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Looking for a Polish love song

plinskiMVP - | 2
24 Aug 2007 #31

Seweryn Krajewski - Wielka Miłość (slow, beautiful song with beautiful lyrics)

Elektryczne Gitary - Ona jest pedałem :)

Be careful if she says the following are her favourite songs:
- Gosia Andrzejewicz - Pozwól żyć
- Ewelina Flinta - Żałuję

isthatu 3 | 1,164
24 Aug 2007 #32
am trying to translate an old Polish song for my mother

Dzis do ciebie przysc nie moge, 1942 with unknown writers from the the lwow area underground movement.
I love this old song so full of heart that even not understanding all the words its haunting. Afraid Im still looking for a good translation of this myself but from the lyrics I have I would suggest that "..Ze do innej spieszno mi .." is instead(also maybe) "Ze do innej teskno mi "

12 Sep 2007 #33

I'm getting married on the 27th of oct this year to a polish guy & like to have some polish music on the wedding. So could you please tell me 3 good polish dancing type songs (not the once with only music but also some singing) which i can play for the wedding.

Polska_Bel - | 1
15 Oct 2007 #34
Hi everybody,

Last week I was in Poland very nice country!!

I heard a nice Polish song, it was about 'If I was a men' or something like that.
Is there anybody how knows wich song this is?

It's a very famous song!! I have heard it several times some young womam have sang that on a meeting!

Kind regards
Krzysztof 2 | 973
15 Oct 2007 #35

from your description it looks like Supermenka [=Superwoman] by Kayah

Gdybym mogła być mężczyzną jeden dzień,
pewnie byłabym
supermenem, tyle o kobietach wiem
jestem jedną z nich

[Boguś Li = Bogusław Linda, a Polish actor]
Mermaid - | 29
15 Oct 2007 #36
Edyta Bartosiewicz - Ostatni

Krzysztof Kiljański & Kayah - Prócz Ciebie, nic
barbiexgina 1 | 2
22 Jan 2008 #37
Merged: Polish love songs

i am trying to put together a cd of about 10-15 modern polish love songs for my bf. I am not polish so i have no idea where to start. If anyone can give me some input, or suggest a song list, it would be great. Thanks in advance.
krysia 23 | 3,057
22 Jan 2008 #38
check out youtube. Might get some ideas there.
sweetheart - | 1
18 Apr 2008 #39
Thread attached on merging:
please want love polish song...

hall all
i want downlode love song polish but i don't know whish song will like my girel please can one help me give me from where i can downlaod ...

fishstick - | 10
21 Apr 2008 #40
These are also very nice...
sumptuastic - kolysanka
sumptuastic - za jeden usmiech twoj
z_darius 14 | 3,968
21 Apr 2008 #41
How about an oldie.
Such Beautiful Eyes by Czerwone Gitary.
Melancholia 1 | 3
21 Apr 2008 #42
There is a Polish singer from back in the 60's or 70's named Bobby Vinton. He sang a song with both English and Polish words. It was called 'Melody of Love'. So sad, my mom used to sing that song to us as children. She has passed away now, and most of the songs with her. Stick with it, Polish women are beautiful and smart! Some lyrics, 'Oh, oh moja droga jacie kocham

Means that I love you so
Moja droga jacie kocham
More than you'll ever know
Kocham ciebie calem serce
Love you with all my heart
Return and always be
My melody of love

You can find it easily on YouTube
pat23 2 | 20
23 Apr 2008 #43
Merged: Polish love song to show how much I care

Hello again to you all. i need help to find good Poski song , heres the story maybe this help you to help me ok , we been seeing each other for close to a year and im older than her ,and we didnt have a problem with this but over the last 3 months she is under very big presure from her friends that is not good and that she should go back with her old boy friend , we have talk about this and she say she is very scared becuase she will make everyone mad if she dosent do what they want her to do , i have meet her family 3 times now, and and they have been very good with me so much we both in shock and said to each other that this seems so natural ,just came back from poland on a suprise vist , because she had to go into hospital for test and she was very scared about this so, as a man the only right thing to do was to be there for her and stand by her as she did this , but we still have this one problem and its been 14 day last time we talk ,because i wanted to stand back and give her space to work things out in her head , so what i would like, is there a polish song that would relate to this situation and show her how much i care for her , i cant belive how important she is to me :) any help would be nice thank you all !!
willgd - | 2
20 May 2008 #44
Hi guys,

Could you tell me the meaning of this song you were talking abt ?
Bo jestes ty

Svenski 1 | 159
20 May 2008 #45
Love the polish songs..even if I cannot understand it.. tried to sing one the other day but I only managed to cut my tongue..
willgd - | 2
20 May 2008 #46
I may have found part of that correct ??

On the outside fog, only cold and rain,
But for me world with warm light of candles
The air has electric taste,
I would extend for thousand years yet
Because you are,
You wake-up by me again,
Because you are,
I still feel that..
Because you are,
What would I want more?
Because you are here,
And stayed yet
I would run against to the wind
Krisha 2 | 21
6 Mar 2009 #47
I am not polish so i have no idea where to start.

so am I , any help would be fantastycznie
Pomorzanka - | 28
6 Mar 2009 #48
Myslovitz - Chciałbym umrzeć z miłości
Goya - Smak słów
Goya - All my senses
Krzysztof Kiljanski & Kayah - Prócz ciebie nic
Maanam - Kocham cie kochanie moje
Reni Jusis - Kiedyś cie znajdę
Martyna Jakubowicz - W domach z betonu
Sistars - Skąd ja Cię mam
Anita Lipnicka & John Porter - Bones of love
Varius Manx - Zanim zrozumiesz
Stanisław Sojka - Love is crazy
Grabarz i Strachy na lachy - Dzień dobry, kocham cię
Kasia Kowalska - Wyrzuć ten gniew
2+1 - Chodź pomaluj mój świat
Kasia Wilk - Pierwszy raz

maybe this too:
Verba - Te chwile
Verba - Słuchaj Skarbie
Verba - Kochaj mnie
Sylwia Grzeszczak & Liber - Co z nami będzie
6 Mar 2009 #49
Republika "Obcy astronom"
Cheery 10 | 126
7 Mar 2009 #50
What sort of music does he listen to?
mrsz2b - | 2
8 Sep 2009 #51
Merged: Polish love songs

Hi I am new to this forum, stumbled accross it recently and glad I did. Anyway can anyone help me. I am english, my fiance is Polish and we get married next may in Poland.I wanted to sing a nice Polish love song (in polish)at our reception for my husband but am having trouble finding a song. Have googled everything. I want this to be a suprise so I cant ask any of my friends or my fiances friends/family as I literally want this to be a suprise for everyone. I can speak some Polish and understand most of spoken Polish, so I have 8 months to learn this. any ideas? thanks
Michallikes 10 | 34
8 Sep 2009 #52
Płomień Naszych Serc

I am not sure about this song but I like the music etc, I don't know what the lyrics mean, you may know yourself. It seems to have a sad vibe so maybe not suitable for your wedding.
Tomaisin - | 1
6 Nov 2009 #53
I am learning Polish and would like to learn my second song - preferably a love song ! I know only STO LAT !
learn polish - | 46
6 Nov 2009 #54
My propositions would be:

"Wielka miłość" by Seweryn Krajewski ( - it became a standard wedding song in Poland, newlyweds often dance their first dance to it.

"Zawsze tam gdzie ty" by Lady Pank ( - an absolute classic,but - in my opinion- it doesn't "wear out". Plus, I don't know about your singing skills, but it should be easier than "Wielka miłość" :)

"Prócz ciebie nic" by Krzysztof Kiljański ( - it's relatively new, but really romantic and I guess it would be the most original choice of them all.

Hope I could help!
przelotem - | 16
22 Dec 2009 #55

Ze strzępów radości powszednich los swój tkasz
z tęsknoty, otuchy, nadziei, układasz swój świat
w swym mieście, z domami bez pięter
grasz z czartem o niebo w tym piekle,
które Bóg, wyprawił nam.

I can't imagine a person who only knows a few words would feel comfortable with this song. I mean, it sounds damn difficult not only to pronounce it, but to sing it.

check this one, if you are still looking. it seems perfect for love declarations, it's slow and doesn't have too much szzzżżżżżżżżczczcz ;-)
Polka_OLA 1 | 2
7 Jan 2010 #56
im not sure if its not too late !!!
the best will be:
Niech Mowia Ze To Nie Jest Milosc - Piotr Rubik
good luck
krysia 23 | 3,057
7 Jan 2010 #57
im not sure if its not too late !!!

April 2008? lol
musicwriter 5 | 87
11 Jan 2010 #58
A pretty love song from years back is 'Na dziewiątom tak jak dzis'.
learn polish - | 46
11 Jan 2010 #59
The title actually is "Umówiłem się z nią na dziewiątą" (by Eugeniusz Bodo) :)
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
11 Jan 2010 #60
'Miłość ci wszystko wybaczy...' was is a moving pre-WW2 song about love that forgives everything. It was featrued in a 1970s ior '80s film about cabaret crooner Ordonka who travlled with Gen. Anders army through the middle East.

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