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18 Oct 2016 #151
Merged: I am looking for a business partner in Poland - import and export with Maldives

Hello Everyone

I am looking for a business partner in Poland.

Specifically I am interested in import and exports between the Maldives and Poland .

Any Polish businesses wanting to penetrate Maldives markets , please contact me by iyazmv@gmail

I am particularly interested in getting XL Energy drink.

Thank you
Ziemowit 13 | 4,535
18 Oct 2016 #152
I am particularly interested in getting XL Energy drink.

The Maledives is still free of that plague?
18 Oct 2016 #153
which plague?
Sparks11 - | 335
18 Oct 2016 #154
If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone who had just come back from The Maledives complaining about not being able to find XL Energy Drink...
Abhay - | 2
20 Oct 2016 #155
Merged: Looking for logistics and supply chain jobs in Poland

hello everyone, I am looking for logistics and supply chain entry
level or graduate trainee jobs in Poland. I can speak only English.
Can you please give me any valuable informations about finding job or
online job portals or consultancies that can really help me out.
Thanks in advance
mafketis 29 | 10,322
20 Oct 2016 #156
. I can speak only English.

That means you're unqualified for the local labor market.
Abhay - | 2
20 Oct 2016 #157
Thanks for your kind reply. The response which you gave me was really helpfull what you think.
25 Oct 2016 #158
Merged: Work in Surrey


I am from a recruitment agency and am wondering if there are any Polish people out there who may be looking for work in the Guildford, Woking, Surrey area.

Are there any forums I can try that will target polish people in this area who may be looking for work?

peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
25 Oct 2016 #159
On this forum I don't think so but you can try Londynek or Moja Wyspa
jeffreydeitch - | 3
27 Oct 2016 #161


Seeking to buy piano or 88 key electronic keyboard. I especially like the Yamaha P115.

I'm in Kraków. Please contact me if you have or know of a piano or keyboard for sale.
fareasttiger 6 | 17
28 Oct 2016 #162
I have. I will ask my wife if we are going to sell it and come back to you tomorrow. But i am in Warsaw.
Manpreet - | 2
5 Nov 2016 #163
Merged: Thai massage shop in Wroclaw

I just open a massage shop in wroclaw
Manpreet - | 2
5 Nov 2016 #164
Merged: Massage shop

We are experienced in Thai massage and spa . It's name
ROYAL Thai massage and spa , wroclaw
feelmoving - | 1
5 Nov 2016 #165
Merged: English and Chinese learning in Warsaw

i just move to warsaw from beijing and i want improve my english because of work,so i want to know if there are good english school using english to teach english .

and if you wanna learn chinese and fluently in english,or if you want to learn english together after work。feel free to contect
jeffreydeitch - | 3
9 Nov 2016 #166
I can come to Warsaw soon to pick up the keyboard. Do you want to sell it? Call or text me at +48 505602341. Jeffrey


I would like to buy an 88 key electronic keyboard like a Yamaha P115.

If you have one to sell, please call Jeff in Kraków at 0048 505602341.
matteodv - | 1
13 Nov 2016 #167
Merged: Private Polish lessons in Malta

Hi All,

I am looking for somebody who can give me private Polish lessons. I know the basic vocabulary but I found the grammar very complicated to be learnt by myself. I am living in Malta right now and I would like to know if there is someone in the island which can give me some lessons. Otherwise I will find a teacher online but I would prefer normal lessons than those made through Skype...
All Scotland - | 2
22 Nov 2016 #168
Merged: Buyer wanted

Hi I am looking for one polish contact to buy ...
greenflash - | 1
23 Nov 2016 #169
Merged: Polish women in South Yorkshire

Hello, I'm a researcher at the University of Sheffield looking to interview Polish women in the South Yorkshire area. I've found plenty through the university, but I'd like to interview some people who aren't connected with the university as well.

If you are a Polish woman living in South Yorkshire, please contact me - I would really appreciate it and I can explain more about the project. The aim is to help Polish people in the UK, and all information will be confidential.

If anyone has any Polish contacts who might be able to help, please also contact me!
jeffreydeitch - | 3
30 Nov 2016 #170


Available January 15, 2017 through March 15, 2017. Rental period can be somewhat flexible.

Beautiful, new one bedroom, one bath apartment, fully furnished and equipped with dishes, cookware, towels, and linens.
Located in Kraków at the corner of Cybulskiego and Garncaska, 7 minute walk to the Main Square.

Central heat and air conditioning.
Security building with doorman and elevator.

Very tastefully furnished. Large apartment with separate dining room, kitchen, living room, and office area. Bedroom has queen sized bed.

Monthly rent of 4000 PLN includes everything: rent, fees, furniture, furnishings, electricity, water, garbage, wifi internet, and satellite TV. Refundable security deposit is 4000 PLN.

Please call or text Jeff at (0048) 505602341. You can email me at jeffreydeitch@yahoo.
1 Dec 2016 #171
Merged: Looking to hire a Bilingual Receptionist, work from home! In Poland from 14:45 - 21:30 a few weekdays.

Medical Office in a large Polish community in USA needs a remote receptionist fluent in both Polish and English to work from home in Poland at slightly above average wage of a receptionist in Poland. Work from home! No commute, no paying for gas or bus or train.

Please email: falixx@gmail with your resume. MUST be fluent in both languages, I will check.
2 Dec 2016 #172
Merged: Best place to find 3rd year+ students or graduated students in marketing that speak Polish/English

I am looking for the best place to find final year marketing students or recently graduated students.
I have a small tech project that I was looking for some help with. (releasing a new app - but i'm not really a business, just me and a friend)

I have tried to find a web forum, I have also looked for facebook groups, and have contacted the Uni of Warsaw/Warsaw Tech Uni head of business program but with no luck.

Does anyone know of the best place to reach out to try and find some in Warsaw?
mrparu998 - | 1
8 Dec 2016 #173
[Moved from]: I want to go Poland so I need employer for work visa

Hello everyone,
I am Mamunur Rashid from Bangladesh. This is my dream to stay Poland. How can I find employer for getting work visa.

Can anyone help me for that.
Skype: mamunur.rashid893
Please help me to fill up my dream.
8 Dec 2016 #174
Merged: Native English Teacher is looking for a job

Qualified English and Qualified IGCSE Maths teacher is looking for a job ideally in a school and also offers lessons at home or Skype. 8 years of experience (Wall Street English, Italian Airforce Academy, Famous International schools). Children, teens and adults. Privates + groups. From elementary to advanced. Preparation Trinity, Cambridge First Certificate, IELTS, TOEFL, GMAT, BULATS, interviews, resumes, business English, Teachers Training Program and conversation.

Email me: sethisaqib@gmail

*You always flunk the exam? you need to speak English to work or live abroad? I guarantee the results !! I really love my job, and I can help you without a doubt. Have a GREAT day :)
8 Dec 2016 #175
Merged: Native English Teacher

Please suggest...
Tomasz Krynski - | 5
14 Dec 2016 #176
Merged: Looking for distributors in India


My name is Tom Krynski and I live in Poland, Western Pomerania. I was searching for a place to meet people from India in order to indroduce new products onto the Indian market.

Here is a short (~3 minutes) presentation showing the results of using these products:

- one of a kind product = no competition
- patented production process = monopoly
- unavailable outside a few European countries = a great head start for the people in new markets

I am new to the forum and I have not figured out yet if it is possible to send private messages so just in case Im leaving my e-mail address:
19 Dec 2016 #177
Merged: I'm looking for suppliers of Polish vodka and beers to the restaurant in Grimsby.

I am looking for suppliers of alcohol, such as Polish vodka and beer to the restaurant in Grimsby. offer please nicolinka872@hotmail
23 Dec 2016 #178
Merged: University project on the experiences of LGBTQ Polish migrants - help needed :)

Hi! I am a student at University College London and I am currently doing a class on Polish migration in the UK. I want to do my project on the experiences of LGBTQ Polish migrants as I am an LGBTQ migrant myself. I am looking for people to take part in my project. It would involve an interview on Skype of around 1 hour and will be completely anonymous. I would really love to hear from anyone who would like to take part, any help would be greatly appreciated! Please contact me on if you would like to take part.

Tomasz Krynski - | 5
28 Dec 2016 #179
Hi Ziggy,

I might be interested in what you have. Where are you and how can we get in touch and talk about this opportunity?
3 Jan 2017 #180
Looking for people whose ancestors lived Breslau/Lower Silesia (during WW2)

Hi, my mother's family lived outside of Breslau and fled the oncoming Red Army in early 1945, eventually settling in a small town south of Hannover in west Germany. Will be happy to supply any information you need.

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