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Divorce and a house bought in marriage with shared goods in Poland

6 Feb 2020 #1
my wife had a flat (with some debt on it) i helped her to pay the debt and after we sold it and we bought an house (after wedding with shared goods).

In the Notary Act i noticed that she put the house as "personal goods", but i invested a lot of money to renew the upper floor that was totally raw except the walls.

Now she want to divorce and she's asking me (even before opening the divorce case in the court) to leave the dom as it's her property.

It's some kind of "trick" in order to sell it before the divorce and so to happear without home and with the need to rent a flat (with obviously will ask me money about)?

There's some kind of way to defend myself also if i don't have any money left after the huge expenses for renew the upper floor? (i am jobless and she went away from home leaving me alone...actually i don't even have heater system.).

What can i do or what you suggest me to do?
Thank You
cms neuf - | 1,579
6 Feb 2020 #2
Do not leave the house ! You have a right to a share of the marital assets

Staying there creates some facts on the ground that help you.

See a lawyer - if you have no money then borrow some from a friend - for 1000 zloty you will probably get a few hours of lawyers time and it will be worth it.

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