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Got National Visa Students Visa for Oct intake at Mumbai Consulate of Poland. Details described

raaaz 1 | 13
20 Jul 2018 #1
The appointment for National Visa Students was opened on June second week.

On Monday, at 10:20 am, the slots started showing up. The slots were available from July second week.

The following documents were prepared:

1. Cover letter

2. Travel Medical Insurance for 1 year from Reliance General Insurance at Rs. 5674 for 1 year. Example: 25 Sep 2018 to 24 Sep 2019

3. Affidavit of Support from sponsor. Example: Father

4. Financial Certificates from Auditor. Example: Bank balance, Buildings, lands net worth, Business income: audited report

5. Bank Balance Certificate. Example: 6Lakhs

6. Bank Statement for 6 months

7. B.E certificate with Apostille for M.S visa applicants or SSLC with apostille for Bachelors Visa applicants

8. Sponsor Aadhar proof copy in A4 sheet

9. Applicant passport copy in A4 sheet

10. University Conditional Acceptance Letter

11. University Final Acceptance Letter

12. Tuition fee proof for Semester 1 and 2

13. One way flight reservation for date of journey as mentioned in Visa appointment form

14. Sponsor Income Tax return for 3 years

On the day of appointment:

The Interviewer asked me following questions:

1. How did you come to know about this university?

2. Who sponsors for your education?

3. What does you sponsor do?

4. What are you future plans after Masters?

Keep in mind:

Be 100% genuine with your answers


In 4 days from the date of interview, token number is listed outside Consulate office.

Student Visa Stamped on Passport.
OP raaaz 1 | 13
20 Jul 2018 #2
Cover letter is attached

OP raaaz 1 | 13
20 Jul 2018 #3
Visa cover letter

  • Visa cover letter(1)

  • Visa cover letter(2)
OP raaaz 1 | 13
20 Jul 2018 #4
Financial Certificate attached

  • Financial Certificate (1)

  • Financial Certificate (3)

  • Financial Certificate (3)

  • Financial Certificate (4)
OP raaaz 1 | 13
20 Jul 2018 #5
National Student Visa stamped

Rob1212 - | 34
20 Jul 2018 #6

Nice work Man. Can be helpful to many students who are struggling to find way and get inspired. Good luck with your study. Cheers !
23 Jul 2018 #7
Nice work bro thanks for the info
@ Raaz
When was your travel date and for which university did you apply
23 Jul 2018 #8
I think the travel date he must have mentioned in appointment is on September 15, 2018. Because if you see in his Visa.. it's granted for him, from 15'th September 2018 to 14 September 2019.

thanks for sharing the details. All the best for your studies.
23 Jul 2018 #9
Thanks for the info
I attended the visa interview on 11th July and my travel date is on 26th sep so I wanted to know if they will grant a visa as per travel date
24 Jul 2018 #10
For an example my friend Arun also had interview on July 11'th. His token number, got listed outside Consulate office on 20'th July. And his departure date mentioned on appointment is 16'th Sept, 2018.

@raaaz I think he also had interview on 11'th July and as per his statement above, he must have got result on 15'th July. And, his departure date is 15'th Sept. as per appointment.

From judging above two people senario, I can't surely say if date of departure is proportionate to the date of result. But I hope you should get your token number displayed outside consultate office anytime sooner.

And, by the way may I know few details about you, such as which University, have you applied for at Poland? Private or Public University? And where are you from in India?
24 Jul 2018 #11
I've applied for Masters of management from Vistula University which is a private university based in Warsaw. I am from Hyderabad.
My token number is displayed today, my friend is going to collect it today, I'm not sure if my visa is granted or not so fingers crossed.

By the way where r u from
OP raaaz 1 | 13
24 Jul 2018 #12
What are all Sruti guessed about my details are right!

Thanks @Sruti
24 Jul 2018 #13

No problem.


Am from Bangalore.

May i ask, how you got Visa appointment? I myself waiting for more than a month to find an appointment.
24 Jul 2018 #14
Could you also share what are all the questions asked for you during interview?
24 Jul 2018 #15
I struggled for one year to get an appointment, I got it online myself,so keep on searching every morning mostly Monday's and Tuesdays and some times even on Sunday the slots open and close in just a minute.

Don't trust any agent, I have lost nearly 50k from these cheaters for the past 2 intakes.

It was just a formal interview for 2 minutes
He asked me about Poland culture, climate etc and about university
sgupt248 - | 3
24 Jul 2018 #16
This is very helpful! Thanks!
24 Jul 2018 #17
Thanks for sharing. Sure I will try on days you mentioned.

Between, you got the visa result? What is it!
24 Jul 2018 #18
My visa got refused
25 Jul 2018 #19
Did they gave you any reason of rejection ?
OP raaaz 1 | 13
25 Jul 2018 #20
A rejection letter will look like one, as shown in the file attached.

  • Visa rejection
25 Jul 2018 #21
Am sorry yar..

Is the reason for your Visa rejection is same as the one above attached?
25 Jul 2018 #22
Mine was only the 9 th reason listed there
OP raaaz 1 | 13
25 Jul 2018 #23
If you may be willing to share what are all documents you produced to Consulate. I may be able to give you an idea how to draft an appeal!
27 Jul 2018 #24
Student visa success for 2018 pm help

What is process for checking whether visa grant or not?
Can some one suggest Pl
28 Jul 2018 #25
Search on Google using keyword "Visa decision Poland Mumbai" to see decision of visa, as per token number you got after completion of interview on the date of visa appointment:

Student Visa succes rate depends on:

1. how neatly and correctly your documents are prepared and produced before Consulate without any contradictory details.

2. How genuine are your intentions for the purpose of studying in Poland

And once your token is listed on the Mumbai Consulate website.. you have to go and collect the passport. If there is a A4 paper along with your passport, the A4 paper will have explanation for your Visa refusal. And if not, when you open your passport you should find a Student visa stamped on the passport page.
28 Jul 2018 #26
it will take how much days for decision ?
My appointment is on 13 july 18
28 Jul 2018 #27
Can you share few details such as:

1. When is your date of departure to Poland mentioned in your Visa application

2. Which university did you apply?

3. Who sponsors for your education?

4. What are all questions asked in your Visa interview?
30 Jul 2018 #28
25 Sep 18 date of departure
Father is sponsorer
31 Jul 2018 #29
Hi . what are the days and timings in which they open slot for getting poland visa appointmnet (or i should ask when should I keep trying for a date) Ive been sitting in mucomputer almost whole day for past three weeks
31 Jul 2018 #30
Official announcement on slot opening for Visa appointment at Consulate General of Republic of Poland in Mumbai is at 10am every Monday. At the beginning of slot opening back in June second week it was 10:25am, it seems now a days they are almost 10am.

And I have to say back in June, only few where aware of slot opening for students visa is to start on June. So may be it was easier to block a date. Now a days many are in look after for an appointment, so it's not easy at all, people go to extent where they can see a date coming, but couldn't block it and face an error. So it's really matter of luck now a days.

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