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Polish Song About Emperor of China / ... wielki cesarz Chin

15 Jan 2015 #1
I am looking for information about a song my mother used to sing in Polish. It starts "Wyszedl sobie raz na spacie wielki cesarz Chin". Other fragments I remember sounded like "paraglajskich czin" and "Nic to cesarz Chin, mona wszystko klin."

I know my spelling isn't correct; I don't know Polish, but I can figure out much of the meaning of a ext with a dictionary.

I would appreciate any information about this song.

Thank you,
Looker - | 1,134
17 Jan 2015 #2
"Wyszedł sobie raz na spacer wielki cesarz Chin"

I've checked google for this quote, but no results. And the spelling seems right in Polish. I'm not sure however about those phrases: "paraglajskich czin" and "Nic to cesarz Chin, mona wszystko klin." Maybe paraglajskich should be paragwajskich, but it still doesn't say much to me (and to google), sorry.
kpc21 1 | 763
17 Jan 2015 #3
Your spelling of the beginning ("Wyszedł sobie raz na spacer wielki cesarz Chin") is perfectly correct :)
18 Jan 2015 #4
Im looking for an old polish song about a dog running into a butcher repeats itself over and over

I dont know how to spell it in Polish but I know how to sing it. In english it is A dog goes into a butcher shp and steals some meat the fat mean butcher kills the dog the skinny nice butcher feels bad and buries the dog and on the grave stone this is what it says...and then it repeats. Does anyone recognize this?
OP jag6030
18 Jan 2015 #5
@Looker @kpc21
Thank you both for your responses and kind remarks.
14 Jan 2018 #6

Kajidelo forest, a song from Poland?

In China we sing a song from Poland , which is titled" kajidelo forest" ( wonder its original lyrics and voice in Poland,can you help me?and where is the forest?

you can copy "卡吉德洛森林"in search engine and find the song to listen.
gumishu 13 | 6,136
14 Jan 2018 #7
sorry can't help you - don't recognize the song - if it is Polish then it could be some obscure folk tune that I never heard of

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