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elioug 1 | 22
19 Sep 2010 #1
Merged: Playing football / soccer in Gdansk during weekends.

I am new in the city and I would like to join to any team or group of people who like to play football during weekends. Hope to get information and contacts about this.
MariuszP - | 1
30 Nov 2010 #2
I have 4 persons who would play. We played last year - we rented a gym in Gdynia, but now it is not available. Have you got any friends so we could build a team? Have you got any place to play there?

fullyalive 6 | 13
23 Jul 2011 #3
Merged: Gamers Conventions in Poland

Hello all,
I was wondering if there are any gamers on here... I need to know if there are any Annual-International-Gamers-Convention-typa-things happening in Poland or elsewhere in Europe around July-August? I want to plan a surprise trip, next year with my fiance who is into Diablo, Witcher, Dragon Age and other RPGs.

Thank you.

6 Jun 2012 #4
Merged: Meeting Place in Poznan

A little assistance required here from you Knowledgeable locals in Poznan. We are traveling to Poznan on Sunday for the match Ireland V Cro and we are looking for a good meet up point ( Pub/Bar) within a 5 min walk of the Dworzec Główny PKP in the direction of the stare Miasto ' Fanzone ' any suggestions of a friendly gafff that will be less Zoo like, which we can use as a meeting point.

Suggestions welcome.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
7 Jun 2012 #5
Warszawski - I know a place, details by PM :)
7 Jun 2012 #6
Good man Delph, Cheers.
el_easy 2 | 54
8 Jun 2012 #7
delphiandomine Are you gonna be at Lake Malta on June 14? I wanna meet you, I own you a Piwo, you do a great job in this forum..
Sorengot - | 1
3 Nov 2012 #8
Merged: Szczecin ancestry research

My name is Sören. I'm from Copenhagen in Denmark, and married with kids

We recearch our family ancestry from 1784 Stettin.

I would like to hire a local assistant to help us with the local archives.
You must speak English well, and maybe even have to travel in the old Preussia, if the family trail moves outside Stettin.
I will travel to Szczecin to assist with the research.
If you are interested to be our assistant, please write to me on 1151
Best regards
aphrodisiac 11 | 2,441
3 Nov 2012 #9
Hi. I will email you on monday.
TheOther 6 | 3,690
3 Nov 2012 #10
If your ancestors were protestants, then contact the EZA in Berlin:
Mykhaylo UA - | 56
21 Dec 2012 #11
Merged: English-speaking self-educating group in Lviv/UA

Hi! We are a self-educating free-of-charge initiative English-speaking group of several persons in Lviv/UA, coming together on Sundays to explore and discuss the local architecture, history, to interview prominent personalities and professionals (musicians, medical workers etc.) (this Sunday we shall deal, e.g. , with the writer Joseph Roth, lymphatic system, and Genesis/Chapter 6&7 - yes, dedicated to today's end of this civilization, and shall stay inside).

And, we would like to: establish contacts to similar groups in other Ukrainian cities and in not far-away countries to share experience, ideas and possibly for mutual visits in the future and mutual events, like spending a week in summer somewhere together (Crimea in UA, Black Sea coast in other countries), organizing common (combined) soirees dedicated e.g. to poets like I. Franko, A. Mickiewicz, Yanka Kupala, Janis Rainis, composers - Čiurlionis etc. Like the idea? (Next time I shall write the Email to write us to. This timeI can't - I have posted less than 2 useful messages)
Iryna - | 1
25 Dec 2012 #12
Hello Everyone!

Oh, it's so great and wonderful to take part in your English club.
Thanks that you are
Mykhaylo UA - | 56
26 Dec 2012 #13
so great and wonderful

Yes, it is. Got interested? Then join us on Sundays! But note: we are not a club, but a self-educating group, active, and our meetings and discussions are topical meaning that sometime there will be your turn to make a short report - basis for our discussion. E.g., next Sunday we are discussing about the Halychyna writer Karl-Emil Franzos after having heard a short report by our member about him. If still interested write at: rf197099@yahoo. See you!

Mykhaylo UA

Ladies & Gentlemen! This is our Email to write at: rf197099@yahoo. Our group name is SAAG SP. As said above we are interested in contacts with similar groups in not far-away countries for experience exchange, common events etc. (your suggestions?). English speakers, esp. native speakers of English, visiting Lviv are welcome to our meetings. Looking forward to hearing from you!
21 May 2013 #14
Merged: Lindy hop in Warsaw. Looking for a leader!!

Hi everybody!

I am quite new around Poland. I am living in Warsaw for 2 months now. I used to dance swing in Spain, and here I tried to go to attend some courses in, but unfortunately I can't without partner...

So, I am looking for a leader which want to have good time dancing and meeting new people here in Warsaw!!

The Shadow 3 | 86
21 May 2013 #15
Quite a long time ago I used to teach the smooth dances back home for Arthur Murray. Send me a PM if you'd be interested and we can discuss the possibility.
bobbysingh 1 | 16
8 Oct 2013 #16
Hello! Dudelz thanks for your reply and sorry for my late follow up. Yes I am interested in working with short films in Poland. How do I get in touch with you please? Could you please email me on bobbysingh61573 (at) gmail

swetherall - | 2
18 Oct 2013 #17
Merged: Open coffee mornings in Poland?


I was wondering if anybody knows of any coffee mornings being held by any tech groups in Poland.

Links to any sites would also be very helpfull.

Thanks in advance
18 Oct 2013 #18
This is open coffee krakow: and their linkedin group:
swetherall - | 2
21 Oct 2013 #19
Thank you very much, this info is very usefull
Misa - | 1
25 Oct 2013 #20
Merged: Dog shipping help - anyone flying from Atlanta to Poland?

Hi..i need to send my dog from Atlanta-ga to poland Warsaw...if somebody will fly then that will be cheaper....
I will meet u at AirPort in atlanta and one of my friend will pick the dog in Warsaw...thanks:)
25 Oct 2013 #21
Let me put it this way, unless your friend can meet the person before they get to customs and your friend will take full legal responsibility for your dog (and what is in your dog), only a fool would agree to take your dog. Sorry.
johnb121 4 | 184
25 Oct 2013 #22
You have got to be joking (or a criminal!)
jon357 72 | 21,122
25 Oct 2013 #23
Try not to do this. The percentage of pets that die during air travel is higher than you would like.

Perhaps by sea?
Boo Blue 1 | 6
31 Jul 2014 #24
Merged: KATOWICE - Festival of Life. Looking for a place to pitch my very small tent near Chorzów


I am going to be in Katowice for the Festival of Life 5,6,7 th of September. Looking for a place to pitch my very very small tent near Chorzów.. Can anybody help? I am travelling alone, and have my own home in Poland, just a bit far away for this festival.. Thanks :)
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
31 Jul 2014 #25
Hello Boo Blue - what's wrong with the festival site?

Katowice is nice these days but there is NOWHERE to pitch a tent - I love a bit of the old wild camping and outside of town there are the lakes of Nakklo Chechlo near Tarnowskie Gory and Pogoria near Dabrowa Gornicza - and that is it.

Do NOT entertain the "campsite" near the A4 - it's modernised but is just.................... a turd.
Boo Blue 1 | 6
31 Jul 2014 #26
I am not sure if there is any camping at the festival itself? Its inside the National park. I am a keen wild camper!! I know its illegal in Poland, but my little tent is well camouflaged, and I am a dusk to dawn only camper :) .. How far away are the lakes from the chornów park...walking distance?? I like walking too! Will check out the lakes if its feasible. i already ruled out the campsite by the slip road!! Ugh! Not my thing at all. I would have gone for a hostel, but they appear to be all booked out, and I am certainly not up for paying mega zloty per night for a hotel room.. even if they do have fluffy towels and a hair dryer!

Thanks for the help x
Trevek 26 | 1,702
16 Nov 2014 #27
Merged: Royal British Legion. (forming a branch around Olsztyn)

This is a tentative enquiry for any British ex-pats.

I was recently at a memorial ceremony in Lidzbark Warminski, laying a wreath at the cemetery of 39 British soldiers from WW1.

I was later asked by a Legion overseas rep if there are enough expats to form a branch.

To be honest, around Olsztyn, I'm not sure.

I wondered if it was worth enquiring on PF and seeing if anyone is interested?

I imagine it might be more practical to make a cyber-branch (if that's possible).

I have no idea what is possible, but thought I'd enquire if anyone is interested.
Looker - | 1,134
6 Dec 2014 #28
Gamers Conventions in Poland

Such conventions are held throughout the whole country, and there may be even up to 50 convents per year. Most rallies take place in school buildings rented by organizers. Better and greater conventions are held in better, more modern places (eg: Poznan International Fair).

On the internet are several websites of which interested parties can find out what conventions are held in the near future. If you want to know about the latest information, you need to monitor at least one of such sites as:
Looker - | 1,134
23 Dec 2014 #29
Make a Facebook page about it, you will probably have a number of followers with time..
Trevek 26 | 1,702
23 Dec 2014 #30

That's an idea. Thanks.

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