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Buying an unregistered car in Poland?

1 Apr 2016 #1
Hi, Having seen several good value-4-money,unregistered vehicles on-line,in Poland, I am curious what are the pitfalls of buying an unregistered car from a dealer. Some of the opinions I have heard do not bode well for doing that. Are there any mitigating circumstances where buying a car like this may be ok, after all? What are the telltale signs of doom? Thank you, Sylvio
1 Apr 2016 #2
You could read a hundred books on this subject and still not be suitably prepared to avoid being fleeced. So I would say go to view a car with someone in the industry. Essentially if the car is not on the dealers books, you will be technically buying the car from the original German, French or Italian owner, or from wherever the car has been imported. Thousands of people do it every week, but you can understand the legal implications here.
1 Apr 2016 #3
I have no idea what about the other countries, but you will not be able to register in Poland a car that has been already deregistered in Poland. If a car gets deregistered it must be either sold abroad (it's sale is the base for the deregistration), or disassembled by a certified station.
OP Sylvio
1 Apr 2016 #4
What does it mran that "the car is not on the dealers books"? Does it mean that the dealer is not the last owner?
1 Apr 2016 #5
Yes, often car are advertised as sprowadzone or do oplat. If they say oplacone gotowe do rejestracji then thats different. But you should still check that the vat has been paid, you can do this at the urzad skarbowy if you ask nicely (since its not yet your car they dont often want to help initially).
30 Jun 2017 #6

Driving an Unregistered car in Poland, from Poland to an Eu member country, on a trial plate

To make this process,what i need ? I mean about the plate,the trial one; how does it work .
At the conessionary they told me that i legal to buy a car,not register it in Poland and just drive it to another EU contry and then make the registration in that country.

Can you give me all the information that i need ?
Thanks on advance
30 Jun 2017 #7
Maybe try here:
14 Dec 2021 #8

How to register a car in Poland, as a foreigner

I'm interested in buying a (used) car. I've heard and seen that foreigners are allowed to buy and register a car in poland.

Could you please provide detailed instructions on how to do that (where to go and what documents I need to bring)?

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