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If I don't understand Polish and I post a Polish song on a profile, is it wrong?

piekna 2 | 3
20 Apr 2010 #1
I recently posted a song on my profile and someone commented on it, in a very rude way, saying that.. I'm trying to let everyone see that I like the song but I understand 10% not even, epic win. Is it wrong of me posting a song that I seem to enjoy but in a language that I barely understand? It's not like I post things that I don't know what they mean. I take my time translating myself or asking for translation to have an idea of what I'm dealing with. Share your thoughts on this.
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
20 Apr 2010 #2
No of course it is ok for u to post the song ;)
Arien 3 | 721
20 Apr 2010 #3
Ofcourse not! Remember all those Spanish and Latin songs in Top of the Pops? Juanes? Ricky Martin? Hey, you're not the only one who enjoys foreign music, and it really doesn't matter if you understand all the words or not. If you really like a song, then you really like a song, and that's all that should matter?

F*ck 'em, (Excuse my Dutch!) and enjoy the music!

szarlotka 8 | 2,208
20 Apr 2010 #4
I suppose it depends upon what the lyrics were, might have wound somebody up. Can't see the harm it myself but I'm a really easy going bloke.....
OP piekna 2 | 3
21 Apr 2010 #5
Thank you dtaylor5632 and Arien!

I suppose it depends upon what the lyrics were

Maybe this song hurt his feelings... lol
TIT 5 | 211
21 Apr 2010 #6
Ania Szarmach

Wybieram Cię

Ktoś zapytał znowu mnie,
czy już odnalazłam czego chce,
to przypadek stworzył plan,
że odpowiedź znam.
Inny ktoś doradził mi,
że wie lepiej kogo chciałabym,
lecz pojęcia nie ma nikt,
co dziś powiem Ci.

try to translate this by google ;)
shush 1 | 212
22 Apr 2010 #7
You dont have to be worried about every troll on the net. The same as u dont care about thugs in real life. They are annoying but it is the way they are, best to ignore them.
Sarah W - | 4
24 May 2021 #8
I could see someone not Polish taking offence to the Marsz Triumfalny Jan Sobieski which disses almost everyone else especially Austrians, but I think it's funny; we Brits have the By Jingo song but I think that piece tops it. I learned a lot of Polish words from it.
pawian 218 | 22,842
29 May 2021 #9
By Jingo song

The one which contains The Russians shall not have Constantinople. ???
Crow 160 | 9,212
31 May 2021 #10
Greaks think they are superior to Slavs so let them have Constantinople

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