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Privacy, Forum Rules, TOS, Disclaimer is operated by Polish Translation, LLC. Forum moderators and contributors are volunteers based in the US, Poland, or other countries; they have been carefully selected by the owners to help enforce the site's acceptable rules and guidelines.


1. All posts must be in English (unless they are related to translations or explanations of the Polish language; or are posted in the Off-Topic forum). You certify that you are 14 years of age or over to be able to read or participate in the forum discussions.

2. Posters should refrain from using abusive or derogatory language (unless it's necessary to explain the language's nuances). Posters who use abusive or derogatory language towards other users may be banned.

3. Posters should avoid discussing religious, racial, or very personal subjects. Admin and moderators have the right to delete or edit posts that relate to religious or personal lives of forum members.

Racial abuse will not be tolerated. Offenders may face a warning, suspension, or prosecution.

4. Intentional hijacking of forum threads is strictly prohibited.

5. Posters should avoid off-topic discussions within topics not related to Poland. Off-topic discussions are defined as "not related to Poland or Polish people in any way."

6. Intentional posting of the same or very similar message by the same user more than once or "bump posts" will be treated as spam and may be deleted.

7. Messages that make no sense and/or are useless will be deleted and the poster of such messages may be suspended or banned without notice.

8. If, from the moderators perspective, the intention of the poster is to ridicule another poster, the offensive post may be removed without warning.

9. Posters (both guests and members) whose over 75% of all posting activity reduces to requesting translations and who do not participate in other discussions will not be treated as full members. In result, their posts may be deleted and their membership suspended without warning.

10. Posters who constantly ignore message subject creation rules may be warned or suspended.

11. Text that is a copy-paste from other online source/s and contain more than 100 direct words may be either deleted or edited. We encourage you to post only original and never published opinions or paraphrase opinions that had already been published.

12. If a post contains a link to an outside source (especially an article), in addition to this link the poster should quote the relevant paragraph from the article (or paraphrase it in his/her own words).

Note: Links unrelated to Poland / Poles / Polish matters may be deactivated by moderators. Posters should refrain from linking to content unrelated to Poland.

13. It's not allowed to use excessive quotes (typically more than 2 quotes per message).

14. Each link to a source written in Polish must include a summary in English (or a translation of 1-4 paragraphs into English).

15. Posts that contain repetitive or futile text, for example: "Hi," "Hello," etc." may be removed without notice.

16. Members who haven't posted any public message within 2 months from the registration date may be removed from the member database.

17. Members who haven't posted any public message within 1 year from their last post may be removed from the member database.

18. Members who have fake or incorrect email in their profiles may be suspended without notice.

19. Duplication or copying of content without our express written permission is a violation of copyrights. Users who do that will be denied access to the site.

20. All messages posted on this site are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster.

21. If you want to close your account, you need to send a private message to Admin/moderator or contact us at info a_t Posts associated with the account cannot be removed, but they may be edited at your request if they contain personally identifiable information.

22. You agree not to hold PolishForums, its affiliates, or its members liable for anything stated within the forums. Our moderating team does our best to keep the discussions civil; neverthelless, we are not always able to proactively prevent abusive or personally-identifiable messages from appearing in public.

NOTE: It is possible for Admin and moderators to determine which username/s the poster has used when submitting a message as Username [Guest]. One person is allowed to use only one username when posting to our forums or else s/he will be in violation of this terms of use.

Admin and moderators have the right to edit or delete user posts and their accounts (at their discretion) without a warning or notice if they don't meet the above rules.

For more information and tips about forum rules and technical questions check the FAQ & Feedback section.


Polish Forums respect your privacy. All information you provide us with is completely confidential. We will not resell, or trade your information with any other parties.

We do not collect any personally identifiable offline contact information.

We will not use any outside company to display targeted advertisements based on your personal information. From time to time (up to two times a year) we may contact selected members by email to inform them about the status of their membership and offer new services.

Admin and all moderators of Polish Forums who have access to your account information are required to keep the information strictly confidential and are not permitted to use it for any other purpose than to ensure that the Polish Forums website meets the highest standards and follows social norms.

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Once a message is posted, the following information is collected:

- Public IP address of the poster,

- Username (chosen freely by the poster; it cannot be an email address),

- Password (applies to registered members; a randomly-generated password is sent when user registers; password is anonymized so that it is not possible for administrators and moderators to view it),

- Login cookie (expires on logout),

- Page layout preferences (saved in user's local browser only).

Email and Password may be edited by the member at any time. The change takes effect immediately and we don't store a copy of the previously used emails or passwords.

III. SECURITY has adequate security measures to protect against misuse, alteration, and loss of your information or forum messages. In order to make sure that other posters do not use your name or nick name in their posts, you are strongly encouraged to sign up for a free account. Members can also edit their preferences and subscribe to any topic; this allows them to receive other posters' replies to their personal email account.


Only Admin and assigned moderators have the ability to delete or edit posts that they deem to be inappropriate. A member can edit his/her own post within less than an hour after making the post, but he or she cannot delete it completely.

IMPORTANT: As soon as a message is placed in any of the forum system, you are granting a full soft license to the site to use it at its own discretion. You understand that any possible request to delete or edit a post is in the sole discretion of the Polish Forums administrators. In most cases, however, unless the message contains personal information, such requests will be denied.


Polish Forums administrator and moderators have the right to ban or remove without warning a guest poster or member who has breached group ettiquette and/or has posted a message that does not meet social norms (that includes vulgar or nude pictures or videos). Offenders may contact info a_t if they cannot post or have problems with accessing the site.


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You may opt out of the use of the DART cookie by visiting the Google ad and content network privacy policy at Following the GDPR laws, members of EU countries do not have personalized ads served.


All our Privacy Policy changes will be posted on this web page.