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Use of Duda in speaking
5 - Three cheers, Atch!...

LanguageCDudaLyzko - 21 Jun 2017
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SAP Consultant Salaries in Warsaw, Poland.
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Contact from a Łukasz Mróz about Krakow property inheritance is this a scam?
What about mindset? Polish people and atheism.
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Warsaw or Wroclaw - for better cost of living?
Your favorite USA kiełbasa?
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Health insurance in Poland - your suggestions please
Help me In Finding Graphic Design School in Poland
Working in Warsaw as a Oracle DBA / IT manager - what's the best salary that I can get?   2
46 - It's a Turkish school run like a military camp....

Workc2k01delphiandomine - 19 Jun 2017
Drink driving a bike and losing your driving license in Poland
Has the Bank been charging you for a BANK ACCOUNT in UK - See if you can Reclaim the Monthly FEE
Poland Work Permit / Study Visa Processing Times   2   3   4   5
[SEX] Polish sentences/expressions   2
37 - Zielono... pomaluję pokój na zielono......

LanguagelybossNoToForeigners - 19 Jun 2017
What is the best medical school in Poland?   2
Poland tourist visa refusal
Importing cars into Poland