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Where to buy Polish Beer wholesale in UK?

iqy_86 1 | -
15 Apr 2010 #1
Hi, i am new on this forum!

I have my own business in Scotland, Edinburgh.

I am looking for someone to supply me large amounts of Polish beer in cans mainly Tyskie/Lech, i can purchase locally but the price is very high!

Can anyone please put me in touch with Wholesalers?
ones who are ideally getting it straight from Poland.
dhennie_jo 4 | 31
17 Apr 2010 #2
how many beers you need every month?
Prusakowski - | 25
17 Apr 2010 #3
There are so many excellent Scots, English and Welsh beers.

It is environmentally damaging ** to ship continental beers to Scotland when there are excellent indigenous brews made nearer to hand.

(carbon footprint issues, Life Cycle Analyses, ISO 14007 etc etc )
brodi - | 1
19 Jun 2010 #4
If you need full profesional service in importing polish beers to any Europe country let my now by private polishbeers@gmail
mido_int - | 5
19 Jun 2010 #5
You need to have your transportation or else the transport cost will be too high. There are many Polish spedition companies to deliver from Poland to ENgland.
ishwar - | 2
15 Aug 2010 #6
Ok i can get these beers at a good price but i will need to know the price that you want and the quantity
Branchinghenk - | 2
6 Feb 2012 #8
Any wholesalers able to supply me with a quote for 3pallets of tyskie and 3 pallets of lech please contact me. I'm also in the uk.

Merged: Polish beer to the uk

Hi I'm looking for someone to supply me with 6 pallets of beer. 3 x lech and 3 x tyskie.

Hopefully someone can supply directly from Poland.

If anyone can help me please let me know.

Thank you
mikastrading - | 1
8 Feb 2013 #9
If somebody still looking for polish beer - contact me ;)
tyskie lech zubr debowe wojak zywiec warka strong tatra perla lomza kasztelan
lanamitch71 - | 2
4 Apr 2013 #10
[Moved from]: Where to buy Polish beer in UK? (for trade)

I am looking for someone to supply me of Polish beer in cans mainly Tyskie, Zubr, Lech, Debowe......
Who can help?
Pozp - | 1
5 Apr 2013 #11
I can help. I am based in Poznan and have direct contact with the brewery here in Poznan which produces all these beers.

Please contact me at: bigstreetsolutions@gmail .com
lanamitch71 - | 2
6 Apr 2013 #12
hi , i try send you email, but it's does not exist or is blocked
you said you can help, what are your suggestions?

sorry its was my misteke, ...i send now
midlands - | 4
6 Apr 2013 #13
combined with "profiles", if this session there. Maybe mail goes directly to the trash and you can not enter into contact

Typical ambiguity of words in English "spam filters" on the Polish beer suppliers.
Well, it is the result of a 1 or 2 beers in the group you will be a murderer after the "tw" in the brewing group.

So "spam filters" in the e-mail not meat supplier O.K.

Now make sure that what is in her right hand a can of beer...
I do not want once again somebody's frame or/and a murderer,
and when he/she see the processor meat grinder because the food was easy to read with out thinking and/or the use of links,

which is currently subject meeinng
on beer experience,
trading of beer in the future
ItoGroup - | 1
8 May 2013 #14
We can supply any type of Polish beer in any quantity and at the best prices.
We are a Polish company supplying large supermarkets networks.

Any questions or detailed information:

+48 605 278 735
5 Jul 2013 #15
I m selling polish beers, in London and close areas, if anybody need, give me a call, 07962349569.
5 Jul 2013 #16
I always wonder if one needs a liquor license to sell alcohol products in the UK? And if they can advertise on internet ?
22 Aug 2013 #17
Hi there,
I am living in United Kingdom, I was wondering if you can supply polish beer to me, if so how much do you charge.
Please could you give me a call on 0044 77 19 29 08 19

Thank you

Shorsh Pirot
Polish Beer
30 Aug 2013 #18
If anybody is looking for polish beer in good price, please write to me what kind of beer and how many bottles or cans are you interested in and leave your phone number.

polish beer for you gmail
sanjay007 - | 1
1 Oct 2013 #19
hello if you still supply send me mail and with the cost if you can and also how many pallet you have in stock,
4 Oct 2013 #20
Hi i interested in polish beer in cans, i can take large amount


What is the price?
4 Nov 2013 #21
are you still selling beer. I need a lot for my shops. Could you please provide e mail address, i will write to you.
polishBEERexpo - | 1
12 Nov 2013 #22
Hello, I represent , company Sezam-Furman
sp.zoo, I would like to present the offer to both propose
possibility cooperate .Company Sezam-Furman is one of the largest
Polish companies engaged in wholesale of beer, beverages and
water.Cooperate with us guarantees a wide range of beers, water and
beverage prices in line with the spirit of competition and market guidance, good
terms and conditions, fast delivery, lending supply, attractive shares
If you are interested in reading our detailed
Exporting offer, please contact me.
9 Jan 2014 #23
Hi, I need 6 Pallets of Polish beer, can you deliver to Sheffield? my number is 07858433690 Thanks
27 Apr 2014 #24
Merged: I am looking to buy PL beer

I'd like to buy Polish beer by pallets. Directly from Poland or from London or Immingham. Please, contact via e-mail Thanks.
31 Jul 2014 #25
Anybody looking for hungarian beers?
20 Oct 2014 #26

Are you still supplying with polish beers? I'm looking for Tyskie, Lech, Warka, Zubr and Zywiec with good price.
marcusfrex - | 2
28 Nov 2014 #27
Please contact with me if someone want to buy polish beer by pallet in the UK.
Rip street
14 Apr 2015 #28
Hi I need Polish beer some please tell me where can I get in good price I can take large amount in Nottingham
jon357 72 | 21,198
14 Apr 2015 #29
Any local off-licence or mini-market should have enough for you to get as drunk as you like.
14 Jul 2015 #30
need a van load who can deliver and price pls.......

Can anyone tell me if you can get Krolewskie in the UK?

Try these guys They don't list Krolewski but I'm sure that they can get it for you.

Another solution would be to just go to your local Polish shop and ask them to add a crate of Krolewski to their next supply shipment.

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