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thomasbrad128 1 | 2
28 Nov 2015 #61
Merged: A good and not so expensive lawyer and notariusz needed in or around Poznan (real estate)

Hi everyone,
Can anyone recommend a fine and not so expensive real estate lawyer in Poznan.

delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
28 Nov 2015 #62
Thomas, send me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll pass your details on to a trusted lawyer I know.
thomasbrad128 1 | 2
30 Nov 2015 #63
@delphiandomine I have sent you a pm sent.


Merged: Need a good NOTARIUSZ in Poznan.

Hello everyone,
Can anyone recommend a good NOTARIUSZ in Poznan with a reasonable fee.

archi34 - | 1
7 Dec 2015 #64
Merged: How I can find business contact for my project in Poland (Warsaw)

How can I find a business contact for my project in Poland. I want to open a furniture showroom in Warsaw. I need a Personal Assistant (with advanced well knowing the Russian language). Someone can help or I can do it myself.

HALO!!! czy ktoś może pomóc? PROSZĘ!!!!
HEY!!! somebody can help? PLEASE!!!!
pedroo 1 | 2
7 Dec 2015 #65
Merged: Seeking for Technical Co-founder in Wroclaw

Hello guys,

I am looking for a technical cofounder who has time and get involved the project? I have an idea but have no technical skills. Please contact me if you are interested
frd 7 | 1,399
8 Dec 2015 #66
What is the project about?
gossip - | 2
3 Jan 2016 #67
Merged: Jobs in Poland. Work for International Companies.

Jobs in Poland. Work for International Companies.

We have jobs available immediately. Work for international companies, like UBER, Capgemini, Lufthansa, DHL, Cisco, GOOGLE and many more.

We are looking for people who are fluent in any foreign Language. Especially Russian, German, French, Ukraine, etc.

Email your English CV to

Merged: Student Life and Graduate Jobs in Krakow - no more spam or ban

Foreign students and graduates (also Polish students and graduates) should apply to join Baseconnect, a social network for Students and graduates, with events, projects and internships for students and jobs positions available for graduates.

The city open is Krakow.
3 Jan 2016 #68
Do you need translators and interpreters then ? Or some other requirements are important for these positions as well ?
pavan297 - | 1
4 Jan 2016 #69
Merged: We have job openings in IBM Poland

We are looking for fresh graduates who completed MBA and MS recently 2014 and 2015 passed outs, please send me your resumes to pavan297@gmail, those who have masters in MBA and Computers.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
4 Jan 2016 #70
Absolutely do not do this. The guy posting this will receive a significant cash bonus for doing so, and you also cannot trust strangers on the internet with personal data.

Best to apply directly to IBM via
4 Jan 2016 #71
Spot on delph,

I used to have these recruitment guys chase me with cv's and try and charge me a big chunk of cash if I employed one of their candidates, (Even if I had no contract with them), If you see a job add with a recruitment agency (and they state the employer) Apply directly it is the best way, an employer will always choose the candidate where they do not have to pay a commission if the skill sets are like for like.
Maja L.
5 Jan 2016 #72
Merged: "Joy Division" ("Polskie Lalki") in London Theatre in New Cross

Hello everyone (Cześć!),

I would like to invite you to a theatre performance performed in Polish this week in New Cross. Please find the details here: It would be great to gain some support. It is a powerful piece of drama that tells a heartbreaking story.

All the best,
Tlum 10 | 171
5 Jan 2016 #73
Problem with Facebook is that fewer and fewer people in Poland use it...
kaczszczki - | 1
31 Jan 2016 #74
Merged: Polish people opinions about Kimono

I am a Japanese living in Poland and I would like to ask Polish opinions about kimono.

One project team in Japan would like to sell kimono and something made by kimono's material (eg. dywan, torba, szalik...) in Poland.
They have 2 simple questions about kimono.

1. What are attractive points of kimono to you?
(Eg. history, use of colour, pattern.... )
2. If you wear kimono, what do you want to do?
(Eg. go to a party, take a picture...)

They want know especially these two things but if you have any advice or opinion about selling Kimono in Poland, please tell me : )

Thank you.

26 Feb 2016 #76
Merged: Do you speak Polish and do you want to participate in a (paid) speech recording in Sydney?

Appen, a speech technology company (listed on the ASX) is looking for Polish speakers for a speech recognition project in which we require speakers to come to our office in Chatswood to be recorded. The task is to read prompts in Polish for about 2 hours and you will be compensated with AU$70.00. The data will be used for voice recognition technology.

The recordings are available from Monday to Friday during office hours and you must be 18 years and older and a native speaker of Polish.

To apply, please register your details and availability using this link:

We have already started the recordings and we will contact those who are suitable according to our demographic requirements.

If you have any queries, please contact us on 02 9468 6300 or email
Decentman - | 2
27 Feb 2016 #77
Merged: Wanted a place for getting married in Turek, Poland

hello everyone :)

Me and my polish girlfriend are planning to get married sometime soon :) We don't want anything lavish and would like to keep it simple, hence we're going for court marriage. But we would definitely like to invite few friends and family member for lunch. Can anyone suggest 'economical' place to host lunch for 20 to 25 people in Turek? Thanks :)
Viking33 - | 11
2 Mar 2016 #80
Merged: Need Polish-speaking eyes and legs (ancestry) - tracing Warsaw cemeteries and overcoming Poland's bureaucracy

My genealogical thread elsewhere is bearing little fruit and I'm unable to communicate in Polish, but I crave some information on my late father's ancestry.

It seems I can go no further via the Internet from my home in Canada, and can not possibly make another trip to Poland at this time.

I would therefore like to ask if any Polish-speaking member of this forum - ideally residing in Poland - might have the time and willingness to serve as my legs and eyes in tracing a few things through Warszawa cemeteries and Polish bureaucracy.

I stand ready, of course, to remunerate for any such time and effort. Kindly contact me through this forum, or to my e-mail address at

Thank you.
2 Mar 2016 #81
Merged: You need a cheap car in Poland? Check this out.

I have a great deal for you guys!
If you are looking for a new car, you should check this out.
With our sponsor deal, we're helping you pay the instalment for the car by placing 35 'sponsors modules'-like stickers on sport cars.
Then when you make a minimum 400km per months, you get paid 555zł.
The only things you have to do, to match our sponsor program is:
-PESEL number
-Permament residence card
-Employment in PL or running a company in PL.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.
577 146 403
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
2 Mar 2016 #82
I have a great deal for you guys!

It's a bit akin to a girlfriend who used to walk around London with "Benneton" emblazoned over her (ample) breasts.

Only appealing to plebians (the slogans - the gf's breasts were fabulous)
18 Mar 2016 #83
Merged: Polish/Australian Hydraulic Engineer speak Polish fluently and English of course. Looking for any job!

Hey Im Polish but I grew up in Australia. I spent 2 yrs in Poland when I was 14 and I learned the language (can't really write tho). I graduated as a civli engineer and worked as an hydraulic modeller (coastal) for a year. My grandmothers house is sitting empty and gonna start to break down and my grandmother is in a nursery with no close family around. I want to get any job I can to live in Warsaw and take care of the house and my grandmother. Im a very social friendly person. Very technically adept. I can program in C++, Fortran, python, (Im also a beast at Matlab)(most of my programming is scientific or mathematical by nature). Any guidance or help would be greatly appreciated. I know once I get my leg in the door I'll be successful.

18 Mar 2016 #84
Merged: Looking for a Polish carpenter to work in the island of Malta this summer

Live in carpenter to work on our house in Malta for a 3 months.
Pay 1100 euros/month plus accommodation , return flights
Needs -wardrobe, mezzanine floor, kitchen island build
some painting, plastering, tiling works
JohanErasmus 1 | 4
22 Mar 2016 #85
Merged: Will outdoor market in Grojec open on Sunday Easter Holiday 27 March?

I plan to buy something at the outdoor market in Grojec (big open air market which sells everything, in the same compound with Samochode market)

on Sunday 27/3. This market opens every Sunday but the problem is that the coming Sunday is Easter Holiday so i do not know if the market still opens?

Please help.
nedphotog - | 1
2 Apr 2016 #86
Merged: Photographer Needs Model Scout in Poland. Need advice

I need advice. I'm a fashion photographer from Los Angeles with plans on visiting Poland and working with models. I'm ONLY interested in finding new, unsigned models for the agency that I work for. We do not want to go to a modeling agency. We want young, new models who have no experience but with a good look.

How can I find them? Where can I advertise? How much should I pay them to model for a half day? I was thinking of hiring a 'model scout' who is already in Poland to help me find models and then pay them a finder's fee for each one who shows up. Does this sound feasible? Where can I advertise to hire a model scout? Or where can I advertise myself?

I do NOT do nude or porn, it is just fashion clothing for catalogs and advertising. And if the model is under 18, their mom or dad must be present at all times.
4 Apr 2016 #87
It's considered a shady business. 80% of ads posted on free classified ads will be removed, unless it's a dedicated website for adult models. The surest (but the most costly way) would be to contact an advertising agency in the targeted city and most of them have access to models who can do the job. An alternative (cheaper) route would be contacting an agency from Ukraine who may have talents available and working in Poland too.
AlexSt92 - | 1
5 Apr 2016 #88
Merged: Are there any Polish people in Luton who would be willing to help me?

Hi, are you a Polish resident living in Luton?

my name is Alexandra,
I am a Masters student at the University of Hertfordshire and I could really use your help!

My Masters research is focused on the housing experiences and future intentions of Polish residents living in Luton and I would really like to talk with some Polish people and hear your views.

To do this I would like to carry out short interviews with Polish residents in Luton, which will only last around 20 minutes and will be completely anonymous.

The only requirements to take part are that you have to be over 18 and be a Polish resident in Luton.
Please let me know if you would be willing to help me out with my study, I would really appreciate it! And please feel free to ask if you would like any further information.

My contact details are:

I look forward to hearing from you!
Best Wishes,

UH Protocol number: LMS/PGR/UH/02260
14 Apr 2016 #89
Merged: £50 Paid Market Research - Higher Education - London

Hi there,

I hope you don't mind me contacting you. I work for a company called MRFGR (Market Research Focus Group Recruiter).

We are currently seeking respondents (from the following ethnicites: Polish, Indian and Pakistani) to take part in a paid market research focus group taking place at the beginning of May. We are specifically looking for people from the following areas of London: Greenford, Ealing, Brent, Harrow and Hillingdon.

The group will last for 1hr30mins and there is an incentive of £50 for taking part.

The topic of the research is Higher Education.

We have sessions available on the 3rd/4th/5th of May, 2016.

If you would be interested in taking part, then please continue by following the link below:

Thank you,
Kimo6 - | 2
17 Apr 2016 #90
Merged: Need someone to send goods from Poland to New Zealand.

Hi everyone,
i need someone trusted to help me for contact and recieve or pick up goods i buy from , then send it to New Zealand.

i will pay for your time.

if anyone interesting please contact me on

M Aly

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