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rozumiemnic 8 | 3,849
19 Jul 2016 #121
you are hiring Polish people to drive?
:D I have heard it all now.
jon357 71 | 20,328
19 Jul 2016 #122

Any particular reason you're specifying nationality in a UK job advert?

:D I have heard it all now

Had to be said ;-)
23 Jul 2016 #123
Merged: Any Guy interested to work in IT and knows European language, I can assist in getting the required job

Hi All,
If you are looking for a job in Information Technology sector and have basic IT knowledge and any european language(Dutch, German, Spanish, Norwegian, French etc), please approach meas i can assist you in getting the job in Poland.
23 Jul 2016 #125
Hi Dreamergirl,

Could you please explain why it will be a scam? Please dont post anything which can make others losing opportunity
24 Jul 2016 #126
i can assist you in getting the job in Poland.

How are you able to do that?
You are in Poland working on a temporary work permit, and your previous posts ask about salary expectations for an IT job with IBM, and whether you can apply for a European blue card. If you are asking here about such things, then it doesn't suggest that you know too much about how things work in Poland.
26 Jul 2016 #127
That is not true. Free Walking Tours provide you with a passionate guide who is keen on history art etc. Still if interested about tours you can visit website or chat with a live consultant on the website.
paulinska 9 | 86
22 Aug 2016 #128
Merged: Looking for Used/New shipment containers from Poland

Hi Folks,

I'm looking at expanding a side business and in urgent need of mainly 20ft used containers.

I would also welcome some information on the going price of used containers in Poland - Websites most welcome.

Location is not very important at the minute although cost effectiveness is the core of this business.

Many Thanks!
Corwin - | 1
24 Aug 2016 #129
Merged: Need to find house/flat in Katowice, fast

I am coming (with 3 of my colleagues) to Katowice on some schooling that is held at airport.
I need some house/flat with 3 rooms that is near airport or near bus line 53.
We will be in Katowice from 05.09 till 23.09 this year, we will pay for full month and all expenses
(power, water, wifi, ...) on the day we arrive.
Can someone help, we will pay finders fee or all beer you can drink :)
terri 1 | 1,664
25 Aug 2016 #130
I cannot believe that there are no hotel rooms in Katowice willing to accomodate you for those dates.
smurf 39 | 1,981
25 Aug 2016 #131
Can someone help

Go to booking or Airbnb and search for locations close to

Katowice airport isn't actually anywhere close to Katowice city (45min drive), the airport is in Pyrzowice

You'll be in the middle of nowhere but you'll be close

Closet towns to look in would be Dabrowa Górnicza, Bedzin or Sosnowiec....but for the love a jaysus don't stay in Sosnowiec it's a dump

Or you could just stay in Kato and get the airport bus every day
Zywiec1980 - | 2
1 Sep 2016 #132
Merged: Spirytus in Toronto

I have several bottles available if anyone is interested of 95%. Pickup in Toronto only.

19+ of course.
gjene 14 | 204
2 Sep 2016 #133
How many bottles do you have and how much per bottle? Could you wait until about the 16th or thereabouts? I can make a trip up there on the Saturday of the festival if you can wait until then.


Was in Toronto on the 17th for the Polish festival that was on Roncesvalles Ave. Sorry I missed you since you never replied. I have no idea as to when I will be back. Would have bought at least 3 or 4 bottles from you.
TGC Limited - | 2
6 Sep 2016 #134
Merged: Job Opening for IT helpdesk in Wroclaw, Poland

Location : Wroclaw,Poland
Required Skills :
* 1st preference- brazilian and portuguese speaker with it helpdesk exp-6 months to 12 months
* 2nd preference- fluent brazilian speaker willing to work in helpdesk
* only 2 shifts- morning and afternoon
Zbriden - | 2
7 Sep 2016 #135
Hello, I fulfill the requirements, do tell me how to apply.
Zbriden - | 2
7 Sep 2016 #136
Merged: Portuguese lessons in Lodz


Native speaker offering Portuguese lessons in Łódź. I do not speak Polish, if you are just a beginner, some English knowledge would be needed. If you are interested or would need information, please, do reply to this thread or send me a message.

Kind regards,
TGC Limited - | 2
8 Sep 2016 #137
Hello Zbriden,
Please Forward your CV to tomgandhilimited@gmail
11 Sep 2016 #138

Are you also able to ship to Gdansk?

Can you please provide the cost, including postage, for the 500ml and 950ml.

Thank you.

HeshaMagdi87 - | 1
11 Sep 2016 #139
Merged: Business Development MEA Region in Poland.

Dear All,
Hope everything is fine by your side,

I am seeking for a business development manager/executive for MEA region in Poland.
If you are having a vision of business expenditure in MEA region and you need to hire a business development responsible for this territory, kindly consider my application or relate me.

I am currently living and working in CAiro, Egypt and I have an extensive background in business strategic planning and market researches for diffrent comodities and lines of business.

Kindly contact me through Email: Hesham.khaled87@yahoo, hence we can arrange for an online interview.

Thank you,
Best regards,
Hesham Magdy
25 Sep 2016 #140
Merged: Renting apartment in Poznan city / looking for assistance

Hello guys,

Does anyone here can help me please in renting a private apartment for long-term in Poznan city I'm new to this city and I don't speak Polish and I have no local friends yet :) I'm here for studying 3 years.

I'm looking for someone who speaks English & Polish so I can communicate with. Any suggestion?

terri 1 | 1,664
26 Sep 2016 #141
Look on gumtree, look for ex-pats or English speaking people - all available on google.
Maybe the University could advise you of the best places...
Zywiec1980 - | 2
26 Sep 2016 #142
Hi Gene,

I'm sorry, it looks like I mistakenly replied to the email notification itself, thinking my note with my personal contact information would have got to you that way.

I'd love to help find these guys a good home. I'll try direct messaging you with my personal contact information.

All Scotland - | 2
29 Sep 2016 #143
Merged: Polish buyer wanted for top Quailty uk clothes /shoes

Hi I am looking for one polish contact to buy the very best in used uk clothes /shoes every item is hand selected this opportunity would be best for some one with a shop I can supply all the top brands in super condition in the best sizes these are not the rubbish that is sent to Africa ,I get one large van load every 4 weeks so I am lookin for a long term business relationship that is profitable for the both of us thanks
29 Sep 2016 #144
Merged: Need someone in Poznan Poland to visit a designer who will not transfer contracted designs


I am looking for someone in Poznan who can visit a address to collect outstanding documentation from a designer who is ignoring contact. I am happy to pay a fee to any person who is able to convince the individual to contact me directly and provide the outstanding work that has been paid for. There is a balance due to be paid to the designer once all of the documents have been provided.
dr_rabbit 5 | 90
30 Sep 2016 #145
Cut your losses surely? How is some random joe turning up going to help?
jon357 71 | 20,328
30 Sep 2016 #146
I agree with the lapine poster; it is unlikely to help. Did you sign a contract for the work? Unfortunately in Poland, if there's no written contract, it simply didn't happen. Did you commission the work through one of those online portals? If so, that might be the way to go.
9 Oct 2016 #147
Merged: Poland, abortion, opinions (Uxbridge)

Hello everyone,

My name is Leon, I am a researcher, and I would like the opinion of the Polish community on the recent controversy related to abortion that took place in Poland.

I am interested in seizing, as far as possible, all aspects of the debate. I would like to hear from both sides; pros and cons as well as to know if those of you, who do not live in Poland feel equally involved in the debate. The ideal would be an informal conversation over a cup of coffee.

I am in Uxbridge, for anyone interested I will gladly leave my e-mail address and telephone number.

For everyone else, I am more than happy to read your comments below.

9 Oct 2016 #149
Hi gumishu,

Thank you for the tip.That thread will surely be a good starting point.
polishbrit45 - | 3
9 Oct 2016 #150
Merged: Polish Lessons in Leeds, UK

Hello, this is my first visit to the form, so apologies if I've posted this in the incorrect place. I'm looking for a native Pole living in the Leeds, UK area for 'face to face' Polish lessons.

I would be happy to do these on an exchange basis (you teach me Polish, I teach you English in return). I have a basic qualification as a TEFL (Teach English as a Foreign Language) Teacher. I already have experience teaching English to a Polish person, on an amateur basis.

Alternatively, if you are already a qualified and experienced Polish teacher, I would be willing to pay £10 per hour for lessons. I am approximately A2 level and I would provide all the teaching materials. I would be looking for someone who is comfortable in explaining basic Polish grammar to me, in English.

Chciałbym mówic po polsku bo jeszcze mam rodzinę w Polsce.

If you are interested, please send me message and I look forward to hearing from you. (Please note that I am not looking for tuition by Skype). Pozdrawiam!

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