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Where to buy Polish Beer wholesale in UK?

SAM12345LONDON - | 2
11 Aug 2016 #61
Thank you for your reply, I would appreciate if you could provide me further info so we can keep the boll rolling.
aldenharris - | 1
11 Aug 2016 #62
I am looking for wholesale Polish beers, eg Lech, Tyskie, Zubr, Perla, Okocim, Karpackie, Debowe.

Can anyone put in touch with a wholesaler for purchase in the UK?

Thank you
danthebuyer - | 1
16 Aug 2016 #63
hi , I am looking to buy Polish beer
Can you send me price for FTL of Polish beer, delivery to London?
Jasmin2016 - | 1
17 Aug 2016 #64
Hi, i am looking for polish beer if you can help me please let me know. Thanks 07742218317 or gmail tigras991@gmail
Dorotka27 - | 1
26 Aug 2016 #65
Hi. I need polish beer and alcohol suppliers in good price as soon as possible . Any information contact please 07762497176. Thanks
Dorota Kucharska
As Distribution
31 Aug 2016 #66
As Distribution placed in Warsaw!!! For more information just give us a call +48607507902 we have best prices on the market. We are transporting polish beer to UK and different countries every day. Give us a call and we will arrange a meeting so you can come and get to know us well. We are waiting for your reply! Adrian
12 Sep 2016 #67
HI i am new to thjis forum and am looking for a supplier of lech tyskie karpackie okcim 500ml cans if possible
we are based in leeds
Polska Beers - | 1
28 Sep 2016 #68
We are polish beers supplier in EU market. Best prices Tyskie, Lech, Debowe, Zubr, Perla, Desperados. Contact Us
27 Oct 2016 #69

Is anyone able to deliver a Polish beer in a Keg's ? preferably ┼╗ywiec but if not I will go for any Polish. Also I will need some bottles and Cans but in small quantity.

If anyone can help please contact me on matt.burnat@gmail or 07759498857

Thank you
egons - | 1
29 Oct 2016 #70
Hello I am looking for polish Beer(3 pallets week) if you can help me please let me know.-Nottingham!!! Thanks!-More info and price please email- 07729203442
MartinaPaulina - | 1
27 Nov 2016 #71
Hi everyone i need lots of beer + vodka for NEW opened polish shop please contact me on martakowalczyk223@gmail
Doncaster Road - | 1
19 Dec 2016 #72
Hi mate what are your prices and stock list I have shops and need some beer
Off license
30 Jan 2017 #73
Can you give a email address I can contact u on please

Hello Marcus do you still sell polish beers ?

If anyone knows someone that sells polish beers please contact me on eststylist@gmail , I run a off-licence in London and need crates/pallets of polish beers
Pirodrinks - | 1
2 Feb 2017 #74
Anybody searching for varied offer of polish beer round London please contact NEUSDLER IMPORT AND EXPORT
2 Feb 2017 #75
Hi My local beer supplier in Bedford has folded.I used to buy all my Polish beers and other from them .Now I am looking for a new supplier .Can any one help
Greg125 - | 1
10 Feb 2017 #76

Where to buy Polish Beer wholesale in UK?

Hi guys !!! Supplying any polish beer to UK, big amounts . Contact me on mail please
6 Mar 2017 #77
Hello I've just opened a shop in Manchester and i"m looking for a supplier of Polish alcohol mainly beer but some stronger alcohol as well. Can you help to find a good and reliable distributor. Can You give example of prices. My email: stojaneksklep@gmail
23 Mar 2017 #78
Hi.. I just open polish off licence shop in London .. I am looking for best suppliers like .. polish bread , cheese , meat , n frozen things .. anybody know for polish foods best supplier in London .. many thanks
Archie - | 1
24 Mar 2017 #79
I would like to buy any quantity (min 10 pallets per week) of any type of beer
Please answer as to possibilities and prices
He salutes
piwowar - | 1
25 Mar 2017 #80
Hi, can you be more specific about the quantity of beer?
My mob 07713642898
ukdrinks2000 - | 1
10 May 2017 #81

Need Polish Beer loads in Slough SL1 area

we are looking for a supplier or polish beers please help
3 Jun 2017 #82
Does anybody know any suppliers around Doncaster, Scunthorpe, Hull areas? Need a regular supply of Polish Beer.

hp entereprises
15 Aug 2017 #83
Hi we are suppliers of Polish beers and can supply to anywhere in the uk.

Please contact us on
or our sales team 02030260021
Affy924 - | 1
9 Dec 2017 #84
Hi I'm looking to buy large quantity of polish beer I need 7 pallets of different polish beers thanks

Hi do you have any suppliers of polish beer I really need it please thank u


Hi I need a truck load of karapachi tyskie devowe green perla black perla mocna can
How much will it cost thank you
9 Jan 2018 #85
Im looking a polish beer supplier around 10 pallets a week
contact me on 07525917237
11 Jan 2018 #86
@Polish Beer
Hi! Can u supply me polish beer?i need in huge quantity !
Hi! Looking for big quantity of polish beer.

@mikastrading @marcusfrex
Hi Ian looking for polish beers in big quantity in london!
Hi !need big quantity of polish beer in London.

@piwowarhi!looking for big quantity of polish beer!
21 Jan 2018 #87
Hello I'm looking for polish beer can you replay me for more information to . Thanks
27 Jan 2018 #88
im looking for polish beer supply too who can deliver in south london, regular orders. email me gac1704@hotmail
Svitlana - | 1
26 Feb 2018 #89
@Polish Beer
Hi. Are you still can supply with the polish beer? If so i am interested.
starman4k - | 1
17 Apr 2018 #90
@hp entereprises
interested in ordering polish beers ideally for cash delivered to walsall, west midlands (uk).
what price for zubr, lech, zywiech, tyskie, karpackie 9%.

looking at ordering pallets

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