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Looking for a Polish love song

24 Apr 2006 #1
Hello y'all,

I am looking for a polish love song to send to a (polish) girl. Does anybody know a very nice song?

24 Apr 2006 #2
"Kocham cie, kochanie moje" by Maanam
OP wfkegel
24 Apr 2006 #3
That's sure sounds good. I will listen to it (if I can find it) and I'll let you know.
If you guys (and girls offcourse) know some more I'll make a complete CD for her.

24 Apr 2006 #4
Try this - "Bo jestes ty" by Krzysztof Krawczyk - it's been perceived by many people as one of the best Polish love songs.
OP wfkegel
24 Apr 2006 #5
It's beautifull!
Translation if I am right is "Because you are you"?
glowa 1 | 291
24 Apr 2006 #6
Lady Punk - "Zawsze Tam Gdzie Ty"
24 Apr 2006 #7
Marek Grechuta - "Przyjazn czy kochanie" (and other Grechuta's songs)
OP wfkegel
25 Apr 2006 #8
:) I have send her the song "Bo jestes ty" and guess what she said...
"it's my favourite song!" Very good choice TomPoland IOU one, Thx ;-)

I also liked a lot the other songs, from lady pank and marek grechuta, thx a lot guys and guests!

If there are some more I would love to hear them from you, it's gonna be a nice compilation.

:) :) :)
25 Apr 2006 #9
bo jestes ty = because there's you
OP wfkegel
25 Apr 2006 #10
Thx :)
that makes more sense
25 Apr 2006 #11
there is a song entitled: "Wy mieliście p 2;eć z moim przyjacielem JA jestem zagubione teraz", very beautiful.
OP wfkegel
26 Apr 2006 #12
I will check it out and let you know ;-)
(it's a long title...?)
26 Apr 2006 #13
Do you happen to know the singers name maybe?
26 Apr 2006 #14
Albin2650, I can not find the song, can you help me with the name of the singer or group?


P.s. I changed my username from wfkegel to william
26 Apr 2006 #15
Slonce Moje by Human is a great slow song. I heard for the first time last summer in poland at a disco. I dont speak polish too well so i'm not sure exactly what all the words mean but i think its good.
26 Apr 2006 #16
Impress her by speaking her damn language.:)
27 Apr 2006 #17
Thanks TomekUsa, I will listen to it.

Guess what! I'm doing my best but it's not the most easiest language !!!!!
1 May 2006 #18
it's not the most easiest language

aparently you have problems witth the english language as well.
2 May 2006 #19

Don't you have anything better to do?
24 Nov 2006 #20
Hi William
I find my self in the same situation and wished to let you know that because of you're posts, have gained many interesting songs for a project that i have now gave to a wonderful woman i have met.

Also yes learning a new language is hard but keep at it dude.
Surprising what a small collection of vocabulary can do and yer grow..
ps nice site good people thank you all..
callunadude xxx
18 Feb 2007 #21
Feb 18, 07 [12:55] - Attached on merging:
Polish Love songs

Hi was wondering if anyone couold help me to find a site that I would be able to download polish love songs from. I wanted to make a cd for my wife since it will be our anniversary I thought it would be special. Also if any one has any suggestions as to which ones I may need have a few but would like more. Thank you all it is greatly appreciated.
19 Feb 2007 #22
Thank you this page has been most enlightening
I am learning Polish as i will be marrying the most wonderful beautiful Polish girl
So now I know some lovely songs as well CHEERS!!!!!!!

By the way Kocham cie Kochanie Moje by Maanam is wonderful i listened last weekend.
opts 10 | 260
19 Feb 2007 #23
I am looking for a polish love song to send to a (polish) girl. Does anybody know a very nice song?

Wfkegel, if you can not impress a Polish woman with your charm and personality try the

Polish National Anthem.

It starts with "Jeszcze Polska nie zginela.......


It was in jest.
2 Mar 2007 #24
I am trying to translate an old Polish song for my mother because it had great significance for her and my later father (Polish). My Polish is not as good as it used to be so I have a few lines I am struggling with

W mgle utonie prozno wzrok

A nie pomysl sobie czasem
Ze do innej spieszno mi
17 Mar 2007 #25
Speaking of 'zawsze tam gdzie ty', could anyone tell me what the title actually means? I know all of the words, but the lack of verbs makes translation difficult. I can't decide if it means I'll always be there for you or You're always there [for me]...

Thanks very much =)
Firestorm 6 | 400
18 Aug 2007 #26
Hi Guys..
Any chance anyone knows the english version of "Bo jestes ty" by Krzysztof Krawczyk
Or where i can find it.. :-D) Thx

Ps.. It made her go all...... Gooey Lol
issa - | 4
18 Aug 2007 #27
could anyone tell me what the title actually means

It means " I will always be where you are"
Sounds like an attempt to suffocate :)

anyone knows the english version

Google it. If you cannot google something it doesn`t exist!
Firestorm 6 | 400
19 Aug 2007 #28
Lol Issa.
I did. Its there. But its all in Polish. Hmm ( Who would hae thought ) Lol
22 Aug 2007 #29
Absolutely the best polish love song: "Sen o Victorii" ( Dżem )

There are some good from musical "Romeo and Juliet", for example "Twych oczu blask" but it would be hard for u to download. Try on
issa - | 4
23 Aug 2007 #30
My friend sent me this song. Not "make her all schmaltzy and take her to bed" song, but beautiful, classy and Polish!

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