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Looking for Decendants of Antoni Radziwanowski (Born approximately 1861) in Przerosl(?).
NEW - I am trying to find my relatives who may have lived in the Przerosl area in the late 1800s....

GenealogyRadziwanowski - 02:40
English Pre-marital courses in Krakow
NEW - Hello, I am getting married this summer with my Polish fiancee and I am still struggling to find...

LoveMMR21 - Yesterday
Looking for Nestor, Zurawel, Worobec, Atamanczuk in Galicia Poland
NEW - Looking for family with these names. I've done DNA and can match via GedMatch ID. Ruthenian/Rusyn/Lemko's. Nestor...

GenealogyKataryna - 19 Jan 2017
How much is a good salary for a manager at software company in Poland?
NEW - Hi guys, This is my first post at Polish Forums. I hope it will be a long membership in...

Workrush7 - 18 Jan 2017
Hypocrisy, finagling and foot-in-mouth disease of Poland's "noble " opposition
NEW - **The absolute leader in the gaffe department is Romanian-surnamed MP Ryszard Petru. At the height of the Constitutional...

NewsPolonius3 - 17 Jan 2017
Polish tattoo artist in Adelaide, Australia
NEW - Hello, I am seeking to get my mother's family name Sieniszkiewicz tattooed. Can anyone recommend or know of a...

AustraliaQuu - 12 Jan 2017
How to check stamping slots for Polish Embassy in India ?
NEW - I am looking for any information on getting stamping slots for visiting Poland on a national work visa. Please...

Lawpragyaa19 - 3 Jan 2017
Best Emerging Polish Artists of 2016
NEW - Merry Xmas and a happy new year to you all. As we close the year I thought it'd...

Lifejacekkaminski91 - 22 Dec 2016
Staffordshire University Research: How Do Secondary Schools Communicate With Eastern European Migrant Parents?
NEW - I am a PhD researcher at Staffordshire University and I need your help with my research. Do you, members...

UK, IrelandPhD Researcher - 19 Nov 2016