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Classified ads to buy, sell, trade, rent, hire, offer, announce. MUST be Poland-related and NOT pre-published.

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259 - Sorry read your comment without glasses eating chalupas lol...

Classifiedselioug - 19 Sep 2010 MoOli - 19 Jan 2019
HELP NEEDED with Polish handwriting (political letters etc.)
4 - Do you mean Pisma Zbiorowe, or anything else? Here is an example: ...

Classifiedsbrontozaur - 13 hrs ago brontozaur - 1 hr ago
Work Visa Type (National Visa) appointments are difficult at Mumbai Consulate  2
44 - for appointment contact jay patel +918200445910...

ClassifiedsApitha - 2 Jul 2018 viraj - 12 Jul 2019
10 lines from two emails to translate
Someone help me with the Polish visa appointment!  2  3  4  5  6  7
Business English teacher from UK urgently needs help with some short Polish to English translations.
2 - Sure, send them to me in a PM and I will be happy to translate them for you the...

ClassifiedsPolish Forum - 6 Jul 2019 johnny reb - 6 Jul 2019
Anybody like to work in Kebab (Torun, Poland)
Where to buy Polish Beer wholesale in UK?  2  3  4
Free kitten available in Anderlecht (male, 12 weeks old)
Benson & Hedges (European) cigarettes wanted in the UK
Searching for Car Dealer that want to import swedish cars from me
From Bucharest to Krakow, movers recommendations?
a Polish shareholder with capital in our company
Looking for help identifying Polish vintage items
Business partner for Import and Sales company in Poland
3 - @RobertT I think your number is too short....

ClassifiedsNoTo - 14 Apr 2019 NoTo - 14 May 2019
Student from a Polish University Looking for Potential Respondents for a Survey
Work in Greece if you speak German almost as fluently as Polish
Translation Needed: Zuzanna Danilowicz's Birth Record; And a P.S.
27 - I already have solid evidence. I was pointing out more of it as an aside; and I meant...

ClassifiedsNickidewbear - 11 Mar 2019 Nickidewbear - 8 May 2019
Looking for a job in Poland ? Welcome: India, Nepal, Bangladesh etc
Business partners for import / export to and from UK-Poland or Poland-Europe
Looking for a business partner in POLAND .....  2
33 - show me that you have money then we can talk....

Classifiedsbunty - 16 Oct 2017 confedfin2 - 19 Apr 2019
Startup people (Ontario, Canada)?
Bussiness offer for a transport owners in UK
Are you from Asia/Africa/Middle East and want to work in Poland (EU VISA/TRC)?
Looking for Polish Speaking Nanny
Looking for Employment in Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship
I need someone to help with ADDRESS (to keep my Polish permanent residence)
Recommendations for accounting firm for US/PL atx forms?
Transport household items to north east England
2 - Try on gumtree. Someone might be going that way....

ClassifiedsCLB - 14 Feb 2019 terri - 14 Feb 2019
Recruitment agencies in Poland to hire workers?  2
45 - We are a recruitment agency in Amman Jordan trying to find jobs to our skilled workers .I want to...

Classifiedsmeicarrie - 17 Sep 2009 ErbilOffice - 13 Feb 2019
Looking for a Polish to English translator (Speaking) only from Warsaw
Traditional Polish daggers & swords
Butchers job in Scotland - Temporary Relocation Package on offer
2 - Interested for other opportunities too. Thanks...

ClassifiedsAllanMHR - 10 Oct 2018 Jaggy - 7 Feb 2019
Trying to fill many (English speaking) job vacancies in Suszec, Poland
Fabricator sought for 1:1 scale mockup for MSPO Defence Exhibition.
× Translator Wanted: Military Specific Terminology
Participants Wanted for Undergraduate Dissertation
Bricklayers wanted in Denmark
Looking to hire dual language speaker for transcription/translation
2 - Interested (: please email me

Classifiedskrysia96 - 10 Jan 2019 PaulinaK - 12 Jan 2019
Looking for a Pierogi teacher
English/Polish speaking Canadian looking for work as Electrician in Poland
26 - Everything is o.k. as long as you have proof....

ClassifiedsPotworek - 5 Nov 2018 terri - 19 Dec 2018
Hire SAP consultants in Warsaw (Poland)
Looking a nice women or girl for friendship in Polish capital (Warsaw), also to do some business
15 - OK so all well n good polish woman at work most beautiful thing I've seen she likes me I...

Classifiedsbarcelona - 15 Oct 2015 Me mine - 10 Dec 2018
Looking for business partner in Poland - I have clothing brand in Ukraine
My interest in Korea can be traced to the beginning of the years 2000s... (GKS 2019)
4 - Tell me more about your proposal....

ClassifiedsNetens23 - 1 Dec 2018 polishnotes - 2 Dec 2018
hangin' out in Warsaw
English speaking solicitor in Wroclaw
Meeting Fellow "Language Scholars" Travelling to Poland
Lawyers specialised in Medical Malpractice in English (Krakow, Poland)
3 - Thank you Johna2, I will contact them:)...

Classifiedskokolon - 5 Oct 2018 kokolon - 8 Oct 2018
Polish Film Posters wanted
3 - Thats amazing! Thanks so much for taking the time to reply...

ClassifiedsRachelshopping - 26 Sep 2018 Rachelshopping - 26 Sep 2018
I am looking for an English speaking Genealogist who will search the Kielce Archives for records for me
4 -

Classifiedssneeeek - 20 Sep 2018 pattern481 - 21 Sep 2018
Looking for a Lawyer in Poland - immigration and business questions
14 - Hi i am looking for a immigration lawyer in warsaw i nees to get some information...

ClassifiedsChilly - 11 Jan 2013 Majid Ali - 17 Sep 2018
Used Car Sales in Poland
Looking For Business Partners In Poland - import and exports with UK
Shipping address near Suwalki, or near Lithuanian border & Business proposition
Flat for sell, near Alchemia/OBC Gdańsk 5.5-6 yield
10 - @Dougpol1 @Alexbrz @10iwonka10 Sold, almost without negotiation...

Classifiedsrafalr - 22 May 2018 rafalr - 11 Jul 2018
Inexpensive English Speaking Lawyer in Warsaw wanted - for money recovering
11 - I need help my gf and mother are from Poland they have been in America for 13 years they...

Classifiedsmaxtyfli - 30 Dec 2014 Molly123 - 28 Jun 2018

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