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Should I do schooling here with a dual citizenship?
University of Economics & Human Sciences, Warsaw
What are the current energy prices for 1 average family in Poland today?
Foundation - Underpinning
Trying to locate my late grandfathers WW2 medals
Hetman Stanislaw Jan Jablonowski and Marianna Kazanowska
Looking for Relatives - Surname Gelber
Can you change your name in Poland without a citizenship?
Possible Visa Problem Due to VAT Refund
2 - It will be fine - they have better things to do than lose sleep about that...

LawFlynns17 - 11 Jul 2023cms neuf - 11 Jul 2023
Polish marriage to a Moroccan
2 - Did you receive the private mail I sent you several days ago?...

LoveBus98 - 4 Jul 2023Lyzko - 6 Jul 2023
Need some help with Pinsk, Paryduby and Andrychow locations
Citizenship through the courts and timeline
Has anyone bought images from getallstock for a project on images, ads...
Dual Citizenship Help; when my dad emigrated to the United States, he changed his name
2 - It might complicate things so just use your mothers papers....

USA, CanadaDualpole - 26 Jun 2023Cargo pants - 26 Jun 2023
Assistance with Locating a Town in Galicia
Local Lodz flower shop where I can buy and send flowers to my girlfriend from abroad
2 - Use Interflora.

Lovetraveller666 - 6 Jun 2023Atch - 6 Jun 2023
How does Poland decide that you're a resident for tax purposes?
Looking for children of Karol PETER and Teresa (nee WOLF) PETER.
Unmedicated home birth in Poland?
Seeking your insight for my rental situation
How to obtain a driving licence. Can I use my own vehicle for a car test here in Poland?
Białowieża on the ground
Ways to find someone in Poland you lost contact with?
2 - You can place an ad in the local newspaper...

LifeLondoner - 1 May 2023Alien - 1 May 2023
Rejecting inheritance on behalf of my daughter
Polish TV in Chicago
Property Sale Tax
2 - Where overseas exactly, stokrotka? Rules may vary, especially on tax related issues....

Real Estatestokrotka888 - 2 Apr 2023Lyzko - 2 Apr 2023
Car registration for foreigners - can I authorise my friend to do the paperwork for me?
19th century Polish estates in Galicia - inventories including corvee
Leaving Poland while TRC processes?
Szeptunka Greek Catholic???
Anyone live near Czestoborowice?
Single certificate from Poland
Making connections with surnames Zmurkow & Fenske to my ancestry (HENRIETTA FENSKE Approx 1870-1906ish)
Finding my Great-g-g-Grandmother Bieszczak
LG Energy Solution factory in Wrocław?
Need help translating old Gwardia Warszawa articles
2 - Hey, please drop me an email, I'll take a look at these articles and see what we can do...

LanguageVaresin73 - 1 Jan 2023LonelyPoland - 10 Feb 2023
College Subscription information to resume education in Poland
Traveling with the stamp for karta pobytu
Property Register and who registered at a property in Poland
Trying to find out about my Grandfather (Kitzmann)
Researching The Polish Armed Forces in the East (Polskie Siły Zbrojne na Wschodzie)
Polish tax situation when working for a British company.
Delivery Job In Wroclaw
Stance of Slavs in Poland on the news of assassination of former Japanese PM Shinzo Abe ?
Selling car after operational leasing
Selling sp. z o.o. (Private limited company) in Poland
Football Match schedule and ticket website in Poland
Where to Apply for Citizenship Confirmation within Poland?
Poles in the RAF.
2 - Wonderful that the Royal Air Force museum is honouring them on their website....

HistoryMiloslaw - 29 May 2022jon357 - 29 May 2022
Divorce of foreigners & desertion
Polish castle to be demolished?
Problem z otrzymaniem dokumentu z Polski
Any medical Conference in Poland for medical students?
Polish citizenship by descent - Great-grandfather left after the 1920 citizenship law but before 1921 census?
Rental contract without a termination clause
Whats the difference between naprawdę?, doprawdy?, and ach tak?
Ownership of Land 1890
2 - Could this be true? Could ordinary citizens own land, or were they all just serfs to the Czar? Yes,...

GenealogyAntosBlak1955 - 14 Mar 2022Cojestdocholery - 14 Mar 2022
Polish flashcards?
Szeliga-Socinski Ancestors
Joining Polish Army and Citizenship