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Where to buy Polish Beer wholesale in UK?

27 Jan 2018  #91
im looking for polish beer supply too who can deliver in south london, regular orders. email me gac1704@hotmail
Svitlana - | 1    
26 Feb 2018  #92
@Polish Beer
Hi. Are you still can supply with the polish beer? If so i am interested.
starman4k - | 1    
17 Apr 2018  #93
@hp entereprises
interested in ordering polish beers ideally for cash delivered to walsall, west midlands (uk).
what price for zubr, lech, zywiech, tyskie, karpackie 9%.

looking at ordering pallets
AJ79 - | 2    
6 Jun 2018  #94
hi everyone
we are Polish-English shop in Liverpool looking for alcohol and food supplier.
contact us
many thanks
11 Jun 2018  #95
@Monica p
Hi I'm looking for supplier of polish beers Tyskie lech Zubr Perla Kerpackie etc my contact details are
Josef Nowak    
29 Jun 2018  #96
I can supply full truck loads of polish beer if anyone is still interested in polish beer.
29 Jun 2018  #97
Can anyone supply Bergenbier a romanian beer, no-one sells it anymore in Leicester.
1 Jul 2018  #98
@Josef Nowak
I am interested in purchasing a full truck load.
What price and where can u deliver to?
Call me 07999500500 (steve)
16 Aug 2018  #99
Hello Dear,

My name is Paulina Krawczyk and I represent the Polish company MAG Dystrybucja in the field of export.
We are a company from the FMCG industry, several dozen years active on the Polish market, and for several years we have been trying to expand the area of its operations to Europe and the world.

We offer a wide range of products (including water, juices, drinks, energy, sweets, salty snacks, coffee, tea, alcohol, etc., or typical products for gastronomy).
We offer the best price and quality of services we provide throughout Europe and in the world.

We have in our offer polish beer in good prices- we are one of the largest distributors :)

If you're interested, send me email on:
mob. (+48)512263804
17 Aug 2018  #100
I have polish beer for sale, popular brands, full trucks- if anyone is interested- contact me
5 Sep 2018  #101
Hi i want polish beer plz contect with me
6 Sep 2018  #102
Are you looking for a supplier contact me on 07391 781983
We are a wholesale supplier for polish beers. We have all stock and our prices are very competive we can do cases and pallets
11 Sep 2018  #103
@Josef Nowak
Can you please send me your number i need a polish beer supplier. Thanks
14 Sep 2018  #104
if you're looking for polish beer supplier , contact me on whatsapp
please check your inbox
if you're still looking for supplier- contact me
Ricardo adams    
15 Nov 2018  #105
Hi can you supply to us in Poland? I have my own transport
Moody - | 1    
2 Dec 2018  #106
Does anyone know how much one tyskie can is in poland wholesale price plz

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