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Looking for a Polish love song

ricojes - | 1
26 Apr 2011 #61
Merged: Ja kocham, I love you, Twe oczy, Your eyes, - Looking for the name of a Polish song?

Hello All, I am hoping someone knows the name and/or singer of the song below? I was told it was the conversation song, but cannot find it anywhere. I would love to buy this as it's a great learning song, but just can't find it anywhere. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Dzien dobry, Good morning, Dobranoc, good night
Jak sie masz, How are you? W porzadku, all right,
Badz wesol, Keep smiling, Ja robie, I do,
To milo, It's lovely, Dziekuje, Thank You

bardzo dziękuję,

boletus 30 | 1,366
26 Apr 2011 #63
I was told it was the conversation song, but cannot find it anywhere.

It appears in many Polish sites. The trick is to google it as a phrase, in quotes.
The much longer version, entitled "Rozmowa", starts with:

Można w kraju żyć swobodnie, gdy się dobrze język zna !
Ale czasem jest wygodniej, gdy się zna języki dwa !
Ja do ciebie po angielsku, ty po polsku do mnie mów !
Może nam się kiedyś przydać tych niewinnych parę słów:

It's all here:
(scroll down to the middle of the page)
31 Jan 2015 #64
I was wondering of someone might know of a traditional Polish love song? Something that would have existed at least in the early 1900s, but preferably older. So far the best I've been able to find is the stuff by Eugeniusz Bodo, but his songs don't seem all that romantic, though that may be the fault of my translation...
Paulina 10 | 1,733
1 Feb 2015 #65
I don't know of such old songs, maybe some folk songs? My mum sang to me "Głęboka studzienka" (deep little well) as a lullaby :), I think the lyrics were written (or maybe just recorded, I don't know) by Helena Kołaczkowska in 1959 to a folk melody:

One of the most famous old Polish classic love songs is "Miłość ci wszystko wybaczy" (love shall forgive you everything) with lyrics written by a poet Julian Tuwim and sang by famous Hanka Ordonówna, but, again, it's from 1933.

"To ostatnia niedziela" (this is the last sunday) is also a famous classic, but it's sad since it's about a break up:

There is a popular wartime/"military" song that could be treated as a love song, I guess - "O mój rozmarynie" (oh, my rosemary). It comes from, the times of the Polish-Soviet War (1919-1921) but it probably originated from a folk song "Koło ogródeczka woda ciekła" from as far back as the Napoleon times. Rosemary was in the folk tradition a symbol of love and fidelity. The lyrics:,zolnierska,o_moj_rozmarynie.html

Also, a traditional Polish-Ukrainian song "Hej sokoły" (hey, falcons), can be treated as a love song, in a way, I guess:

There are probaly some traditional folk love songs who are as old as you would like them to be, but I'm not sure if I know any, to be honest.

If you're interested in pre-war songs then have a look here:
Naina1985 - | 3
8 Nov 2015 #66
Merged: Polish love song to sing to a boy

Hi! I am looking to surprise my boyfriend with a polish love song - maybe a slow classic, something really special. I hope to learn how to sing it my Christmas. Any suggestions?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
8 Nov 2015 #67
Check out:,76897.html
Naina1985 - | 3
8 Nov 2015 #68
Thank you Polonius3 - that is a very useful website - with many songs! Any suggestions on something old - not so modern - and a woman singing to a man?
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
8 Nov 2015 #69
Any suggestions

Here's one (but please don't ask me to translate or provide the music -- that's for you to track down or maybe some other PF-er can help out):

Goya - Piękny Czas Tekst piosenki
Naina1985 - | 3
8 Nov 2015 #70
Wow! this is beautiful. Thank you!
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
8 Nov 2015 #71
Here is a similar language-learning song. It works both ways -- for those learning English or Polish:

Dzień dobry - Good morning!
This bouncy and cheery fun song has been used for years to teach PolAm youngsters a few Polish basics:

Dzień dobry - Good morning
Jak się masz - How are you?
Uśmiechaj się - Keep smiling,
Ja Cię kocham - I love you.
Przepraszam - Excuse me.
Nie szkodzi - No harm done.
Gdzie idziesz? - Where're you going?
Baw się dobrze - Have fun!
aimone - | 1
12 Nov 2015 #72
I really like this one, dunno actually if it's a "true" love song...buuuuut song itself is really nice. :D

"STRACHY NA LACHY - Dzień dobry, kocham Cię"

enjoy ^^
jon357 67 | 16,836
12 Nov 2015 #73
That's a nice one. Also 'Zawsze Tam Gdzie Ty' by Lady Pank. Not too hard to understand for people learning Polish. A classic too.
7 Nov 2016 #74
Merged: Old Polish song called "Moje Donna"

Hi everyone.
I'm trying to find lyrics and the tune to an old Polish song, called or starts with words "Moje Donna" which was used to be sung after the ceremony in church, in the Krakow/Nowy Sacz area.

MFDS - | 1
6 May 2017 #76

I need your help guys!

Im planning to surprise my Polish boyfriend to sing and play piano on our anniversary with a Polish love song. I want a song with a slow note and melody so I can sing and play instrument at the same time. Can you suggest any?

Thanks in advance! 😊
jon357 67 | 16,836
6 May 2017 #77
Try 'Zawsze tam gdzie Ty", originally sung by Lady Pank back in the early nineties and very well known to Poles. It would probably need transposing if you're female and was originally written for guitar but is easy and could work well on a piano.
Velashi - | 1
11 Jan 2020 #78

I'm searching for a Song

As the title says I'm looking for a polish house song.
The song was made in the 2000s or early 2010s and it's a house song.
The song is sung by a male singer and the lyrics goes like:
moshe poshe stasche, e ena pasche twaju
a ete rasche
mosche posche stasche

that's all I know, but I've been looking for this song for such a long time now.

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