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10 Jan 2017 #181
Merged: Apartment to rent at Saska Kępa in Warsaw - 40m2

One of the nicest locations in Warsaw - the Saska Kepa Londynska St. A 39 sq.m flat - fully furnished and equipped offered for rent. It consists of one large room , hall,big kitchen /dining which can serve as a daily small living room , bathroom . The flat has undergone renovation and modernization.It is situated on II nd floor in a small III storey house.Old green and very civillised area around : shops ,cafes and pubs - walking distance to Francuska St.,the high street of Saska Kepa with its numerous restaurants and bars. National Stadium nearby - trams and buses go frequently to downtown and university area.The flat is fully equipped - one can move in with just a suitcase ...internet-fast connection wi-fi , TV set , stationary phone.To be

rented for not less than 6 months.Price PLN 2.200-- per month with all utility costs included.Can be rented as from 05 Jan.2017 .Suitable best for

a single resident or max.two people/couple Marek at 00 48 602 538 323. Send me a message for photos at
11 Jan 2017 #182
Merged: Programming job in Cornwall UK

If you know someone looking for a programming job then please forward this link. Job in based in south west of UK. Requires high level of Python programming.
12 Jan 2017 #183
Merged: Polish teacher sought in Hertfordshire

I'm looking for an experienced Polish teacher for my son aged 8 who is a beginner. Either one-to-one tuition in our home or nearby group classes. We live in Hatfield,

best wishes,
VasilK 1 | 4
21 Jan 2017 #184
Merged: Open positions: Supply Chain & Data Specialist with German - in Warsaw, Poland

Do you have a background in logistics, production or economy? OR
Do you have a great command of German and English?

Would you like to join a growing international supply chain hub in the Warsaw downtown?
We have two offers, depending from your qualification:,oferta,5049960,oferta,5058370

I can recommend your CV directly to our HR manager and we'll contact you if appropriately.
Please share your CV at vasil.krstevski (at) gmail

Let me know if you have any questions!
ed77 - | 1
18 Feb 2017 #185
Merged: Handball in London

Hi there,

I am a handball coach at London GD men's team , first division in England.
Are you interested to play in first / second division or junior teams , men and women ? You are welcome.
Please contact me at panaeduard@yahoo or 07703 194689 .

19 Feb 2017 #186
Merged: Live in pub, B&B staff in Cambridgeshire wanted. Couple preferred

Hello. We are looking for a couple to manage our village pub and B&B in Cambridgeshire.
The pub /B&B is located in quiet village in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.
The duty includes
Cash handling,
Serving alcohol
Cleaning the rooms
Simple cooking etc

Live in accommodation available
Couple preferred

Experience in pub would be good

Please send your cv to fusaehagiwara@hotmail

Thank you
nicholas_carlo 1 | 2
25 Feb 2017 #187
Merged: Flat to Rent in Targówek, Warsaw

Next week I'm moving out of a two-bed flat in Targówek, Warsaw. The landlady has been nice so I offered to mention it here to help her find another tenant. The rent is 1650 zl / month + bills (190-300). Refurbished kamenica near Toruńska train station. 50m2. As I say, the landlady is no-fuss and hasn't minded letting to foreigners. If anyone's looking for a place in Warsaw, I can recommend it.
jon357 71 | 20,328
25 Feb 2017 #188
Sounds a fairly good deal and that area is actually ok to live in. Also a good landlady is a big plus.
SpamminEagles - | 1
3 Mar 2017 #189
Merged: Recruiting students interested in learning C++ programming

I'm Daniel and my goal is to find other people who want to learn C++. The idea is, that in a group even if we are beginners it'll be way easier to learn programming, than having hard times - alone. You don't have to be experienced with programming languages, but you have to be at least 16 years old (student), who can speak English well enough to communicate with others. I'm looking for people all across Central-EU, in order to gather a group of (about) six to ten people (don't think it's easy). If you're interested please contact me. Thank you.
8 Mar 2017 #190
Merged: Hey, where can I get electronic products (pallets) in Warsaw? (or Bialystok)

Hey, I'm starting my small buy/sell business and would like to find a decent supplier of A,B or C pallets (also interested in MIX) in Warsaw or in Białystok. Could anybody direct me? Appreciate for any kinda of help!
15 Mar 2017 #191
Is it a contracting job or regular employment (in Poland it's a tricky situation and very few programmers qualify to work as regular employers).
30 Mar 2017 #192
Merged: I Need Polish BEERS in Sheffield.... from someone who is AWRS registered.

I wish to regularly buy from someone who is Registered with HMRC and has AWRS Reference number.
My email is Jabboy@gmail.
Please get in touch.
Entire Houze
5 Apr 2017 #193

Looking for a Driver in construction company - NW London

we're construction company based in North West London and we're looking for a Driver. The main role is pending between our office and our construction sites. We need someone with previous experience in construction - need your help on construction sites, someone who is reliable. Also someone who is already in London or UK.

Must have: UK Driving licence, NI number, visa/passport
We will pay £7ph + taxes. Working hours are Monday - Friday 8am to 6pm.
Because of insurance for this job position we need someone who is 28 years old or older.
Please if you are interested or if you would like to get more information, please add comment with your contact details and we will get back to you shortly. Many thanks

Kind Regards,
Paladine 3 | 29
6 Apr 2017 #194
Certified Copy - English speaking solicitor/lawyer needed in Lodz, Poland

I need to have a copy of my passport certified by a solicitor/lawyer (it doesn't need to be translated, only certified). I am not sure if there is a special type of Lawyer I need to find or is this something a notary can do?

I am based in Lodz and need to do this urgently so if anyone can offer help or suggestions I would very much appreciate it.

The Lawyer must be able to speak and understand English as my passport is in English (and I don't speak Polish).

6 Apr 2017 #195
Merged: Polish band for an annual carnival based in West London


I am one of the organisers of a carnival based in West London, which is held annually and attracts between 5,000-7,000 people.. To reflect the diverse community which attends the carnival, we are looking to have a couple of Polish bands take to the main stage. If you know of a Polish band, who would be able to entertain a diverse crowd of people, ideally local to London, please can you ask them to get in touch. They can write to me at
19 Apr 2017 #196
Merged: Looking for English teacher in Poland

I'm looking for an English/Polish speaking person to help me translate and work in Poland!

Please send me some information

Bryce Korzenowski
Blackwolf1 - | 2
19 Apr 2017 #197

I'm looking for help work building my business in Poland English/Polish speaking a must

I'm looking for help work building my business in Poland English/Polish speaking a must

I have a health and wellness company and I am looking to expand more into an already existing market in Poland.

I'm looking for energetic individuals, that ate able to be coached, personable, and open to great growth with work!

There is lots of room for growth and advancement!!

Must be fluent in Polish and English!

Thanks And please email me!

Bryce Korzenowski
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
19 Apr 2017 #198
I'm looking for energetic individuals, that ate able to be coached, personable, and open to great growth with work!

MLM scam, I assume. It's exactly the language used by these scammers.
23 Apr 2017 #199
Merged: Polish DJs or presenters in London needed

A new radio station with good reach to a Polish community has started and is currently looking for DJs and presenters to come and play Polish music live on air. The shows are 2 hours long and are peformed live from the radio studio in West London.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to londonsygnal@gmail
5 May 2017 #200
Merged: Medical device Regulatory writing services | EU, FDA Regulations

Finding the Regulatory affairs consulting for medical devices and IVD (In vitro Diagnostics) ?
5 May 2017 #201

Medical device Regulatory writing services | EU, FDA Regulations

Looking for the Regulatory affairs consulting for medical devices and IVD (In vitro Diagnostics) ?

Contact us:
US/Canada: +1-972-502-9262
UK: +44-1143520021
India: +91-8754446690
Iyke - | 1
9 May 2017 #202
Merged: Children's summer football camps in Wroclaw

We spend our summers in Poland ande we are looking for a football summer camp for my 11 year old son within Wroclaw. It seems most clubs travel out of the city for camps. We are looking for a camp this summer 2017 anytime between end of July and start of september.
vince - | 1
11 May 2017 #203
Merged: Looking for Tax Consultant in Rzeszów

Hi there,

I'm looking at getting advice on setting up business and related tax and ZUS payments here in Poland.
I am self-employed.

Looking for English speaking Tax Consultants in Rzeszów to gain a better understanding of all the options. It all seems quite complicated... such are taxes I guess.

Looking for a long term agency that can help with accounting too.

Any recommendations? Happy to answer any questions.
gaston909 3 | 10
11 May 2017 #204
Merged: Programmers/local freelance portals in Poland Wanted

I am looking for programmers living in Poland, preferably Krakow but not essential.

Does anyone know if there are any polish freelance portals for programmers or have any other suggestions how I might meet some.

Thanks for the help.

Harry84 1 | 80
11 May 2017 #205
polish freelance

hi, are you looking for Candidate for your company ? for which profile ?

13 May 2017 #206
Merged: Can anyone recommend a good bioenergotherapist, szeptunek or znachor in Poland or Ukraine?

I know most are scam artists there just to rip you off, but If anyone has been to a decent one then I'd love some contact details! Either in Poland or Ukraine. Thanks!
Bristols - | 13
15 May 2017 #207
Merged: Polish speaking builder in Bristol

If you want a Polish speaking builder in Bristol I can suggest this guy Vincent Coote, he is a good builder and sprachs Polish. He also tarmacs your drive, tells fortunes and sells lucky heather
hohol - | 1
16 May 2017 #208
Merged: touring business in Poland

I from ukraine can serv tourists in sri lanka. Speak pol., engl. +380503436550
22 May 2017 #209
Merged: [Search for Korean teacher who is native Polish]

My company, located in poland, is planning to launch Korean language service in Poland.
It would be ON LINE service and it would be served in Polish language.

If you are or know someone who can teach Korean language, please let me know.
I will give you more information by email

Hope your interest.


E MAIL...tristancho64@gmail
monetaint - | 1
23 May 2017 #210
Merged: Moneta developers - Poland

A young international Fintech start-up opening a branch in Warsaw and seeking talents:

C# / .NET Junior developer
· BS degree in Computer Science / Computer Science College (.Net developers)
· Experience with C# / .NET developing
· Experience / Knowledge in working with MS-SQL databases (Entity framework / LINQ) is an advantage
· Experience / Knowledge in WEB Services (SOA)
· Experience / Knowledge in client side technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, AngularJS is an advantage
· Experience in cloud services: Amazon, Azure is an advantage

Front end Junior developer:
· BS degree in Computer Science / Computer Science College (Web developers)
· Experience / Knowledge in client side technologies: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX
· Experience / Knowledge in AngularJS
· Experience / Knowledge in AngularJS 2.0 is an advantage
· Experience / Knowledge in RWD (responsive-web-design) and SPA (single page application) is an advantage
· Experience / Knowledge in hybrid mobile app (Cordova / PhoneGap) is an advantage
· Experience in writing optimal code for SEO and load time is an advantage

CV sent to

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