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When will you Poles give back German land and the cities which you robbed?   2   3   4   ...   16   17
481 - Oder-Neisse is a geopolitical, rather than a legally binding concept! As the two rivers are a fixed point or...

HistoryPOLENGGGsLyzko - 21:14
Let's protest censorship in Poland's mainstream media!   2   3
73 - Why...Why...Why...?

Newsxzqbq7Sparks11 - 21:06
Corporate-linked EC attacks Poland's retail tax; govt suspends collection   2
36 - The Random Rantings of a Communist Foreigner....

NewsPolonius3peterweg - 21:05
The right to own guns: would you support such legislation in Poland?   2   3   4   ...   36   37
1,094 - Well, actually you can. Admittedly it depends on a state you reside in. -- Personal experience?:) Those methods are not...

LawMatt32Ironside - 20:49
Time for Slavic Commonwealth around Poland as center   2   3   4
98 - [moved from]Irone brate, we Serbians would like to see long living and sustainable Intermarium. We don`t wish to depend...

HistoryCrowCrow - 19:53
Looking for logistics and supply chain jobs in Poland
3 - @mafketis Thanks for your kind reply. The response which you gave me was really helpfull what you think....

ClassifiedsAbhayAbhay - 19:50
Where can I find a beautiful lake/forest/mountain with cabin hire in Poland?
9 - You could also contact Slawek at Siedlisko Lubicz-Eko Park, Kazmierz Dolny he has a 300 year old cottage he...

TravelVincent_LPow wow - 19:35
Boeing or Airbus - which ones would be better for the Polish Airlines (LOT)?   2
34 - LOT is in profit now, curtesy of the B787....

NewsPennBoypeterweg - 18:18
British conspiracy theorist is found dead in Poland
12 - That's his mother apparently.That's what his mother is also claiming. She says she has a death certificate from the...

Newsjon357Chemikiem - 17:36
Question about Czynsz (Building maintenance fees/utilies) in Poland   2   3
66 - Also, how likely it is that the owner registered at the tax office a 6-months leasing contract written in...

Real EstateLwowskaKrakowAnna2016 - 16:10
Collection of learning resources for learning the Polish language   2   3   4
116 - Merged: Learning Polish - for childrenHi all, I live in Canada and have two kids, 7 and 10 years...

LanguagecjjcKubas - 15:40
Childbirth in Poland - can you please tell your experience?
7 - I can say that there are many hospitals in Poland which are good to give birth in it. ...

LifeBinaLalunna89 - 15:20
Well.. I got a Polish girl pregnant..   2   3
81 - Truly creative advertising. Well played Jessica....

Lovejasonmzkwarsaw_wasraw - 14:15
EU citizen - exceeded 3 months in Poland
4 - Oh dear, what a load of old cobblers....

Lawtaktaktak1Atch - 14:13
Polish citizenship for my kids - 'living in Poland may be a must for the citizenship'
6 - Merged: Citizenship for my kids born outside the EU - I am Polish citizenI am a polish citizen,...

LawJohn Silverjohnsilver - 13:48
Required Documents for Buying a Used Car in Poland
17 - Hi Student Poland,Did you manage to buy a car afterall?...

LawRichiedelaHoyaHunor - 13:45
Poland Honeymoon - Ideas?
3 - On our honeymoon we did not leave the hotel room. Lol. But yeah depends on your stamina....

TravelVincent_LMarsupial - 10:21
Does Zurek spoil
5 - That isn't a long time. Providing there's a lid on the pan, and you don't live somewhere very hot,...

Foodwarsaw_wasrawjon357 - 10:04
EEA Permit processing times (if I get married inside the UK or outside the UK?)
5 - Merged: I want to go from UK to Poland after EEA family permit refusalhello i non EEA national...

UK, IrelandJustinKsamilynx - 09:25
Poles revealed to harbour deep hatred against Anglos when they speak in their own language   2   3
62 - True. When i sow title of the thread i thought that Anglo collaboration with mujaheedines finally initiate great disgust...

UK, IrelandSlavicHypocrisyCrow - 09:01
The village of Surazkowo in Poland (Chomczyk, Czaban, Sawicki)
18 - Web&Maxine were my grandparents and Dave&Lilo are my other grandparents....

Genealogyarchiwumarchiwum - Yesterday
Polish Language Exchange Thread   2   3   4
94 - Hi again, Paweł aka Pablo!Trust you've already received my e-mail. I don't presently have access to Skype and so...

LanguageKarol PolLyzko - Yesterday
Where can I check in Poland my company formation status and tax number NIP and REGON?   2
37 - I can also generate a copy of the court any person interested....

Lawamitgohil4444SyN3rgY - Yesterday
Kaszanka and haggis?
21 - Definitely not like those you can have in Glasgow....

FoodPolonius3Wulkan - Yesterday
Can I sell in an exhibition in Poland without a cashier machine?
2 - Unfortunately, Polish law is designed so that you have a cash register when it comes to retail customers. A...

Lawplus4630SyN3rgY - Yesterday
Polish Folk Dress in Sydney?
2 - About something like it?Price: ~25

Australiahugo_sydSyN3rgY - Yesterday
Studying in Lublin on IT without mathematic and physic knowledge?
11 - Nikulio, are you looking to study at WSEI ?...

StudyNIkuliowarsaw_wasraw - Yesterday
Life in Poland for Indians !!!
11 - No. Those with the dot on a forehead are hindu, he is a muslim....

LifeZiddiWulkan - Yesterday
What would be a better city to study in being Muslim Indian - Krakow or Warsaw?
10 - Ignore the trolling (from people who don't live here). You will be fine....

StudyAceofspades786jon357 - Yesterday
After Masters in Management, Job Opportunities in Poland ?
15 - Hello , I am from India and I want to pursue my study In Poland can I get pr...

Workraj5151bhajanpreet - Yesterday