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Where to buy Polish Beer wholesale in UK?

29 Jul 2015 #31
Hi I need a supplier any beer from polish beer to Belgium and uk beer I can buy full loads get in touch with me on 07761948798
11 Sep 2015 #32
Polish beer with a good offer flexible conditions.
deliveries of container
Please call or write.
We speak in Polish.
marcusfrex - | 2
12 Sep 2015 #33
Best Drinks Ltd
Polish beers wholesale in London
Please contact with me
15 Sep 2015 #34
can you please email me price list of polish beer and other beers that you may have. Ideally looking for pallet of cans.

Approx 2 pallets every week - only ordering 2 at time due to less storage space.

Hope to get some response at earliest.

trade beer hotmail
10 Dec 2015 #35
Hello all,

If you are looking for quality and honest polish craft beer supplier, please give us a call.
We are leading craft beer wholesaler in Poland, looking for business partners in UK.

There is 100's of different craft beers available all the time.

We do only wholesale.

We ship straight from Poland.

Please visit our site, and check craft beers offer: You can call us on: +48 796 856 888

Also, we have drinking honey available.

Polish craft beer wholesale. We ship straight from Poland.
yorkshirekhan - | 3
28 Dec 2015 #36
Hi can any one supply me polish and other beers like fosters carling etc , i need best prices , yorkshirebeerltd@

Please contact me with best prices
kisan4ik - | 2
29 Dec 2015 #37
Hi, are you selling Polish beer in the UK? I'm interested in buying large quantities. Cheers


29 Dec 2015 #38
Hi can any one supply me polish and other beers like fosters carling etc , i need best prices

I'm told there's something called VIP that retails at 1.49zl for a half litre can (about 25p). Would that suit you?
yorkshirekhan - | 3
30 Dec 2015 #39
hi harry , i need full cases 500ml 24 cans can you supply

can any one get any other polish beers
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
30 Dec 2015 #40
hi harry , i need full cases 500ml 24 cans can you supply

I'll pass you the details of the Warsaw distributor. Have you got an e-mail address I can contact you on? The Warsaw distributor goes through a considerable amount of stock on a weekly basis, so I'm sure you'll be in safe hands with him.
yorkshirekhan - | 3
31 Dec 2015 #41
hi delphiandomine yes i have , you can contact me. Thanks i really appreciate that
beerwholesale - | 1
4 Jan 2016 #42
Hi Delphiadomine - I am looking for supply of polish beers. can you please get me in touch with warsaw distributor.

Really appreciate your help with this.

Thanks a ton
Koffeeholic - | 1
22 Jan 2016 #43
Hello monika.p. What beer you can sell? I speak Polish
11 Feb 2016 #44

We are a belgian company and we are looking polish beer for our business partner in UK.

Currently, we are looking for beer, more specifically :
The product: Tyskie, Zywiec or Lech beer, in can - 50 cl per can
Quantity: one full truck loaded (FTL) specify how many trays you can load !

You can contact me by email : or phone : 0032 484 680 104
Polishexport - | 1
19 Feb 2016 #45
Flesch Polska Ltd is one of the biggest distributors and exporters of Polish beers, softdrinks, jams, sauces etc. Our offer includes over 1300 Polish products. We are reliable trade partner with a long history on both Polish and internation markets. At present we are looking for new importers (wholesalers, distributors, shop owners) in UK. If you are interested in getting detailed offer, please get in touch with me on my e-mail.

Labrador 2 | 50
23 Feb 2016 #46

Isn't there an option to order them straight from Poland ?

partizanuk - | 1
24 Feb 2016 #47
Hi . i looking people who delivered polish beer direct from Poland.
Send me price list to my email sergkost25@gmail
Thanks. Hi Agata. Send me please price at all polish beer. Thanks wait you answer. sergkost25 gmail
robaczek1967 - | 1
26 Feb 2016 #48
HI anyone looking for polish beer please contact me at lukas_gayda@yahoo
25 Apr 2016 #49
Hi, Im looking for polish beer here is my order list:
Tyski x1 pallet
Warka x1 pallet
zywiec x1 pallet
If you can provide this delivered to London, Please contact me on:
I am a regular buyer and can buy upto 5 pallet/month if the price is right, I can pay you by cash.
gajosz - | 1
6 May 2016 #50
I'm running a polish pub and looking for a supplier of polish beer.
Please advise me where to buy polish beer.
my phone number 07713499396
Kedy 303
7 Jun 2016 #51
Hi I am looking to buy polish beer in large quantity (in pallets)
Lech,zywiec,Tyskie,ockosim,debowe,warka,Tennent,superskol,Zubr,Oranjeboom in cans and also in bottles.
Whole sale beer
9 Jun 2016 #52
Anyone looking for beers
9 Jun 2016 #53
Apparently there is a Polish company that owned one of the first polish shops in the UK, that now import Polish goods and supply most of the Polish shops you see on the high street. i don't know the name of the company, but by just typing "polish shop wholesaler uk" into Google I got a list of several importers/distributors - try these.
Rv786 - | 1
18 Jun 2016 #54
Hi everyone, I am intrested in buying polish beer wine and english beer , can anyone contact me if they supply , on 07842668270, thanks

Hi anyone need polish beer or english and wines get in touch I can supply full loads best prices
9 Jul 2016 #55
Looking for supply in Somerset of Polish beers.
AdrianS - | 2
28 Jul 2016 #56
Call me +48607507902 AS Distribution polish beer distribution in Poland :) call me !

AS distribution POLISH BEER !!!
Large amounts of polish beer zywiec okocim tyskie zubr and many many more. Best prices cheapest transport contact us on +48607507902 adrianstaskiewicz7@gmail

Are you still interested in buying polish beer?
SAM12345LONDON - | 2
1 Aug 2016 #57
Merged: Is There Any Polish Beers company which Supply Polish Beers Wholesale to London ?

Hi I am eagerly looking for a Polish company which Makes Polish Beers and can send a Load (Lorry ) containing 26 - 28 Pallets of Polish Beers ( Tyskie, Zywiec, Perla Green etc) to London. Any help be much appreciated. Many Thanks in advance
bartys - | 1
4 Aug 2016 #58
I work for company located in Czech Republic.
We can provide large amount of polish beers: Tyskie, Lech, Zubr, Debowe, Redd's, Ksiazece, Wojak, Gingers, Pilsner Urquell, Grolsh and Kozel.
Please contact me for more info. +447478872944 or bartyzel.daniel@gmail


6 Aug 2016 #59

Time for something different, time for better! My company is importing to UK one of the best Polish craft beers! Many of people are tired of same taste lagers. We have in our offer craft beers with many kinds like IPA, Pilsner, Porter and many others.

If you want to know more details contact us on: or call 07711238831

kind regards
AdrianS - | 2
9 Aug 2016 #60
AS distribution POLISH BEER !!!
Large amounts of polish beer zywiec okocim tyskie zubr and many many more. Best prices cheapest transport contact us on +48607507902 adrianstaskiewicz7@gmail

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