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Making connections with surnames Zmurkow & Fenske to my ancestry (HENRIETTA FENSKE Approx 1870-1906ish)

3 Feb 2023 #1
Hello everyone! It has been sometime since I have posted on the forums, to refresh readers memory I will post the links to my others post below :)

I am trying to link my 2nd great grandmother Henrietta Agathe Fenske to her spouse and children and find info/photos/stories as she has been a dead end for sometime!

My paternal great grandmothers surname is Lentz, possibly a German born in likely Russia in 1893 and passed in Toronto Ontario, Canada. I have hit a wall in finding concrete info linking her to her parents and full siblings. My great grandmothers name is Mathilde Lenz/Matilde Lentz born in 1893. Her parents are said to be Wilhelm Lentz/Lenz and Henrietta Fenske. Henrietta passed a little younger and never came to Canada, but William remarried and went on to have more children and moving to Canada. Sadly I can not find any info linking Mathilde to any of her siblings or half siblings nor to her parents. I also can not find any info on Henrietta Fenske, whos other listed name was likely Agata/Agathe. I think I am missing info somewhere or something strange has occurred that I am just not seeing so I hope someone here can help me! Records can be all over the place considered how poorly records were kept, how easy it was to lie or misunderstand or even just forget info. So what I am hoping is with info I provide here someone can give me some advice and direction to find the info I need to piece this part of my ancestry together.

Mathilde (Matilda/Matilde) Lentz (Lenz) 1893-1947
Her mother - Henrietta (Henriette? Agathe/Agata?) Fenske born around 1870 and passed around 1905-6?
Her father - Wilhelm Gustav Friedrich Lentz (William Lentz/Lenz?) born 1869 and passed in 1962

I have a DNA match on ancestry with someone who had a Fenske in their tree but I think over time people have began adding Henriettas info without proof of anything so more pops but but I do not trust it. The one match, 5th or 6th cousin, lives in Poland with the surname Zmurkow. She is around the same age as me, late 30s. So the names I am able to see could possibly be her grandparents. Alicja Fenske born 1932 and Jerzy Zmurkow born 1931... Both born and passed in Poland.

Wilhelm was is said to have been born in Poland, I believe thats what his death certificate said but again I can not speak for the accuracy of the document.

What I hope to gain here is ant advice or tips to help piece this together and help with some direction and knowledge to better put this all together in terms of names, spellings, possibilities to consider and anything else that may help!

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7 Jun 2023 #2

HENRIETTA AGATHE/AGATA FENSKE - Need help researching 2nd great grandmother!

Hello everyone, I'm new here and posting in hopes of getting some help researching my 2nd great grandmother Henrietta Fenske. I have little to no information she even existed and have exhausted all websites such as Ancestry, family search along with many other websites, but it's difficult to navigate some when I have so little to go on and am missing some information. I feel I'm missing something or some knowledge I haven't learned yet of European history. I'm familiar with the border changes of the past along with other history but am still learning and hope someone can help me get past this brick wall! I continuously make efforts to educate myself to better help my research but it seems I'm a little lost and am missing something here.

Below are the details I know.

Any and all information, tips, resources and advice to help me over this wall are greatly appreciated!

Henrietta Agathe/Agata Fenske (B. 1870 D. 1906)
She likely passes away in Poland and was born in Germany but I've yet to confirm that along with how she passed so young.

I've found no record of her marriage to Wilhelm or birth of any of her children in Europe that I can confidently say are accurate nor do I know specifically where she was born or where she passed. All I have is Mathildes confirmation in Germany I think, that is the only accurate record I have in Germany with her name.

Henrietta is seen in Canadian marriage records of a couple of her kids with one she's listed as Agata.


Husband :
Wilhelm Lentz (B. 1869 D. 1946 in Alberta Canada.

Also his name has been posted on Ancestry and such as Wilhelm Friedrich Gustav Lentz but I have some reservations about the name and the order.

His death certificate says he was born in Poland but I assume given his DOB this was not Poland at the time of his birth.


Children :
Ludwig Louis
Otto (said to have passed at 2 years old)
Possibly stillborn

Mathilde, Ludwig, Heinrich and Emilie all came to Canada but no records connecting Mathilde with her father Wilhelm.

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