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A similar expression in Polish?
2 - Entirely possible, although I'm not a native speaker....

Languageneelie - 2 days agoLyzko - 1 day ago
Prime example how blatant Vatican`s propaganda of Vatican News perverts words of Pope John Paul II
Vehicle export from Poland
Paholak surname
lynski or linski - last name spelling
Polish-speaking government (so, not of Poland) hurry to join in Drang Nach Osten against Slavic civilization
Is it possible to find old marriage registrations in Poland?
2 - Find old marriage registers of my grandparents in Poland...

GenealogyDianna - 23 Apr 2024Dianna - 23 Apr 2024
Electrical regulations in poland
Brits in and around Tarnow
Obi-Wan Kenobi has his own street in Poland
Books/gifts in Polish about Australia that I can purchase in Sydney?
Expats & Rentals in Poland: Sharing Experiences!
Local elections in Poland serve as an evaluative tool for the Tusk administration's performance
Can I get polish insurance for motorcycle on british driving licence full A
Standard Polish-Standard Belarusian "trasianka"
Solar energy in Polan - solar panel / battery / inverter prices
How to obtain a 2nd Polish passport booklet
Where Does FamilySearch Find Their Documents?
Krolikowski of Kalisz and Wladyslawow
Confirmation of citizenship - recent waiting time?
Asset integrity/ asset management jobs in Poland
Tax between Poland and Aus
Brzyska, Galicia knowledge of surnames Reczek, Stachaczynski, Maguda or Wegrzyn
Are There Requirements For Keeping a Polish Permanent Residency?
2 - Good question, I hope we can find out...

Lawjclhol - 3 Mar 2024Robin1988 - 9 Mar 2024
Mandat Karny & Criminal Record
2 - It's just an administrative penalty and nothing to worry about....

LawBandoper - 2 Mar 2024jon357 - 2 Mar 2024
Finding local football in Gdansk / Tricity
Buying restaurant - check conformity
UK Car in Poland
Registering marriage/new passport nightmare
Lugii and last name Długosz
Opening IKE account in DM BOŚ
I am not a Polish resident. I live in the UK. I want to buy a car in Poland to use in Poland and Europe
Travel to Poland - The Eastern Border from Bialystok to Zab
What is hardest with being a landlord in Poland?
Expectations of Godparent in Poland
Junosza - My Genealogical Search
Opole Voivodeship - opinions and experiences
Succession/inheritance in Poland
Changed last name from Paprocki to Fern sometime after naturalization
Dual, double, multiple, parallel language interface display options for digital devices and software
Searching for lost ancestors / information
food with VAVAVOOM
TRC/PR processing time acter decision signed
Pracować jako ratownik medyczne w Polsce
Pfizer is suing Poland over vaccines. This is how we got here​
Searching for running businesses on sale
2 - Have you received my private mail in this regard?...

WorkSweStockholm - 20 Nov 2023Lyzko - 21 Nov 2023
Recommendations for lawyers/companies to process citizenship by descent (better if in US)
Advertise on property prices and how to...
Should I do schooling here with a dual citizenship?
University of Economics & Human Sciences, Warsaw
What are the current energy prices for 1 average family in Poland today?
Foundation - Underpinning
Trying to locate my late grandfathers WW2 medals
Hetman Stanislaw Jan Jablonowski and Marianna Kazanowska
Looking for Relatives - Surname Gelber
Can you change your name in Poland without a citizenship?
Possible Visa Problem Due to VAT Refund
2 - It will be fine - they have better things to do than lose sleep about that...

LawFlynns17 - 11 Jul 2023cms neuf - 11 Jul 2023
Polish marriage to a Moroccan
2 - Did you receive the private mail I sent you several days ago?...

LoveBus98 - 4 Jul 2023Lyzko - 6 Jul 2023
Need some help with Pinsk, Paryduby and Andrychow locations
Citizenship through the courts and timeline