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Polish tax situation when working for a British company.

10 Aug 2022 #1
Hi all,

I currently work remotely here in the UK on a 30 hour contract earning just under £30k per annum. My job is fully remote and is for a British university. I work very odd hours as I mainly work on Beijing time rather than UK time.

I am looking to relocate to Poland to be closer to an old flame who I have recently hooked back up with. If that doesn't work out, a few months in a different country with new things to do won't be the end of the world, and my UK salary will go a lot further in Poland given the current cost of living difficulties.

My question is mainly to do with taxes and paperwork.
Essentially, how does it work with taxes?
I am currently paying PAYE here in the UK. My employer is fine with people working abroad. One is in Korea with his Korean wife and is on the books as working abroad, and a couple live full-time in Spain, but still pay UK PAYE. My salary (gross) works out at about 13.5k PLN per month which I know is decent by Polish standards.

I suppose I could stay on the UK's PAYE system, but I am guessing that is illegal and would rather not break any rules if possible.

I am an Irish citizen so the right to work is fine.
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11 Aug 2022 #2
You will have to pay Polish tax if you are here for mor than 180 days. There are Polish tax calculators online but you will have 8000 to 9000 net.

A few tax consulting firms have spring up in Poland concentrating in this mobile work thing and might be worth a few quid for you to investigate and get a proper answer

Chances of the Polish tax authorities catching up with you are very low - they have a huge backlog of work and have been on strike plus now dealing with a huge and disastrous overhaul of the tax system which means they never pick up the phone to call you.

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