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2 - @Zabka702 It will be impossible to set things up the way you want....

WorkZabka702 - 9 Aug 2021PolAmKrakow - 10 Aug 2021
Sentimental values considered by Poles when moving into a new rental home
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Huthsteiner/Hutstein in Warsaw ~1763
If you get a job and are on unemployment medical care or nfz
Summer youth soccer near Lodz
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Searching for Holowiecho / Holomido / Holoweco
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Chocolate Bread Dessert
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Tenis ziemny
Wildlife photography tips in surrounds (within 1hr from Krakow?)
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Expats in small towns in Poland?
Searching for long lost relatives. Joseph Wojtus born in Jaroslaw Poland, wife Anna Horbacz
Non EU WP holder (national D visa) and quarantine laws?
Early termination of the contract for internet in Poland
Marital abandonment laws in Poland
Shipping regularly small parcels from Poland
2 - poczta polska cheap good...

LifeADP1818 - 24 Aug 2020dupek999 - 27 Aug 2020
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