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What is the difference between jeść and jadać?
10 - Thanks y'all...

LanguageZiutekzHiszpaniiZiutekzHiszpanii - 15 Oct 2017
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Inanimate vs animate nouns in Polish language
16 - Nothing, other than the same thing you were:-) Clear as glass....

LanguageBumSkilletLyzko - 14 Oct 2017
Where to buy flowers in Poland (Wroclaw / Krakow / Nowy Sącz)?
Renting flat/apartment with dog Gdansk?
"Krzysik" family from Poland
13 - @wska999

GenealogyDKrzysikJ Krzysik - 13 Oct 2017
Komorowski clan-name Korczak
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If I leave Poland and return to my home country, is it possible to claim back tax paid?
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588 - How about "to jam out" like listening to music?...

Languagenykaniuniaolusia - 12 Oct 2017
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