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Poland Student Visa Query - Canada and study in Poland

Curryguy 1 | 1
30 Jun 2017 #1
I Have completed bachelors in Engineering and working for 2 years with 60% aggregate in academics. I Had applied for canada student visa but got refused twice for the same intake in 2015. I had 7.5 in Ielts (expired result) . I do have 299/340 in GRE. the reason i'm worried is because in total 4 times ive been rejected without any reason at all.

1. oct 2015 (student)
2. nov 2015 (student)
3. March 2016 (Visitor)
4. april 2017 (visitor)

The only reason I wanted to go to canada was that my gf (indian, not someone I met on fb , so No stereotypes, lol) is there from past 3 years but it all went in vain as I never got the visa anytime despite having good background. Everything I had done was perfect like funds, docs, etc. I have seen people with no command over the language go and I cant for my studies.

So, I got admission in the best university in POLAND and now i'm completely focused on my carrier.

So kindly let me know whether there will be any issue and if there might be what can I do to tackle them before they arise BECAUSE IM TIRED OF FAILING IN MY LIFE.
carmelle - | 1
16 Feb 2018 #2
What is your exact question? You got admitted to a good university in Poland, but you still want to try to go to Canada? Maybe it would be best to finish your study in Poland and then - with a good EU degree - your chances in Canada to succeed will be even higher.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,585
16 Feb 2018 #3
That's not a very good GRE score - you want to be above 310 if you plan on getting into a half decent grad school. A 299 is right around the average, perhaps even a bit below the mean

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