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Possible Visa Problem Due to VAT Refund

11 Jul 2023 #1
Hello everyone

Last week I left Poland after 5 amazing months but in my last day I faced with a problem while I was doing my VAT Refund I accidentaly gave a wrong Global Blue document to the customs officer. I wanted to gave the document for my phone but I gave the one for my laptop which I put in cabin baggage and lost the chance to get a refund(which caused me a hot argument with the other customs officer because she forgot to stamp and refused to stamp it back) When officer asked my to show the product I explained the situation to him first he got angry and said "Are you joking" etc. But in the end I gave him the right document get my refund by giving the correct document and used Google translate to explain to him that I didn't had any bad intentions or mean disrespect in any ways. He said it's okay and made "L" with his hand because I was wearing a Legia Warszawa jersey :D I wasn't filed in any way but do you think that my argument with the officers have any chance to create a problem for me to entering Poland in future because I want to visit this amazing country and people in upcoming days again :)

Have a nice day everyone!!
cms neuf 1 | 1,655
11 Jul 2023 #2
It will be fine - they have better things to do than lose sleep about that

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