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(Serdeczna Matko) Polish song sung at Polish funerals

Hojo 1 | 2
9 Nov 2012 #1
I don't know the polish spelling but it sounds like "Che deska Matko'
Can anyone help?
berni23 7 | 379
9 Nov 2012 #2
Wrong spelling, it is: "Chcesz deska Matko?'
OP Hojo 1 | 2
9 Nov 2012 #3
Berni23, thanks for the reply. My brother-in-law is a cantor and has been requested to sing the song at a funeral. He has the music but is unsure of the pronunciation of the words.

can you phonetically provide them to me? Greg Hojnowski
berni23 7 | 379
9 Nov 2012 #4
I was joking. Sorry man, its friday and i got carried away.
Im sure somebody else will help you here but for me it doesnt ring a bell.
RJ_cdn - | 267
9 Nov 2012 #5
Can anyone help?

It's "Serdeczna Matko"

polonius 54 | 420
9 Nov 2012 #6
Berni23 is pulling your leg. 'Serdeczna Matko' can be sung on various occasions: weddings, funerals, Marian devotions, etc.

Serdeczna Matko, opiekunko ludzi,
Niech Cię płacz sierot do litości zbudzi.
// Wygnańcy Ewy do Ciebie wołamy:
Zmiłuj się zmiłuj, niech się nie tułamy. //

Zasłużyliśmy, to prawda, przez złości,
By nas Bóg karał rózgą surowości.
// Lecz kiedy Ojciec rozgniewany siecze,
Szczęśliwy kto się do Matki uciecze. //

Beloved Mother, guardian of the nation,
Hear orphans weeping in their supplication.
We are Eve’s exiles, do you hear us praying?
Show us your mercy when we begin straying.

We have sinned often over all the ages,
Hence we deserve God’s punishment that rages.
But when the Father strikes, be our defender,
Be our safe refuge, Mother dear and tender.
tygrys 3 | 290
9 Nov 2012 #7
'Serdeczna Matko' can be sung on various occasions: weddings, funerals, Marian devotions, etc.

And on Mother's Day. Totally.
OP Hojo 1 | 2
9 Nov 2012 #8
Thanks to all my new friends who responded. I've learned a lot. But mainly how dumb I am to not pursue my parents language. I intend to correct this in the near future.

Gregory J. Hojnowski, Fallston Maryland. USA
polonius 54 | 420
9 Nov 2012 #9
Popular (non-scientific) phonetic transcription:
NOTE: Upper-ase syllables get the stress.

sare-DECH-nah MAHT-kaw, aw-pye-KOON-kah LOO-jee.
nyekh cheh pwahch SHA-rut daw lee-TUSH-chee ZBOO-jee.
vig-NINE-tsy EH-vi daw CHE-byeh vau-WAH-mi
ZMEE-wooy sheh ZMEE-wooy, nyekh sheh nyeh too-WAH-mi.

NOTE: the short e (liek that in such English words as let, get, bet, etc.) is often indicated above as eh. That is not to be pronounced like the trademark Canadian interjection 'eh' (ey).
Kellya - | 1
9 Oct 2015 #10
I attended one of my close friends wakes yesterday. The elders were singing a hymn in Polish which I speak zero of. The last part of it sounded like "shayme shaymula" Can anyone help me out with what they might have been singing?
31 Jan 2018 #11
serdeczna matko is the right spelling
6 Jul 2020 #12
Burial song sounds like vi ki kurla meaing Jesus take me home
walt m
3 Oct 2020 #13
is serdeczna matko sung at funeral mass for fathers?
pawian 222 | 23,700
3 Oct 2020 #14
Yes, why not? It is about God`s mother, not ordinary mothers.
13 Feb 2021 #15
Your post is still helping singers in 2021! Thanks. My priest requested Serdeczna Matko for his installation Mass - in three days! This hymn is frequently sung in our small American town.
21 Jan 2022 #16
Jan 2022 & this is VERY helpful as I prep for funeral tmrw in my English parish. I found out today the deceased is a Polish gentleman who loved Mary. Fmly stressed Marian hymns because he is Polish, & as I typically try to include traditional hymns (& national treasures if appropriate) in my pre/postlude music, I was delighted to discover this gorgeous Polish hymn to our Lady. Many thanks & God's blessings to all of you, from snowy Ottawa, Canada!
pawian 222 | 23,700
27 Jan 2022 #17
I was delighted to discover this gorgeous Polish hymn to our Lady.

Which isn`t normally sung in Polish churches - I don`t recall hearing it. While I am listening to it now I realise its melody is directly copied from another famous religious and patriotic song: Boże coż Polskę.

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