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Are girls aggrassive to chase men in Poland?
NEW - Because I read somewhere, Poland has more girls than men, and if this guy is very good looking and...

LoveMagdalena_K - 16:25
Any help appreciated to connect with my Sulikowski heritage
NEW - I am searching for any information about my Great Grandfather Adam Sulikowski born 1872 in Temne, Stepan, Kostopol to...

Genealogyfiatlux1 - 17 Feb 2017
Documents for University Application in Poland - "The record of a didactic process..."
NEW - Hi :) I'm going to apply for the Wroclaw University of Economics soon and one of the required documents...

StudyPolskirod - 7 Feb 2017
Jobs for Polish nationals in India
NEW - Hello, I am an Indian staying and working in Poland in a renowned IT company here. I am planning...

Poloniabsoumya62 - 31 Jan 2017
Looking for Nestor, Zurawel, Worobec, Atamanczuk in Galicia Poland
NEW - Looking for family with these names. I've done DNA and can match via GedMatch ID. Ruthenian/Rusyn/Lemko's. Nestor...

GenealogyKataryna - 19 Jan 2017
Hypocrisy, finagling and foot-in-mouth disease of Poland's "noble" opposition
NEW - **The absolute leader in the gaffe department is Romanian-surnamed MP Ryszard Petru. At the height of the Constitutional...

NewsPolonius3 - 17 Jan 2017