apartment in Poland
Egyptian guy with Polish girl - is it normal?
Displaced Persons Camp / Work camp and concentration camp difference   2
Working and Living in Wroclaw
Career in Poland - working in finance / investment banking / venture capital / private equity
Officials in Poland are hailing an upcoming visit by Donald Trump
Indian community in Poland   2
How are electric cars doing in Poland?
Looking for relative with the surname WIDELEWSKI (Inowroclaw/Torun or Gdansk area)
Working at Volvo Company in Wroclaw
17 - @Dirk diggler Thank you...

Workmokashamokasha - 18 hours ago
Searching for Wasikowski and Papczynski Family History
Poland's distribution of I1 haplogroup (Germanic haplogroup) and influences from Europe
Is the Poland National Tourist Office doing a good job of promoting the country ?
Cosmetic surgery in Poland...
Advice for an American from Los Angeles moving to Bialystok
7 - Haha Atch you're probobly right.thanks fellas!...

LifeRio911Rio911 - 22 hours ago
The Mayor of Warsaw Hanna Gronkiewicz-Waltz cuts down 150,000 trees in the Poland's capital.   2   3
Polish Gypsy Roots & Roma ancestors in their families   2   3   4   5   6
177 - @BRONET Can you answer a question for me??...

GenealogyGuestDelight20 - 1 day ago
Where can I check in Poland my company formation status and tax number NIP and REGON?   2   3
Recommendations for live wedding bands in different cities in Poland.
28 - Budget ? Location ? you gotta help us to help you...

Lovetchurtonspiritus - 1 day ago