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How does a US & Polish citizen obtain a Polish bank account? (Without residency in Poland)

Polakito 3 | 1
20 Apr 2019 #1
I am living in America currently. I do have Polish citizenship with a Polish passport. I just recently got my Polish passport by showing the Polish Embassy my family bloodline history and all of that. My plan is to move to Poland in about 5 years or so and I just want to get everything set up.

So if I am living in the USA and have a Polish passport with me being a citizen of Poland, what's left there for me to do? From what I have read on the internet is that you need to show them proof of residency/resident card. I live in the US and do not live in Poland.. Can I just show them that I live in the USA? Is my USA address good enough? Or does it really have to be a Polish address? Can I give them one of my family members address that lives in Poland?
cms neuf 1 | 1,782
20 Apr 2019 #2
It depends ob the bank so check each bank. Mbank used to be more lenient but that was several years ago. Most will require at least a PESEL.

There is no reason to do it five years in advance - it will be much simpler and cheaper to do it once you are here and have your meldunek
terri 1 | 1,663
20 Apr 2019 #3
You would need to open the bank account in person. I am British, live in UK and have an account with Alior bank, with a UK address and I do not have a Pesel. I would find a bank and send them an email.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,637
16 Apr 2020 #4
If citibank handlowy is not related to Citibank in USA then why the American flag on there main office on Senatorska in Warsaw?

  • American flag

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