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Classified ads to buy, sell, trade, rent, hire, offer, announce. MUST be Poland-related and NOT pre-published.
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Polish translation for mma ksw articles
Looking for a guide to Suwalki and Becejly
Recruitment agencies in Poland to hire workers?   2
39 - They sound like bottom feeders, making a profit from money expropriated from the workers....

Classifiedsmeicarrie - 17 Sep 2009 / jon357 - 21 Jul 2017
Looking For Business Partners In Poland - import and exports with UK
Looking for Work in Sheffield?
3 - We labour hard. Do you claim that being a troll is an easy job?...

ClassifiedsCarrieS1979 - 20 Jul 2017 / Ironside - 20 Jul 2017
Looking FUN in Warsaw
7 - Druzenje is not a Russian word. back on topic please...

Classifiedsgabrielaslovenk a - 28 Jun 2017 / Bobko - 18 Jul 2017
Can any Polish (Muslim) girl help me ?   2
31 - Merely making an analogy. Take it as you wish....

ClassifiedsWissam - 19 Jul 2016 / Lyzko - 15 Jul 2017
I'm looking to sell land near Ilawa, Warmian-Masurian Poland, with planning permission.
Looking for best way to get in touch with someone, I met from Poland.
9 - Better that you potentially look embarrassed for a minute or two asking for a name, than part ways...

ClassifiedsNosedliw27 - 8 Apr 2017 / WhirlwindTobias - 11 Jul 2017
Carpenters/Floor installers wanted
Sony Ericsson A1018s Polish Manual for sale
House cleaner job - Chichester, West Sussex
12 - if you think living on 70 quid a week, even if your rent is (mostly) paid, is 'cushy'...

ClassifiedsPaul TFY - 6 Jul 2017 / rozumiemnic - 7 Jul 2017
Food export, Poland to Sweden
FOR SALE lovely apartment on Grzegórzecka, 53m², 5min from the center, 5min from the shore of Wisła River
Help finding forestry workers from Poland in UK
5 - Almost all agencies are thieves and parasites. You didn't know it? It depends on job location...

ClassifiedsTomorrow'sFores t - 5 Jul 2017 / peter_olsztyn - 5 Jul 2017
Help needed to identify some old photos (possibly ID cards)
4 - You need to register first to upload those pictures here....

Classifiedsnetman911 - 1 Jul 2017 / Looker - 1 Jul 2017
BPO work in Cracow is recruting in Poland
Want to work in Sweden? Construction-works.
Job Offer - Laundry Operatives - Birmingham UK
3 - Only wealthy, bored trolls visit this forum. Try or londynek...

ClassifiedsLaundry Work - 21 Jun 2017 / peter_olsztyn - 22 Jun 2017
Has the Bank been charging you for a BANK ACCOUNT in UK - See if you can Reclaim the Monthly FEE
Closed: Kitchen Assistant Required in Eastbourne, East Sussex
8 - Hi Atch, thanks for the suggestion I shall look into it. cheers....

ClassifiedsChippy22chippy - 14 Jun 2017 / Chippy22chippy - 14 Jun 2017
Good Polish divorce Lawyer
Looking for a hard landscaping labourer to work in the Romford, Essex area uk
Job Opportunity for Poles In Northampton
Drive me around Warsaw June 1?
Job for Poles in Morocco
Looking for a Polish citizen for a partnership
I look for a Polish girl, I am Arab
10 - Merged: Pakistani student looking for a Polish girl Hi, I am a Pakistani and looking for a...

ClassifiedsAliKarim - 28 Feb 2017 / Pakistani_kidz - 24 May 2017
Moneta developers - Poland
[Search for Korean teacher who is native Polish]
WW2 Polish settlement in the North study
English-speaking nanny in Warsaw - how to find one?
touring business in Poland
Polish speaking builder in Bristol
Can anyone recommend a good bioenergotherapist, szeptunek or znachor in Poland or Ukraine?
Teaching Arabic school in Warsaw?
Driving license exam in Poland - latest video of theory exam for minimal amount
Programmers/local freelance portals in Poland Wanted
2 - hi, are you looking for Candidate for your company ? for which profile ? BR, Harry84...

Classifiedsgaston909 - 11 May 2017 / Harry84 - 11 May 2017
Looking for Tax Consultant in Rzeszów
Children's summer football camps in Wroclaw
Medical device Regulatory writing services | EU, FDA Regulations
Closed: Polish website analysis help.
LLC Company registration in Poland - English speaking lawyer needed
7 - Thanks for your all support, I have opened the LLC company. Regards, Harry84...

ClassifiedsHarry84 - 14 Jan 2017 / Harry84 - 1 May 2017
Need to know which are the top custody lawyers/firms in Poland
Re:Export of Wide range of jute bag
Polish DJs or presenters in London needed
Looking for English teacher in Poland
3 - MLM scam, I assume. It's exactly the language used by these scammers....

ClassifiedsBlackwolf1 - 19 Apr 2017 / delphiandomine - 19 Apr 2017
Require painter, platerer and diyer for five days
Looking for video game testers in Poland
Looking for Business partner in Poland Or selling business
Polish band for an annual carnival based in West London
Certified Copy - English speaking solicitor/lawyer needed in Lodz, Poland
Class 2 driver jobs London £25-£30k p.a
Any concrete offers for IT jobs in Lublin, Poland?
14 - Contact me... Richard@newshubmedia.Com I have positions for developers in Lublin Poland....

Classifiedsgjigandi - 20 Feb 2016 / Rich.laf - 1 Apr 2017
I Need Polish BEERS in Sheffield.... from someone who is AWRS registered.
Where to find sales agents in Poland?
Ready...Steady...Learn Polish in London or via skype
6 - Your e-mail address isn't complete....

ClassifiedsPolwordTeam - 16 Dec 2015 / Lyzko - 26 Mar 2017
UI/UX Designer looking for work in Poland
7 - I'm also looking for UI/UX designing in warsaw please help me, friends....

Classifiedskent_033 - 12 Oct 2016 / vvs_shank - 25 Mar 2017

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