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Wholesale beer prices in Poland

deeIrish 7 | 33
21 Aug 2007 #1
In Ireland, there's rather a lot of shelf space devoted to Polish brands such as Zywiec and Tyskie. They pull in EUR2.50 a bottle. Lech is making an appearance too.

How much do these cost in bottles over there?

I'm thinking that, even with a hefty duty to be paid on it, you could make an absolute killing shipping this direct to buyers in Ireland, undercutting local alcohol retailers.

Indeed, if the total turnover of the business is less than a certain threshold (about EUR15,000 or so), there is no need to charge VAT, which should cut the price even more.
Krzysztof 2 | 973
21 Aug 2007 #2
I don't know the wholesale prices, but in retail the beers you mentioned cost about

2,50-2,80 PLN + 0,50 PLN for the bottle, unless you bring an empty one in exchange, but almost noone does, I have lots of empty bottles in my basement :)

it's a 0,5 litre bottle

there are also 0,66 l bottles priced at 3,00-4,00 PLN (no paying for the bottle itself, only applies to those 0,5 l)
OP deeIrish 7 | 33
21 Aug 2007 #3
Wow, there really is an amazing killing to be made there!

Even at the full 3PLN you can easily sell it for that price in Ireland. We're not moderate drinkers of beer here, and we have no objections to paying 60% below the going rate.
23 Dec 2007 #4
Why don`t you advertise your drink on Caroline Classic Rock at

Chris O`Railly
Krzysztof100 - | 20
26 Dec 2007 #5
Due to polish regulations (every liquor trade is licenced) and broweries' policy it may be hard to arrange. One just cannot buy a truck of beer to sell outside of Poland.

I was working as a lawyer for beer wholeseller and I know regulations well. At the moment I really dont't know how to round them- but I think it's possible.

I have still some contacts with wholeselers, also if You wish I can try to find a legal way to estabish such bussines

Factory price is abt 1.8- 2.2 zł/bottle (0.5 E) and wholesale 10-20% more

Goodtimes - pls send me PM, as your e-mail is not valid
delphiandomine 88 | 18,430
6 Aug 2009 #6
Indeed, if the total turnover of the business is less than a certain threshold (about EUR15,000 or so), there is no need to charge VAT, which should cut the price even more.

It won't cut the price, because you'll have to pay VAT on the purchase with no prospect of a refund. You wouldn't have to charge VAT on the sale - but any advantage is lost with having to pay VAT to the Polish side of things.

Plus you'll have to have the money to pay the excise taxes upfront - the latest thing I found is saying that you'll pay around 1EUR per bottle of your average Polish beer. Let's say you can get the stuff for 0.60EUR a bottle - you're upto 1.60EUR up front before you even consider transportation costs.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595
6 Aug 2009 #7
They pull in EUR2.50 a bottle

How much does an "ordinary" (common brand) 0,5 L bottle of beer cost in UK?
Infotimes - | 19
17 Jan 2010 #8
Zywiec belongs to Heineken
Tyskie, Lech, Debowe belongs to SABMiller

That means that these so called "beers", are manufactured by international companies, and can be distributed by these companies at minimal cost worldwide. I do not think that there is so money to make on these brands.

There are authentic polish beers on our market, tasty and made in traditiona way. They are not strong brands, but I suppose they will be. I think it is better to interest in these niche beers and not in mass market beerlike drinks.

Of course authentic beers are not so cheap :)
19 Jan 2015 #9
Hey are you Selling beer ?
And how much the price pls?
As Distribution
31 Aug 2016 #10
If you want to import polish beer just give us a call +48607507902! We have the best prices on the market. Adrian

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