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Sticky: Opening a Polish Bank Account by a foreigner in Poland. Recommendations.  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
Am I obliged to have a business before I apply for a temporary residency on the basis of starting a business?
CRB checks in Poland?
PIT declaration before the next tax year
Poland's Work permit questions - visiting European countries; working in the EU / switching job; dependants  2  3
Polish Inheritance Law and the legal rights of a grown grandchild living abroad
Got National Visa Students Visa for Oct intake at Mumbai Consulate of Poland. Details described  2
Notice period Poland (job termination) - does 'one month' equal to four weeks?
5 - Merged: 1 or 3 months period notice to resigning from a job in Poland? Hello! I...

LawTomkuehne - 10 Jan 2013 HelloPolandHowAreYou - 18 Mar 2019
Polish work visa refused - what should i do next?
Visa and work permit problems. Is permit valid for the specific employer in Poland?
Car Market in Poland? Aftermarket car parts?
Relocating to Poland, but my work Visa rejected, what should I do? shipping costs and methods - what's the best
9 - Google this Poland Package Forwarding And Polish Address...

LawEkspat - 23 Sep 2015 larahollmes01 - 10 Mar 2019
Postal services, shipment, cargo from Poland to Brasil; do I need extra forwarding agent service?
Question about Polish Consulate National Visa Type-D Review Process. I have an official work permit.
If I change my job in Poland without obtaining a new work permit, will this affect my residence visa
Custody Issue and Travel Abroad of my Girlfriend from Poland
17 - Okay. The answers are in front of you. You should write a diary and then go back after...

LawVideobroker - 28 Feb 2019 Shitonya Brits - 3 Mar 2019
Used Vehicle Bought in Poland - Registration Question
What are the legal and financial consequences of DUI in Poland?
Getting loan, overdraft or credit card in Poland
9 - American shark cant be ****...

LawSSSireland - 24 Nov 2016 Bagel - 25 Feb 2019
Plans for starting a company in Poland / cost, types, registration
Cajun from Louisiana state seeking refuge/new life in Poland? Wishing to become Polish (is it possible?)  2
Dependent visa or Schengen visa? - Poland
Import non running project car to Poland
14 - Is there a new law in Poland starting that you cant import old Cars?!...

Lawdhjelm - 12 Feb 2019 dhjelm - 20 Feb 2019
Leaving Poland before karta pobytu decision
7 - because they did nothing...

LawAmmar abed2 - 20 Feb 2017 dovla - 19 Feb 2019
× Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25
How can I get Polish citizenship after been married to a Polish spouse  2  3
Buying from Allegro using PayU or Paypal and paying for item
Annual Leave allocation - labour law in Poland
Stay in Poland without work
Getting a Poland permanent residence permit on the basis of forever waiting for a temporary residence permit?
Residence Permit vs Visa Free Schengen Dynamic for Americans
Getting a Polish drivers license / Poland's residence permit (how long it might take to get?)
How to exchange almost expired USA driving license for Polish license?
Donating to Polish political parties
Are European Union Funds available for people wanting to start a new business? I'm based in Poland.
Foreigners Getting Married in Poland - a Guide to Formal Preparation  2
54 - Hi we are foreigner do we need court permission to get marry in Poland...

Lawrazwzyciu - 19 Dec 2007 Rommy - 7 Feb 2019
I lived in Poland for 5 years then had studies abroad - should I apply for permanent residency or citizenship?
Buying a car in Poland or Germany?  2
Fishing laws in Poland
Is there a legal requirement for us to support aging parents in Poland?
Can dependent Visa holders take up employment in Poland?  2
45 - Just apply for jobs here like anyone else would. We welcome you!...

Lawbinithb - 12 May 2014 delphiandomine - 4 Feb 2019
If I leave Poland and return to my home country, is it possible to claim back tax paid?
Obtaining residence permit in Poland by setting up a company or via permit from another EU country
How soon can you move out of Poland?
Poland student visa refusal - 'intention to leave'  2
Inheritance and Gift tax for non-resident Polish Citizens - laws in Poland?
Poland's Law: Paying Back Money Instead of Criminal Prosecution
Polish citizenship application requirement and an ongoing criminal case in the Polish court
New Law Concerning Dual Citizenship in Poland
Buying an established business in Poland
Identity Theft Laws and Situation in Poland?
Renewing Residence after divorce with Polish wife, and 3 years of holding Poland's temporary residence card
Anybody adept in requirements for non-EU citizens to start business in Poland?  2
Visa issue from Poland - I want to marry my Ukrainian girlfriend, and I have Temporary Residence Permit
Typo on a pre-marriage document - Poland
Work permit + national visa in Poland for India citizen  2  3
89 - Support or Paid Services???...

Lawuser1234 - 17 Jul 2013 MoOli - 17 Jan 2019
Closing an inactive company in Poland (limited liability company)
If you lose your job in Poland is it easy to claim welfare?  2
Getting a PESEL without registration in Poland
5 - Thank you...

LawSergiusz - 15 Jan 2019 Sergiusz - 15 Jan 2019

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