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Kimo6 - | 2
17 Apr 2016 #91
Gday Alex.
My name is Mohamed Aly form New Zealand.
i read your post and i wonder if you in Poland now or not.

because i am looking for someone in Poland to help me for buy car parts from and send it to New Zealand.
and i will pay for the time.

if you interesting or you know someone can do the job please contact me on

M Aly
18 Apr 2016 #92
Merged: Job Offer - Birmingham, UK

We are looking for a good seamstress in our womens clothing manufacture company.

Must have had at least 5 years sewing experience in a factory

Must be able to speak basic English

Part time / full time positions available. Must be flexible in hours during the week and we will be too

£7:50 per hour

MUST be able to use a cover stitch machine

Good knowledge of luxurious finishes

Be able to lay and just up to 10 layers of fabric with a hand held would be fab but not essential

Will come in and make a garment at the factory for interview

Please call Joss on 07939591255
Cas Milosz 3 | 6
20 Apr 2016 #93
Merged: I need to get in touch with somebody at the Wislawa Szymborska Foundation/ teach English at King Casimir's uni

Greetings beautys!

i have an album of music titled TALES FRUM DA POLES. It is right here.

i am moving to Krakow very soon. i live in a town called The Pearl it is in the NW region of North America.

i am spending much of my time thinking about my Grand father's land and i wish to walk on it.

there is a letter in transit to a man called Wojciech Kozak and i want to teach English at King Casimir's university that he founded in 1365.

i need to get in touch with somebody at the Wislawa Szymborska Foundation because she speaks in the same tone as my Great Grand Mother called Anna who would walk away from me when i spoke engyleesh to her.


if anybody can help me in these endeavors i would appreciate it.

apologies for this being my first post, i just got here.

yadda. 33.


i have a Bachleor of Science from a placed called PSU and i study Sociology there. i worked for 5 years in a place called a psych ward. mental hospitals. and a place called Our House where people who are in the psych ward need a home so they live at Our House.

Our House had 75 beds. it was wild i learned a lot.

so i can teach Psychology too. i understand schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, et al. the people i did therapy with they were not mad or insane everybody just wants to be loved, care for and express themselves.

i will teach English, Pyschology, and American Jazz Music my next door neighbor in 1993 in a place called North Highlands, Sacramento, CA. His name is Bears and his Grand father was friends with Herbie Hancock. Actually he was Herbie Hancock's chef and driver, et al.


i understand English, Psychology, American Jazz Music and i would also like to teach poetry.

is this allowed in Poland?

i need to get in touch with somebody at the Wislawa Szymborska Foundation because she speaks in the same tone as my Great Grand Mother called Anna who would walk away from me when i spoke engyleesh to her.


if anybody can help me in these endeavors i would appreciate it.

apologies for this being my first post, i just got here.

yadda. 33.


my Grandmother's name is Josephine i called her Beautiful Jojo.

She came here some time during the war in Detroit and Pennsylvania.

she doesn't know who her parents are and i must find out.

i will die trying if this does not happen soon.

the people who adopter her in Mt. Caramel Pennsylvaia are last name Zubovic. i do not know how its spelled only how to say it.


when Jojo passed away in 2004 my mother gave me Jojo's necklace its called "Our Lady of Mt. Caramel" and i wore it for 5 years but Jojo's Spirit is very strong and bring and i lost that necklace thank God.

i couldn't handle it so when i lost her necklace i decide to buy a new one.

it is much more comfy and i do not take it off except to move bowels, shower and have sex.

my Grandfather's name is Casimir.

i think the folks at Ellis Island took a y out of my last name and i think there was a Z in there too.

whatever yadda its alright nobody knows how to say my name in this country.

yadda i am trying to convince my Grandfather to come to Krakow with me.

he is very stubborn. he is the happiest person i know. anyhow i hope he comes on the plane with me to Krakow.

i am afraid of flying i do not do it.

yadda i would fly to Krakow though. the flight to Krakow would be alright with my Grandfather with me.

yadda it is now 1:20pm on Wednesday.

in the The Pearl the day 4/20/16 is very sacred. but my town is filled with crazy persons.

they do not know what to do with sacred energy so i do not go to the streets at all today.

i have eaten one strawberry today and no food until maybe 9pm.

are there anyy Buddhist temples in Krakow? Apologies i know i could Google this stuffs but Google is not as good as word of mouth.

yadda the Buddhist temple i go to now is on a farm. they make good cheese. i bring a big bag of Oreos for the monk called Somophone there. he smiles at me and takes one Oreo and eats it. then he smiles and i tell him to have more Oreos and he declines.

he is a very funny person. anyhow. yadda yadda.

yadda i am very hungry and i will read Nothing Twice and be happy to see if there are any replys on this a bit later.

i am the poorest person in my town.

i do not look poor because i'm fockin Polska man my Grandfather and pops taught me how to dress in fly clothing.

yadda its not what you wear yadda its how you wear it alright.

when i was moving around a lot i lived in Oregon, New Mexico and Texas, my Father would give me one of his nice collar'd shirts and that is the shirt i would wear to the interview and i wouldn't wear that shirt every again. i have all those in my closet they're sooper fresh.

if you want to see some old ass Cadilacs that are burried in the ground but the bumpers are sticking up go to a town in Texas called Amarillo.

anyhow for some reason the people who do not know that i am the poorest person in my town tend to ignore me and let me be.

but the people who do know i am the poorest person (ie-people at the bank and my neighbors) tend to ask me really weird questions and treat me very kindly and i tend to say things to them from my heart.

yadda man it happens do not worry about it please.
attarm2009 - | 1
22 Apr 2016 #94
Merged: i need virtul number for activ telgram

i need virtul number for activ telgram

telegram: @uni11

email: m.attar66.85@gmail
24 Apr 2016 #95
Merged: Student Pedagogy in Warsaw - help me please

Hi folks,
I realise this isn't the perfect thread for the subject but I really don't know where else to post it.
Someone here by chance knows a student Pedagogy in Warsaw who can help me? Here's the thing... Last week i did visit Warschau and on friday 15/04 i met a girl in Klub Organza in Warsaw and i only know her name is Inna, She's from Ukraine. She told me she studies Pedagogy (don't know which school or degree) in Warsaw. We had a good talk but it was interupted when her friends took off and she left with them. I know it's a needle in a haystack but i really hope someone can help me to get in touch with her so we perhaps can finish our conversation.

26 Apr 2016 #96
Merged: I'm looking for a Surgeon to remove wires from skull and intestines

I'm looking for a Surgeon to remove wires from skull and intestines
bloody put them in while i was sleeping.
I'll pay to have them removed
ziggy007 - | 3
29 Apr 2016 #97
Merged: Distributors/Reps for US Brand of cosmetics, skin care and wellness

Hi, I'm looking for smart people with good at networking and business sense to become reps for a 35 year old US brand of personal care products. Low cost to join. Be your own boss. Please post below for more info.
5 May 2016 #98
Merged: Polish/English speaking Accountant in UK needed

Hello I am searching for a native Pole here in the UK who also speaks English to give me advice about starting my own business here in the UK.
terri 1 | 1,665
5 May 2016 #99
Search on facebook or gumtree.
TV_documentary - | 1
10 May 2016 #100
Merged: Looking for people whose ancestors lived Breslau/Lower Silesia (during WW2)

Hi there,

I'm working on a TV documentary for one of the main broadcasters in the UK that investigates history of Breslau and Lower Silesia during the last days of the II World War. I'm looking for a family or people whose ancestors come from Breslau/Lower Silesia and they remember the evacuation of Breslau in 1945, or remember leaving Lower Silesia just after the war and they were forced to leave their houses, possessions etc. Maybe they also left behind any valuables or artwork? If you know anyone that matches the description, please get in touch via PM or email.

Many thanks,

Philip 666 - | 41
11 May 2016 #101
Wouldn't it be better to ask on a German website.
13 May 2016 #102
Merged: IT jobs in Wroclaw/Warsaw - immediate requirement

If you looking for IT jobs in wroclaw/warsaw for below profiles pls send your resume at jobspoland88@gmail

Javascript developer
UI engineer
Web developer
System admin
QA engineer
Security Solution/ System Engineer
Software Tester
C/C++ Software Engineer
Software Integration & Verification Engineer
BTS Linux Distribution Maintainer
Senior Linux Kernel/Driver C Developer
Java Software Engineer
Fault Coordinator
Security Architect
Senior Java SE/EE Security Engineer
Software Architect, C/C++

If you have any queries, pls feel free to contact me using above email address.
Harry84 1 | 80
13 May 2016 #103

Is there any finance or SAP FI opening or any fresher role for MBA graduate?

14 May 2016 #104
Unfortunately there is no SAP openings.
Paladine 3 | 29
14 May 2016 #105
Merged: Looking for House or Apartment to rent in Lodz


I am looking for a house or apartment to rent in Lodz (preferably in Gorna but open to other areas). Ideally I would like a house at least 130m2 with garden and permission for a pet (dog) but I would be happy to accept to an apartment > 100m2 (modernised).

I need at least 2 bedrooms and kitchen must be a reasonable size as should the bathroom.

Budget is up to 3k PLN per month (including fees).

The property would be for me and my polish fiancee.
15 May 2016 #106
Have a look at this website. It's in Polish but maybe you can get someone to translate for you :-
22 May 2016 #107
Merged: Private guide showing us Krakow

We will visit Krakow soon, my wife, my daughter 14 and I. We are looking for a private guide to show us around in Krakow (English or German speaking). Maybe a student of history or art, anyone with good knowlege about the city. Please no professional guide ..we prefer insight view.
22 May 2016 #108
Please no professional guide

What you're asking for is illegal; here in Poland all guides have to be licensed.
Wulkan - | 3,243
22 May 2016 #109
Just like all taxi drivers have to be licensed, yet hitchhiking is not illegal.
ashok terli
26 May 2016 #110
Merged: Immediate Opportunity: Receptionist for Wroclaw, Poland

Hi ,

Hope you are doing well.

This is Ashok from Anantha Limited.We have a job opportunity for "Receptionist" based in "Wroclaw, Poland" Please revert me with updated CV in word format.You can also refer to your friends/ Colleagues.

Job Details:-

Job Title : Receptionist
Location : Wroclaw, Poland
Duration : 1 year
Client : HCL

Job Description:

will be responsible to provide Reception services which include:
care for the proper functioning of the office
answering employees and visitor's inquiries,
directing visitors to appropriate contacts and locations,
receive, sorting and managing of daily mails/deliveries/couriers
managing and ordering office supplies,
book travel arrangements
provide general support to visitors and employees
answering and re-directing incoming calls,
organize and schedule meetings and appointments
collecting data and preparation of reports for supervisor

+ other duties, individually designed and agreed upon with HCL's management team

Strong communication abilities, computer (excel, PowerPoint, word) and data entry skills

Thanks & Regards,
Recruitment Consultant
Anantha Limited
vhrecruitment - | 1
27 May 2016 #111
Merged: Java Developers needed in Wroclaw

Hi everyone,

I need Java Developers for a great company in Wroclaw. Salary range between 11 - 15K per month depending on experience.
Guzman Group 1 | 2
30 May 2016 #112
Merged: Zielona Gora & Poznan Real Estate markets

Dear polish citizens,

I´m married with a polish citizen and my wife is from Zielona Gora. I´ve just visited the city only once, in 2012, and also Poznan, as we have family there. My questions are: how is the real estate market in these cities? is getting crazy or still affordable? what about to buy land? still interesting in Zielona Gora? how is offer and demand? I want to invest in Zielona Gora. Poland still the most beautiful country in central Europe by large.

Feel free to add my personal email if you want to offer something or to comment something: franguzman.architect@gmail

I heard...I think as a rumour,,,I´m not sure,,,,that chinese just arrived to the east of poland.....

many thanks to everybody,
cheers and regards
8 Jun 2016 #113
Merged: Looking for Internet only - 12 month contract?

Hi all - I just want to say that it has taken me a while to get bank card and mobile contract here and what has really helped is geting internet. I moved to Enfield and was shoping and say Virgin do 12month contracts for internet which is good for me and is unlimited.

if anyone was stuck like me and need it - i think you should give them a try. the people in Enfield shop were good to me so I hope you use them!

oh! and i took it home with me and had internet that night!
21 Jun 2016 #114
Merged: David Gilmour Wroclaw Tickets Poland

Saturday, 25 June 2016, 7:30 PM. Wroclaw, Poland 2 Tickets, Golden Circle EE 500 € per ticket

e-mail: lev_kala@yahoo
chimp1955 - | 1
23 Jun 2016 #115
Merged: English speaking tour guide needed in Mlawa, Poland

Hi there i plan to travel to mlawa this summer and im looking for a english speaking guide to me around the former jewish sites ..I know they are all gone

but i would like to see where my ancestors lived. also any help on tracing births would be great.

thank you
Atch 16 | 3,366
24 Jun 2016 #116
Hi Chimp. I would suggest you contact these people, the Jewish Community of Warsaw, their site is in English:

They could probably point you in the right direction. Mława is a small town and English is not widely spoken there. There might be some younger people who speak some English. However they would lack the specialist knowledge regarding the Jewish community.
Senaka 1 | 1
27 Jun 2016 #117
Merged: Organic Virgin Coconut oil to Poland

Hi, we are going to offer Organic Virgin Coconut oil to the Polish market from August onwards. As we are direct producers from Sri Lanka, will introduce following sizes: 220, 500 and 950ml. Our office and warehouse situated in the heart of Warsaw. Interested buyers or individuals are requested to contact us via email

Kind regards
Senaka Rajapakse
kpc21 1 | 763
27 Jun 2016 #118
Well, it's good the oil is organic, and not synthetic :) Synthetic oil can be good for your car, but not necessarily for you to eat :)
Mbyme - | 1
19 Jul 2016 #119
Merged: Polish Wedding Planner - Catholic service with Polish-English interpreter

Hi, My first post so i hope this works

My Fiance and i have recently got engaged and we are looking to get married in Poland, we are looking for a Polish wedding planner as due to our circumstances it will be a bit complicated.

I am from the UK and a Christian, my fiance is Polish and is Catholic, we would like a Catholic service in Rzeszow and we will need some form of interpreter due to having Polish and English guests.

Any help or guidance or experiences with this will be very much appreciated.

I have emailed a few wedding planner services looking at google but with out much look.
19 Jul 2016 #120
Merged: Class 2 driver jobs London £25-£30k p.a

Hi, we are looking for class 2 Polish drivers for immediate start in south west London. We do relocations so not just driving.

Accommodation available

Contact Richard on

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