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Finding my Great-g-g-Grandmother Bieszczak

OdrowazP 8 | 40
17 Jan 2023 #1
I need help finding my Great-great-great-Grandmother. Born before 1880, she lived at point in Lesser Poland, married to Jan Bieszczak. Her maiden-name is not known. She has at least two children, my Great-great-Grandmother Maria Pękalski (nee Bieszczak) and her brother Leon (John) Bieszczak. Her two children did go to America, but she and her husband Jan remained in Poland. The only other thing I know about her from my Grandfather is that she was a healer, szeptunka I think he meant, which might mean she was Orthodox, while my Pękalski/Penkalski side of the family is Catholic. I even tried to use with different spelling variants, but cannot seem to find any woman married to Jan Bieszczak, mother to Maria and Leon, getting hits for Maria with a father Jan and mother Katarzyna or Teresa, but no Leon to confirm. Can anyone here help?

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