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Polish people and racism.   2   3   4   ...   26   27
805 - Don't follow your (il-)logic! I'm using Mexicans as an example. Furthermore, a "Latinophobe" dislikes Latinos, Chicanos and other Hispanics. I dislike...

LifecapellannaLyzko - Yesterday
Is there anybody who work for Atos in Bydgoszcz as a foreigner?
2 - I am not sure if this will help you or not as I have no idea whether you are applying as a...

WorkbakkalgaziChemikiem - Yesterday
Polish women are parasite
3 - he is really a catch isn't he?...

LoveBulgaria_681rozumiemnic - Yesterday
Is your line of the Polish family noble?   2   3
70 - Yes, there were nobles amongst the bearers of the Habowski surname. For details, please contact me....

GenealogyPolonius3Polonius3 - Yesterday
Talks on re-polonising Pekao bank under way   2   3
61 - I never said private Polish-owned banks are not welcome. Just shows how much effort is sitll needed to create a viable...

NewsPolonius3Polonius3 - Yesterday
Paying 1800 pln including media at Padereskiego, for a 2 room apartment in Katowice is worthy?
5 - Hi , Did you take the flat ? Is it a good neighbourhood? What would be the good neighbourhood near IBM in...

Real EstateRakshitaarroops - Yesterday
How can I get Polish citizenship after been married to a Polish spouse   2   3
69 - Give them a call Abdellah.

Lawefevberhajohnny reb - Yesterday
Relationship between villages of Lipiny and Redziny in Poland
3 - Powiat -(pow) means that this is the regional centre of the villages....

Genealogykvmc1terri - Yesterday
Living in Warsaw costs - will my earnings be enough to live on?
22 - You could try and see if they bite, but don't accept any offer that is less than the amount I gave above,...

LifenewguyintownDominicB - Yesterday
Polish guy and courting? Confusion.   2
38 - @Paulina Piazza San Marco in Venice.... I know what u mean. It happens to me when I visit Italy, because usually nobody...

LoveMyselfMyself - Yesterday
Health insurance in Poland - your suggestions please
28 - If that is the case, then the Health Insurance must be purchased in the country of your origin and not in Poland....

Lifehealthnutterri - Yesterday
Any pointers to buy good Carrom Board in Poland (Wroclaw or Warsaw)
NEW - Any pointers to buy good Carrom Board in Poland? Preferably in Wroclaw or Warsaw...

ClassifiedsLakir -
Where can I buy Zoloft (Medicine for OCD) in Poland
5 - I'm a doctor and I have to agree with Dominic and Johnny thay antidepressants and antipsychotics can not be bought over the...

Lifebnontasitpeaceforce - Yesterday
Where to hire housekeeper/cook in Warsaw?
NEW - Hi all :-) I'd like to have someone come in and do 3-4 hours of cooking + cleaning, 6 days a...

ClassifiedsMattWarsaw -
Rosetta Stone Polish Level 1-3 (my personal experience)
17 - I'm mohamed looking to learn polish language If anyone if u have the copy of rosseta and don't need anymore please...

LanguagewirelessMohamed wayrah - Yesterday
Regarding WW1 records - how do I get them?
10 - I am trying to obtain WW1 military records/discharge records for my great uncle, Jozef Czuba. He was born April 12, 1899 in...

Genealogyariel16bkvmc1 - Yesterday
Co sądzicie o prawie do wyborów w Polsce? Głosowanie za granicą.
2 - Lewica sobie może pomarzyć o takiej ustawie bo za granicą mało kto na lewicę głosuje i całe szczęście....

Po polskuJamaikaWulkan - 28 Aug 2016
What do you like most about Polish girls? :)   2   3
85 - Having recently returned from an amazing week in Krakow, and shortly about to return for another week, I can say from personal...

LoveMaluchkitkat1963 - 28 Aug 2016
Salary expectations in Poland   2   3   4   ...   12   13
369 - Hy im suman from Nepal.....i am comming poland for steel fixture getting one month training here....according to manpower company i will get...

Worknorgeansmn_pdl - 28 Aug 2016
Cheap Laundry places in Warsaw
5 - Merged: Shoe Laundry Warsaw Hi, Does any one know good and cheap laundry places in Warsaw? I bought new...

Lifesri123zz123 - 28 Aug 2016
Swimming pool/swimspa manufacturers in Poland, private pool regulations, lakes safety
3 - An interesting article here about the VAT cost when building an own pool:,2368128,4211 In short, there are two possibly VAT...

LifeNajadeLooker - 28 Aug 2016
Hi, I am Indian and will be shifting to Poland (diploma in Mechanical engineering)
19 - Thank You for Helping me out Guys....

Workjaved221harsh61290 - 28 Aug 2016
Life Insurance in Poland
NEW - Hey People, Could you give me pointers to buying a good Life Insurance in Poland? Are there some good comparisons websites(even in...

LifeCuriousOne -
Czesc/pa vs. no czesc/no pa
19 - Czesc!...

LanguageBrokenOwlDreamergirl - 27 Aug 2016
Poland's election winning party: PIS proclamations   2   3   4   ...   7   8
235 - Merged: PIS Manifesto Hello...I am interested to know details on what the PIS party are planning or have already implemented...

NewsDougpol1Braveheart16 - 27 Aug 2016
How to find a burial site / records in Poland...   2
31 - I still consider genealogy VERY difficult for an American descendant who does not speak Polish. I am comparing it to Swedish...

GenealogyJEEdgawell - 27 Aug 2016
Mental competency test in Poland
10 - Correction: Limited Guardianship,USA....

Lawarchiwumarchiwum - 27 Aug 2016
To live in flat in Hoża street (Warsaw Srodmiescie) or Single room in Warsaw university's dorm?
3 - hoża is a great street! I love that neighborhood

Real EstateHoneymoon55mafketis - 27 Aug 2016
Conscripted to German Army, then the British Polish Free Army. How?
9 - TheOther, thank you for the information regarding "Deutsche Dienststelle" helpful. My father spoke little of his past, and I have always suspected...

HistoryTezBobrowTezBobrow - 27 Aug 2016
Freelancer website for Polish people - good idea?
NEW - hi i will create freelancer website only for polish people (polish language, english language). i hope member in this forum can tell...

Workaziz897 -