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PeterJackson - | 1
24 May 2017 #211
Merged: Looking for a Polish citizen for a partnership

Sup, Poland

I am from Belarus, looking for a Polish citizen that would help me out to withdraw money from the PayPal system. The money is legal, the reason I need help is that in Belarus you can't withdraw money from that system. So money would be cashed out to a local Polish bank and then travel across the border.

Fee for the service is discussable. Can provide any details regarding the source of income, anyone who's interested in, please, email me.
Angela Scott - | 1
26 May 2017 #212

We have a temporary need for registered native speaking nurses to assist with an interesting project to complete a survey on line with Polish speaking patients this is a temporary project although for successful applicants there may be additional opportunities.

Rates of pay regarding registered nurses Ł14.00 per hour and Ł10.00 per hour for Professional Polish Speakers.
it is unknown at present how many hours successful applicants will be required to work . We envisage the project will have a duration of 3- 6 months the hours of work required at present are unknown .as we are unsure hoe many interested participants will participate patience and a pleasing manner are essential for this role.

If you are interested in learning more about this exciting health project please email or call + 44 (0) 141.946 8618
We sincerely look forward to hearing from you.
LeilaMm - | 1
2 Jun 2017 #213
Merged: Job for Poles in Morocco

Hello sir madam,

I introduce myself I am Leila, HR manager of the office John Paul Marrakech.

I am a member of a large company based in Paris, Morocco and other countries. Our company specializes in the private concierge field offering premium services to its customers.

I would like to send you this e-mail in order to ask for your help.

For the opening of the customer service of a large hotel group, we need Polish profiles to occupy the position of customer advisor.
The position is based in Marrakech, Morocco and is open from 12 June 2017.

Can you share this information and keep me informed if you know someone who will be interested in our offer?

Excellent day.
4 Jun 2017 #214
Merged: Job Opportunity for Poles In Northampton

Hi All,

I'm looking for people who live in Northampton and are interested in making a difference to the life of an older person. I work for Zinnia Care Northampton who has a hell of a lot of work from the Council NCC and is looking for carers or people who would like to become carers. Please contact me on 01604438515 Tina. :)
jgland - | 1
9 Jun 2017 #215
Merged: Looking for a hard landscaping labourer to work in the Romford, Essex area uk

Hi We are a small landscaping company looking for hard landscaping labourers to join our team in Romford Essex to start asap.
People with previous experience in landscaping is a plus but not essential.
Having your own transport would also be a plus.
Some of the job duties will include:

Building gardens that can include a variety of features: patio, deck, fencing, raised beds etc.
laying paving
putting up fencing
lifting heavy materials
laying artificial grass
mixing and pouring cement.

You must be able to deliver a high level of customer service and be polite and professional on site.
Be comfortable working as part of a team and alone along with being able to use your own intuitive.

We require you to work a minimum of Monday-Friday 8am-4pm along with Saturdays when needed.

If you feel you could be right for the job please feel free to pm me.

Look forward to hearing from you guys

Thank you
TonyBell88 - | 1
20 Jun 2017 #216

I'm looking for a chef/cook, part time to full time hours available,
Shop opening hours at between 5pm - midnight
Ideally looking for someone who has experience with burgers, pizzas, steaks, and fryers
Shop is located in LS10 in Leeds
Please reply with your phone number if interested
Laundry Work
21 Jun 2017 #217
Merged: Job Offer - Laundry Operatives - Birmingham UK

We have positions for Laundry Operatives both Male and Female working in a commercial laundry in Birmingham UK

Rate of Pay = £7.50/hour

Timing is flexible and mutually agreed between 6:00am and 6:00pm

Must be in good health as a certain amount of laundry bag lifting is required.

Basic level of English is required.

Please email your CV:
dolnoslask 6 | 3,070
21 Jun 2017 #218
To be honest your best bet is to place an add in the local Polish shops (Sklep) there are also many polish local papers that will advertise for you (You will find these papers for sale in the shop (Sklep).
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
22 Jun 2017 #219
We have positions for Laundry Operatives

Only wealthy, bored trolls visit this forum. Try or londynek
23 Jun 2017 #220
Merged: Want to work in Sweden? Construction-works.

I am setting up a website where Polish construction workers with their own company can get Swedish costumers through my website. Mainly private persons.
Membership is free, you only pay a fee from what you charge the customer.
To start it is only in Gothenburg area.

You need to have your own registered Polish company.
Apply for Swedish F-tax (free)
You need to have your own tools, car and arrange with accommodation.
You can have somebody employed with you.
You will earn about 120-150 Sek per hour (about 55-70 PLN/hour) or more.

Contact me if you want more info.
Best regards
MarkyAnton - | 2
28 Jun 2017 #221
[Moved from]: BPO work in Cracow is recruting in Poland

Hey, there is a company from BPO working with lots of businesses from insurance, reinsurance or brokers looking for employees now. Maybe somebody would be interested in working with them - it's a good opportunity form students as well I believe.


Cheers to you and good luck if you try it :)
20 Jul 2017 #222
Merged: Looking for Work in Sheffield?

I am recruiting for staff to work for my company carrying out builders cleans in Sheffield and wondered if anyone would be interested? Rate of pay £8.50 per hour, Mon - Fri 8am - 4pm, weekly Pay.

Please call 07860 877163
peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,098
20 Jul 2017 #223
and wondered if anyone would be interested?

No it is a wrong place. You will not find labourers on this forum. We are bunch of trolls.
Ironside 51 | 11,338
20 Jul 2017 #224
We are bunch of trolls.@ peter_olsztyn

We labour hard. Do you claim that being a troll is an easy job?
Ollie dog
22 Jul 2017 #225
My sisters and I are planning to go to see the birthplace of my grandparents. We do not speak Polish and would like a guide.
jon357 71 | 20,328
23 Jul 2017 #226
Merged: Looking for a guide to Suwalki and Becejly

These people are the national organisation that organise guides. This website is for their office in Suwalki. You'll need to put the website through google translate or bing translate. Somebody there will certainly speak English.
rmkna - | 1
31 Jul 2017 #227
i am seeking job in poland,can anyone help me please
PolishUltras 7 | 60
13 Aug 2017 #228
[Moved from]: East west accord, Steven Cohen, etc.

Do any of you guys listen to the John Bachelor show, or professor Steven Cohe, or ever hesrd of the east west accord? Well, when I was locked up all over California's prison, one thing that kept me sane and interested in myself snd my cukture was listening to a radio show called John Bachelor. this was my one contact from usa's prisons of California to Poland, and eastern europe as a whole. this show takes place every tuesday (one-hour long interview) at eastern u.s. ca time, and is an hour long interview among all topics related to russia or putin. Poland is often mentioned but the focus has been when I listened on the ukraine crisis, second cold war, syria, the refugee crisis, trump, media in the u.s. against russia, war games in warsaw or other nato war potential zone spheres. turkey and Russia recent swuabbled over, and how close we are and were constantly to actual war with russia.

Cohen even mentions how we as a Polish have slavic unity or brotherhood to russia but unlike ukraine we arent one people, but we are influenced by russian culture and many wives in communist era to russian men came from polsnd. anyway, great show that I recomment watching among a website he mentions a lot on the show called eastwestaccord.
east west accord:
PolishUltras 7 | 60
13 Aug 2017 #229
I found a discussion related to us and our sphere of influence when it comes to the great emoire (russia not u.s. the enemy divided that will destroy itself from within):

I kind of do think we are basically one people with the russians, just as much so at least as the armanians, georgians and ukrainians. fuk usa. and this is great too, he is right. fuk the buildup along the empires borders:

Russia dont play just like our ultras or hooligans dont play.
gubbson - | 1
21 Aug 2017 #230
Merged: Translator needed - Polish native speaker

Hello there, I would need a polish native speaker (prefered) for a text translation.

Word count is less than 100 words. A follow job might follow.

Payment is negotiable and can be handled digital or over bank transfer.
21 Aug 2017 #231
What do you need, man, I am listening :)
antonyshaji - | 1
22 Aug 2017 #232
Hi, I can help you with professional translation. Reach me at contacts@asimolinguistics.
21 Sep 2017 #233
Merged: House share in Wieliczka

I'm living in a large house in Wieliczka. It's too quiet. The top floor housemate works long hours and is seldom home. There are two spare rooms on my floor. Is there anyone out there seeking a long term rental?
josephkarlicek - | 1
23 Sep 2017 #234

I need a good builder from Poland

Good day,

Am in need of professionals to handle the restoration and refurbishment building/Aluminium/windows/doors,roofing etc, i have finances in place and we can be flexible on a start date, would you be interested in pricing and if I could send approved plans so as to review,also further adjustment from your professional view is much appreciated.

I look forward to your reply and modification of my Roofing plans are welcomed and advised.
kindly email me for for further discussion : josephkarlicek731@gmail
Vincent 9 | 936 Moderator
23 Sep 2017 #235
Might be a good idea to let any potential builder know which city, town or country you reside. Some builders might not bother "pricing" if long distance travel is involved.
27 Sep 2017 #236
[Moved from]: The rock band from Silesia is looking for a keyboard player

Hi. i'm the guitarist from the band, we' re playing rock music, inspired by genres like alternative, indie, electronic, pop-rock, and sometimes hard rock. I post it here because I think it would be cool to have the foreigner in the band, and I couldn't find anyone out there (in the area) who wants to play with us. We have rehearsals in Chorzow. We're like 18 years old. We're looking for someone to play simple piano parts, melodies on the synth or souns effects. If you're interested, write a email to me, tomxd00@o2 pl
Danab21 - | 2
4 Dec 2017 #237
Attention to Terry Anne Sachko or whomever may know a Abraham Jizhak. Terry we show up as distant cousins. You have an extensive family tree and I am wondering who Abraham Jizhak is to you or anyone who may know of this person?
oneforEnglish - | 1
20 Feb 2018 #238
[Moved from]: Summer help Needed, Searching for English Interpreter in Poland

American writer seeking a Polish to English interpreter to accompany him throughout Poland from 1 June through 31 August. Applicant at minimum must have excellent English skills and drivers license as well as neat appearance and ability to interview people. Ideal applicant will have some agricultural knowledge and proven writing and organizational skills. Starting date is flexible for university students. Salary is negotiable.

If interested send CV and any questions to ontopoland@gmail
Polska123 1 | 3
7 Mar 2018 #239
[Moved from]: 2 cinema city tickets 2D/3D tickets valid 7 days in Warsaw for 40 PLN


I have 2 cinema city tickets 2D or 3D valid across 7 days a week. I am leaving for London this weekend and cannot use them. Therefore, giving away for 40 PLN for 2 tickets. Would someone want them? PM me

The tickets can be used until 31st of march in any cinema city across Warsaw.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
10 Mar 2018 #240
[Moved from]: Looking for German native with background in Natural Sciences to liase with clients

A research laboratory in Tri-City is seeking a Native German speaker who can liase between their management team and prospective client companies In Germany, on varied industry-based projects such as testing the chemical constituents of e-vapours.

Full time position, no real selling experience required, but a commercial background would be helpful. This is hardly the board for this sort of thing, but please PM if you are that person. It probably beats teaching for a living :) :)

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