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Poland law and business related talk. Share and exchange your insight knowledge!
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Sticky: Opening a Polish Bank Account by a foreigner in Poland. Recommendations.   2   3   4   ...   9   10
Poland three year residency
A parent born in Poland. Obtaining a Polish birth certificate?
Work permit + national visa in Poland for India citizen   2
Bring Dependent Parent to Poland
Dependant Visa for my wife (going first time to Poland)
16 - Hi, can any one say ,if i apply for type c visa ,can i bring my wife on...

Lawbharat_460 - 22 Dec 2014 / saibabu123 - 2 days ago
Granting Polish citizenship by the President (for money)
15 - It's not much of a secret that the whole thing was aimed to give dodgy Russians an easy...

Lawunuser_lol - 20 Apr 2017 / delphiandomine - 22 Apr 2017
Preparing for Polish B1 Exam for Citizenship
British Driving licence confiscation in Poland
Highway Code equivalent in Poland?
Buying a house in Warsaw without Polish citizenship and stay there on a student/work visa.
Can anyone help me in getting my Polish Passport?
Inheritance law in Poland - child's right to real estate
Chance for citizenship of Poland; my great grandmother born in 1898 - confirmation, granting by the President?
8 - Delphiandomine, thank you very much for your answer!!...

Lawkwr66 - 7 Oct 2013 / unuser_lol - 17 Apr 2017
Insure your British car in Poland for a full year.
Information regarding Polish Work Permit
5 - Have a look at this site, it may be of some help to you:

Lawmakcertificatio - 11 Feb 2012 / Chemikiem - 15 Apr 2017
How to pay a drinking fine in Poland?
4 - It's easier just that tiny amount....

LawWhenInPoland - 14 Apr 2017 / Marsupial - 15 Apr 2017
Old Polish money banknotes - what's their value today?   2   3   4   ...   10   11
323 - You may be able to see how much people are asking for their coins/notes on allegro....

Lawgilmazchint - 23 Nov 2007 / terri - 14 Apr 2017
Can dependent Visa holders take up employment in Poland?
Relocating to Poland, but my work Visa rejected, what should I do?
Retirees immigration regulations in Poland   2
Getting a Polish drivers license / Poland's residence permit (how long it might take to get?)
How long can you drive a car registered in another EU country in Poland?
Parental responsibility removal in Poland
How to open a company with EU Funds in Poland?
Report a stolen iPhone or other theft in Poland?
Question about the drinking laws of Poland.   2
How can I get media in Poland court hearing - my wife lied that I tried to kidnapped our baby?
Poland - Temporary Residence card - Karta pobytu - required documents   2   3   4   5
Polish Visa Refused, Going To Make Appeal, What should I do ?   2   3
67 - @WhirlwindTobias Come again?...

LawCyanide - 4 Jun 2012 / DominicB - 31 Mar 2017
Polish Visa, Work Permit, Residency for Spouse of Polish Citizen   2   3
Can non-EU spouse/dependent work without work permit in Poland?
Ways of getting Permanent residency in Poland   2   3
Trying to get visitation and partial custody of my son in Poland. (Fathers rights?)
10 - I live here. I've never heard of anyone being successful in your situation....

Lawjakub_a - 27 Mar 2017 / delphiandomine - 29 Mar 2017
Legal Advice of how to close a company owned in Poland
14 - Here you go:

LawTomDimdom - 2 Jan 2014 / Atch - 29 Mar 2017
Residence permit in Poland. Starting an own business is enough to get this?
14 - Ask them for a sample contract and send it to me, I'll soon tell you if it's a...

LawPeruvian - 24 Mar 2017 / delphiandomine - 28 Mar 2017
Urgent: Polish work permit, require to travel UK for temporary assignment for period of more than 6 months
Will opening an online company in Poland help with obtaining a visa?
Life in Poland as a single parent
Regarding Entering Poland - residency and travelling to other Schengen countries
Confirmation of Polish citizenship of my mother (born in Poland)
Polish lawyer couldn't help with proving my grandparents were Polish citizens
Setting up small business in Poland?   2   3   4   ...   6   7
Karta Polaka - what nationalities can apply?
17 - That's how I would read everything....

LawKasia91 - 19 Mar 2017 / Harry - 19 Mar 2017
Permanent Residence in Polska: procedures, list of documents, etc.   2
If I change my job in Poland without obtaining a new work permit, will this affect my residence visa
Can a student go in any other Schengen country with a Polish National Visa (D)   2
Car Market in Poland? Aftermarket car parts?
Do foreign students graduated from Polish university need work permit before finding job?
How to get a citizenship for child without consent of father
PESEL or NIP in Poland for an American married to Polish citizen
Who qualifies as a journalist for constitutional protection in Poland?
Polish grandparents, citizenship? Australia
Good bank in Poland to open a personal account where the Polish address/karta pobytu and pesel is not required
How Can I Get a Polish Driving Licence? (Non-EU citizen living in Poland ) - required documents
Confirmation of Polish Citizenship - how to obtain required documents?
I bet that many of you forgot to register in the Poland's municipality office
13 - Kraków, at least now, so at least a tedious 2-3 hour journey each way to Łysa Polana. ...

LawMaciek Stopa - 6 Mar 2017 / delphiandomine - 6 Mar 2017
Child Support Poland - my story and advice request

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