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Lucy Watson
3 Jul 2015 #31
Merged: House keeper full time required in UK Nottingham

Full time house keeper wanted for live in position in UK Nottingham. Minimum English required. Beautiful house with one child.
Email oemsltd@gmail if interested.
Applicants from Poland will all also be considered
terri 1 | 1,664
3 Jul 2015 #32
...and you will pay 5 pounds an hour....? and ask her to work for 48 hours per week with no holiday or sick pay. Yes, I am sure, that there will be hundreds going for this position.
Edinburgh Guy
4 Jul 2015 #33
Merged: Looking for someone to assist with rubbish removal / price for new roof in Zgorzelec, Poland


I bought a house on the Polish border in Gorlitz and one of my friends advised me to post on here for some help.

I'm looking for someone (man and a van probably) to assist with some rubbish removal between 24th and 27th July.

In addition to this I'm also looking for a price to slate the roof of the house I've bought and also someone who could do a bit garden maintenance.

If anyone can help please contact me by email: storeykittens@gmail and I'll get back to you.

local_fela 17 | 172
6 Jul 2015 #34
Merged: Indoor Wall builder (Wooden wall/ seperation) - Krakow or around


I am looking for a wooden wall and door builder ASAP. I need to do a separation of my living room and my bedroom as well a hallway separation.

The guy who was supposed to do it does not answer the phone anymore. Therefore, I would like to know some people who can do it. Actually it is a house and the work is on the ground floor.

Much appreciated.
Avalon 4 | 1,068
6 Jul 2015 #35
For partition walls its better to use metal studwork (timber can warp). Two layers of 12.5mm plasterboard to each side gives a 1 hour fire rating and 100mm glass fibre insulation between the joists will sort out your sound proofing. If you already have doors and you need to match, check to see if they are already re-bated, as you will need to insert a ready made, metal door lining into the framework.

If you are going to use a door blank, you can get a timber door lining run out at Castorama or Nomi, it should be wide enough to extend 3mm either side of the plasterboard to allow for plastering/architrave or if you are going to tape and joint the plasterboard, you can caulk the joint between architrave and plasterboard.
local_fela 17 | 172
15 Jul 2015 #36
Hi! Yes, I tried that! But as the house is for my parents in law, they are looking for only wooden wall. Unfortunately. I will really appreciate if there is anyone who knows someone and he can do it ASAP. thank you
19 Jul 2015 #37
Merged: Buying fabric (for sewing projects) in Poland

Hello. I am possibly about to relocate to krakow for a couple of years. I have an online business in the UK selling fabric for making clothes, quilts etc. and am wondering if it would be possible to operate my business in Poland (selling to the Polish market). Does anyone know of any online Polish fabric shops, or if indeed sewing is a popular hobby in Poland. Thanks.
InPolska 11 | 1,821
19 Jul 2015 #38
There is fabric at stores like Ikea and Leroy Merlin (wide range and much better than Ikea). As they have portals, you may order but personally I think it would be better to see, to touch the fabric before buying it...
CSAD - | 1
4 Aug 2015 #39
Merged: Survey: Poland Culture information

1. Your full name and age (if you don't mind) :)
2. where are you from in Poland? were you born and raised in Poland?
3. Where are you working / studying currently?
4. what does your everyday lives consist off back in Poland?
5. what is it like Living in Poland? the ambiance? the weather?
6. what sort of habits do you have back in Poland?
7. what do you do during your free time? and weekends?
8. what language do you speak?
9. what kind of food do you eat? spicy? salty? examples of food that you like
10. what is your monthly household expenditure?
11. what is expensive and cheap in Poland?
12. do you have any superstitions, like for us Malaysian Indians, you cant cut your hair on Fridays and things like that. Things that your elders have passed down to you.

13. whats the main religion in Poland?
14. what do you think about the Politics in Poland?
15. do you have any traditional attires? and what kind of celebrations do you celebrate, like Christmas or Easter back in Poland
16. How do you usually travel? if car, is the traffic bad or good?
17. rate the efficiency of public transportation
18. If you're from Warsaw, describe it, from the people to the buildings.
19. are the Polish people generally friendly? welcoming?
20. the project i am doing requires me to do a research on Poland if I would want to open an advertising agency there. so what do you think about advertisements back in Poland?

21. what kind of advertisements do u like to see on the television or on any online sites?
22. what kind of advertisements offend you? or what kind of advertisements arouses your thinking?
23. what kind of products would you buy if you saw it on an advertisements?
zakoinfo 4 | 8
6 Aug 2015 #40
Merged: Road Bike Hire Krakow - rower szosowy wypozyczalnia Krakow / Zakopane


I am looking for somewhere that hires road bikes for a group of about 15 people (the skinny wheeled, professional type) near Krakow or in Zakopane? I have found many bike hire shops but non with road bikes. Please help if anyone knows anywhere!

Looker - | 1,121
6 Aug 2015 #41
I see that there may be very difficult to find road bikes for hire, but maybe try El-Loco and MS in Kraków..
hairymonster - | 1
11 Aug 2015 #42
Merged: Work in and around the Glasgow area - work for a packaging factory

Hi not sure if this is the correct place to be posting but I have work in the Glasgow area, Scotland.

It's temporary work for a packaging factory, but is long term for good workers. IE you would get 24-48+ hours per week ongoing.

I'm a recruitment consultant based in Glasgow city centre. If interested please get in touch.
oxon 4 | 164
11 Aug 2015 #43
Where will these people be staying please if they decide to accept? The hours are not enough to pay for decent accommodation.
26 Aug 2015 #44
Merged: Apartments and Retail Spaces for rent in Wrocław


I'm working for company which has Retail Spaces and Apartments for rent in Wrocław. If someone would look for sort of properties in Wroclaw, please do not hesitate to contact me any time for more information or some useful and free help.

Have a nice day!
+48 882 046 777
Wendel37 - | 1
30 Aug 2015 #45
Merged: Polish builder/Architect and Michanic for Caribbean job opportunities.

I am looking for polish builders and Vehicle michanics to start a firm offering those services. If your an open minded professional who loves to travel please contact me. you will need to be tolerant as this business will be located in the Caribbean.

I am not looking for someone to work for me but a full partner to build something from the ground up
Lawyer Dimarco
20 Sep 2015 #46
Merged: Italian - Polish law firm in Italy

Dear all,

we are an italian law firm that is specialized in assisting polish citizens in Italy. Our main fields of expertize are assistance in real estate purchases, acquisitions of italian companies, debt collection in italy and corporate law.

Our strong point is that we cooperate with an international polish law firm since 2007 and we can offer our service in english and also in polish.

For further informations you can visit our sites:


We hope to be useful for your needs.

Best regards

Adw. Massimo Dimarco
jeden - | 226
20 Sep 2015 #47
As far as polish lawyer ( attorney) this kind of advertisement is banned. :)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
20 Sep 2015 #48
Not really, he's an Italian, not Polish lawyer.
jeden - | 226
20 Sep 2015 #49
But his firm act also in Poland. This kind of advertisment can couse problems for his polish parnter.
Kate Spieg
5 Oct 2015 #50
Merged: £20 to take part in research about your experiences at work

I hope you are well.

The Institute for Employment Studies is carrying out research for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, looking at the working experiences of foreign-born workers during their time in the UK. I am emailing to see if you might be able to distribute this notice (attached) to your contact list to see if anyone might be interested in taking part to talk about their experiences.

The interviews will last around 45 minutes and we are giving a £20 shopping voucher as thanks for the time taken to participate in this research. The interviews will also be completely anonymous and confidential: no individuals will be named in the study.

All the best and we are very grateful for your time,
Kate Spiegelhalter

Kate Spiegelhalter
Research Officer
Institute for Employment Studies
City Gate
185 Dyke Road
Brighton BN3 1TL
United Kingdom
T: +44 (0)1273 763452
F: +44 (0)1273 763401

Merged: £20 for an interview about employment in the UK

If you have worked in any of the following jobs we would love to hear from you!
· manufacture of food products;
· accommodation;
· food and beverage service activities;
· social care;
· computer programming

All the best and many thanks for your time,
Kate Spiegelhalter

Duplicate content deleted
jess1234 - | 2
15 Oct 2015 #51
Merged: Polish interpreter needed in Dallas Area

Hello everyone, I am looking for a Polish interpreter in the Dallas Texas area for a request on November 3, 2015 at 1:00 PM. If anybody is interested and available please send me a message or email me to jess_arguello@hotmail.

Thank you for taking the time to read this
LewisSchool - | 1
19 Oct 2015 #52
Merged: Southampton, UK - Evening English Course starting next week (qualified Polish English teacher)

Hi Guys,

If you're looking for evening English lessons in Southampton you can find out more at

We are an accredited language school in the city centre. If you would prefer lessons from a fluent English speaking, qualified Polish English teacher, that can be arranged. Some argue that understanding the linguistic differences between English and Polish can be advantageous to learners. However, don't expect Zuzka to talk to you in Polish, we are serious teachers using modern methods of teaching.

Our next course begins 27th October at 6pm.

It's a 10-week course priced at £389, lessons are Tuesday and Thursdays (6 - 8:15pm)

If you would like to book your place please contact us at or come in to reception.
Dougpol1 32 | 2,673
19 Oct 2015 #53
Great website. I am extremely impressed by the set-up..
20 Oct 2015 #54
Merged: I am helping Polish students...

Hi there,

I have a few Polish and clients who have spoken to me about letting other Polish people know about my english tuition help- both face to face and online via skype by amazing top british graduate tutors who are lovely and encouraging and brilliant tutors for helping pass exams . I am learning Polish myself and would love to connect with more polish clients- Can anyone recommend how to spread the word perhaps?

Kindest regards


Flat 2 | 228-230 Fulham Road | London | SW10 9NB
0203 732 4387 | 07969 255 865
regencytuition | @regency_tuition
NODUFF 5 | 13
4 Nov 2015 #55
Merged: Re-interest in a closed Polish restaurant in the UK?

The place where i live in the UK had a brilliantly thriving Polish owned bar/restaurant.
Polish people, new to the UK, would come and mingle with UK English-residents.
Everything was brilliant, many barriers were broken, much integration took place, BUT, the place closed down!
Consequently my linguistic skill has dried up somewhat - I'm an Englishman, Yorkshire based and would love to learn more, more about everything, can anyone help, PLEASE?
5 Nov 2015 #56
would love to learn more, more about everything, can anyone help, PLEASE?

Maybe you could post something on this thread which is specifically for those wanting to learn Polish :-

Plus, if you look through the ' Language ' forum, there are many threads there geared to those learning Polish.
8 Nov 2015 #57
Merged: Real estate agent in Poland that does not charge fee from tenant wanted


Does any one know a real estate agent who does not charge fee from tenants. its very urgent. many thanks in advace.
jon357 71 | 20,328
8 Nov 2015 #58
Look on Gumtree Polska, check the box that says 'owner only' and make sure to google the phone number in the ad to make sure it isn't an agent pretending not to be.
8 Nov 2015 #59
"bezposrednio" is key - "direct" i.e. no agent ********!

Refuse to sign anything when they show the property, this is always the commission agreement. They always say "oh its negotiable", which is true. So I say "Okay, let's start at 0% and you can negotiate up" haha doesnt work though..yet ;)

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