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Need clear information about transfer from Poland to Germany - master degree study
3 - First off, in order to study within the EU, knowledge of the target language is a must. While many...

StudyJeevannani1Lyzko - 19:26
Perfective vs Imperfective - grammar   2   3
85 - I too, dolno! That's why it's an open forum, furthermore, that's the reason why trolling, abuse or similar denegration...

LanguagescrivomcdivoLyzko - 19:19
Polish kishka   2   3
66 - Trawka's Market Erie, PA. Corner of E8th and Payne Ave. Excellent kishka and many other sausages, golumpki, etc.

Foodhelen123Kpax - 17:31
Wojtaszczyk family - does anyone have any information?
6 - Hello Kamill, Thank you so much for your reply. It might be. I will try to look...

GenealogydavidjwPolly H - 17:06
Piasta relatives from Gibalka, Pajka from Ostroleka
12 - If anyone is interested in the Piasta family tree that settled from Poland to the Webster and Dudley MA...

Genealogypiastapiasta - 15:12
Plans for starting a company in Poland / cost, types, registration
8 - Hi brofist, Have you opened your company in poland or still looking for company formation or partnership with poland...

LawJarrHarry84 - 14:49
EU citizen residency certificate to live in Poland   2
34 - Only lasts for three months , designed to cover EU members during a short visit, the card will...

LawHarrydolnoslask - 11:21
Prices of Clothes in Poland and England
27 - Thank you @Wulkan,@Ziemowit and @DominicB for your inferences, conclusion and advice, I appreciate them all; I will put all...

UK, IrelandLeviLADIPO - 11:13
Streets closed in Warsaw during NATO summit   2   3   4
111 - shiptar

Newsjon357peterweg - 10:23
Genealogy help with the surname Plis/Ples/Pless
8 - I wouldn't have thought so. Marcin is the Polish equivalent of Martin. Matthew = Mateusz in...

Genealogywasanah2Chemikiem - 10:09
When will you Poles give back German land and the cities which you robbed?   2   3   4   ...   18   19
550 - Can you tell in more detail what they were, these 'germanizatation' phases of yours, please? I...

HistoryPOLENGGGsZiemowit - 09:49
OLD POLISH CHURCHES (Catholic Church in Krostkowo in 1875)
7 - Google street view car didn't reach that far, but it's visible on sat photos:,17.1987648,232m/data=!3m1!1e3 Cinek...

Genealogycarolonparkcinek - 08:35
Kissing on the cheek in Poland. Lips for lovers only?   2
39 - Kiss on the lips is not normal. We do 1 kiss on each cheek...

LifePolonius3nothanks - 07:15
4,195 - Hello all! I'm curious to find out what I can about my surname, Plewnarz. Oldest record I've...

GenealogyPolonius3Danosaur - 06:33
Jesus Christ is Now Officially the King of Poland   2   3
82 - Slavic world and at least in general Slavic friendly countries and countries heavily influenced by Slavs, like Hungary, Romania,...

NewsdolnoslaskCrow - Yesterday
Help with correct Polish grammar - "Wojownik Warszawa" or "Warszawa Wojownik"?
6 - It should be bojownik or rycerz. Wojownik, while translating as warrior, purports something like half naked savage with a...

Languagegeopetlaskondzior - Yesterday
Is receiving some money as a gift taxed in Poland?
4 - then up to 4092 zł in 5 years...

LawLS21320peter_olsztyn - Yesterday
69 - Hello, i would be happy if anyone could help me with my surename. Keblaitis i do understand that it's...

GenealogyPolonius3Keblaitis - Yesterday
Moving to Poland from UK
3 - You have to declare it but there's no tax to pay on it. If you don't declare it,...

WorkMovePLHarry - Yesterday
Planning to move to Poland-Need Idea about expenses/salary
12 - GD1410, are you also being offered free healthcare, the Polish system is not really the best for foreigners....

WorkGD1410Nextstopforme. - Yesterday
How much is the average living cost in Poland for foreign student?   2
43 - There are no jobs for international students. If you need to work in Poland then don't come to...

Workwanimafketis - Yesterday
Turkish guy to study at a university in Poland. Is that problem for Polish people?   2   3   4   5
139 - Why? Wall would gave doors, as I said. Several....

Studylixt1Crow - Yesterday
What impact will Donald Trump's election have on Poland?   2   3   4   ...   6   7
197 - I hope, I hope....

NewsWincigCrow - Yesterday
How to win Świąteczny kalendarz 0371?
2 - I scratched box 25 though.

Lifelottery buyerlottery buyer - Yesterday
Good Polish Music To Help Me Learn?
16 - Sasha Strunin - To nic kiedy płyną łzy Monika Lewczuk - ty i ja Natalia szroeder - domek z...

LanguageSimon1Cleiton_1996 - Yesterday
How to rent a bedroom in Poland?
3 - no just google pokoje wrocław or stancja wrocław

Real Estatesophiedeaupeter_olsztyn - 2 Dec 2016
Mental competency test in Poland
12 - You can marry on a protection order....

Lawarchiwumarchiwum - 2 Dec 2016
Germany After the EU and the Russian Scenario - future of the European Union and Poland   2
60 - That's Commonwealth citizens for you... :) Well, one would certainly hope so, but your politicians are...

NewsrychlikTheOther - 2 Dec 2016
Information about jobs for Indian students in Poland   2   3   4   ...   6   7
183 - That is your assuption , you have no in depth knowlede of the OP's financial resources. If...

Workrajesh321dolnoslask - 2 Dec 2016
13000 zloty salary enough to save 9000 zloty with normal living in Poland?
21 - Hi Ziemowit, Thank you for your feedback. I tried and found some information, those are recorded on...

Workabhinav saxenaGR123 - 2 Dec 2016