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Sticky: Opening a Polish Bank Account by a foreigner in Poland. Recommendations.  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10
296 - hi i am not EU resident but i have a company in Poland , I am still did...

Lawgdj67 - 30 Oct 2007 civileng1975 - 25 Mar 2019
Does having a Polish Father qualify for dual citizenship? He came from Poland to the UK in 1948
22 - Thank you all for your replies and advice....

Lawjfrydry1951 - 1 Jul 2018 HR60 - 1 hr ago
Question about Polish Consulate National Visa Type-D Review Process. I have an official work permit.
A parent born in Poland. Obtaining a Polish birth certificate?
Court Maintenance - ex wife payment in Poland
5 - Ok thank you...

LawZoe101 - 12 Sep 2019 Zoe101 - 13 Sep 2019
How do I verify a Polish company's existence?  2  3  4  5  6  7
Is it possible to change visit visa to student or work permit in Poland?
Decision on Karta Pobytu (Residence Card) in Poland. How long should I wait?  2
Poland tax laws regarding a 2nd job
Student visa: Documents to prove residency in Poland
Urgent - Poland's National Visa Expiry and 90-days Visa-free Travel
Checking Polish driving licences that they are still valid?
Dependant Visa for my wife (going first time to Poland)  2
Professional Poker Player seeking Polish Laws on Gambling help.
Car Market in Poland? Aftermarket car parts?
On the spot payment with Police (ticket) in Poland?
GDP or GDP per capita - what's more accurate number in Poland?
Poland - some visa queries; admission cancellation (been studying in a Warsaw university) and school change
Going back from Poland to Brazil without the residence card
Penalty for driving on expired license in Poland?
Where can I check in Poland my company formation status and tax number NIP and REGON?  2  3
Threatened with Firearms in Poland - any law regarding this?
4 - many thanks for valuable tips!...

LawSylvio - 11 Aug 2019 Sylvio - 16 Aug 2019
Motorcycle Polish drivers license?  2
Property rights in Poland after divorce
Got National Visa Students Visa for Oct intake at Mumbai Consulate of Poland. Details described  2
Termination of permament or contract work contract in Poland
Caught speeding - Do points go against PESEL in Poland?
Using a foreign-registered car in Poland
How long do citizenship appeals to the Minister of Interior and Administration usually take in Poland?
Buying a car in Poland for export  2
Existing Polish bank accounts for clients without PESEL number would be frozen starting August 2019?
Tax Declaration in Poland (PIT-11)
Buy from allegro, ship to Indonesia
3 - Google this - Parcel Forwarding Poland or Mail Forwarding Poland...

Lawavitob - 30 Dec 2012 larahollmes01 - 20 Jul 2019
Shipping a car from USA to Poland  2  3
Are the benefits of 500+ available for the children born outside of Poland?
Setting up a Post Box in Poland
6 - Try Google this @reshippoland...

LawNaltima - 20 Sep 2012 larahollmes01 - 15 Jul 2019
Can I apply for Poland's visa appointment from different country if I'm different country citizen?
6 - any someone let me is it right or wrong ?...

Lawashwin12 - 5 Jul 2019 ashwin12 - 11 Jul 2019
Traveling abroad while waiting for Karta Pobytu, as a citizen of US in Poland
Motorbike registration / insurance in Poland, if I'm not living there
I want to run a Persian (Iranian) restaurant in Poland!  2
Dependent visa or Schengen visa? - Poland
Buying steroids in Poland? Is it legal?
Child support in remarriage and child support increase for adult children in Poland
Visa and work permit problems. Is permit valid for the specific employer in Poland?
Notice period Poland (job termination) - does 'one month' equal to four weeks?
Do foreign companies like Latin America or US based send Poland tax info?
Advice needed on why my Poland National Visa D has been refused?  2
49 - @pawian here is the website,Kontakt.html...

LawHELPMEIMLOST88 - 14 Apr 2015 Becoming dad - 9 Jun 2019
Poland's Work permit questions - visiting European countries; working in the EU / switching job; dependants  2  3
Canadian who studies in Warsaw - Visa, Karta Pobytu and Deportation?
Surname Question - ski/ska
Questions about citizenship (my father was born in Poland during the second world war)
Are foreigners with kids on work visa in Poland eligible for the "Family 500 PLN" benefit money?  2
Polish citizenship - translation of birth and marriage certificates - MSF or sworn translator?
Spouse Polish Visa For non-eu citizen with UK residency card and travel to Poland
8 - Merged: Poland's Dependent Visa Hi, I have a valid Visa for Poland. My wife is in...

LawAlinaHa - 15 Feb 2018 Indian_Poland - 25 May 2019
Which Poland's visa I can apply - national visa D or Schengen visa?
Temporary Residence in Poland for mother of non-EU Citizen with EU Blue card
Changing the name on a Polish passport
Required to travel to Poland within 4 months of my visa D?
Can dependent Visa holders take up employment in Poland?  2

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