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An Israeli Song that its origin is Polish - Please, help to identify it!

urj55q 1 | 1
15 Apr 2020 #1
There is an Israeli/ Hebrew old song that you can listen to in this link: . There is an evidence that its origin is either Polish or Ukrainian. There is even evidence about some words of its origin - in Polish: W pustym stepie na kurhanie młody ułan pada. Maybe the words are not exact, but the songs tells about a horseman who is about to die and asking his horse to run to his mother who is wating to him far away from him and tell her about it (Some Ukrainian words: Przez/ Крізь/ Через курганы козак молоденький: ... Гину,гину... Гину,гину..). I will highly appreciate your kind efforts to identify this song - the accurate text, the names of its authors (of the text and composer) and the most important - a performance of the song in Polish andq or Ukrainian.
Emma88 - | 1
15 Apr 2020 #2
I don't recognize the melody. I also googled the lyrics and coudn't find anything. Maybe it's just a hebrew song with some Polish/Ukrainian in it or it may be of Ukrainian orgin.
OP urj55q 1 | 1
15 Apr 2020 #3
Emma88, thank you, but as I mentioned above, there is a strong evidence that origin of the song is either Polish or Ukrainian.
yehudi 1 | 433
21 Sep 2020 #4
The song is described (in Hebrew) as a Ukrainian tune and the Hebrew words were written by Abba Chushi about the death of Yosef Trumpeldor. He was a decorated veteran of the Russo-Japanese war who came to Palestine and served in the Jewish Batallion of the British army fighting against the Turkish army. He then founded and settled in a small farming village, Tel Chai, in the northern tip of today's Israel, an area that the French had controlled and then abandoned. The settlement was surrounded and attacked by local Arabs , and Trumpeldor led the defense. He and three others were killed. They were actually the first Jews killed in battle since the conflict between Jews and Arabs began. So he became a symbol of Jewish bravery and this song was written about him.

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