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Old Polish money banknotes - what's their value today?

17 Jul 2009 #31
Are you 100% sure? Because I have one right here with me.

Are you sure? Because I need to know, I have one right here with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
17 Jul 2009 #32
Old Polish banknotes are worth almost nothing... You may sell them for a fae bucks to someone collecting foreign coins/banknotes...
25 Jul 2009 #33
i have 3 paper money bills in the denomination of 10,000 zlotys each. they are from 1987 and 1988. what are they worth and where can i convert them to USD.

by the way im in chicago, IL ill even sell them to a collector
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
25 Jul 2009 #34
i have 3 paper money bills in the denomination of 10,000 zlotys each. they are from 1987 and 1988. what are they worth and where can i convert them to USD.

They're worth about 1 cent US - for all three.
Krzysztof 2 | 973
28 Jul 2009 #35
Oh, they are worth much more. 100 times more!
10,000 old zloty = 1 new zl = (about) 33 US cents, so 30,000 old złoty = 1 US dollar :)
Zloty Girl
6 Sep 2009 #36
I was giving a favor to a friend from Asian country. she asked me if Banks here in U.S are still exchanging Zloty to U.S dollar. I have one 10,000 and 1 1,000 Zloty denomination. This bank said it is still in their system so the bank teller gave me $3,500 in exchange of my 11,000 worth Zloty. I have no idea or any information about this currency, I just went to a bank and asked if they would exchange something like these or not. After 2 weeks the bank Manager called me and said I need to bring bank the $3,500 to them or else they will debit this amount from my checking account , this is bec. the Zloty that I exchange with them is not in the circulation anymore. The money has been sent to Asia the same day and we have no way to get it back. Anybody please help me. I don't have money to pay for a lawyer, I just need a legal advise on what to do. Nobody from the family benefited from these and God is my witness. I don't have $3500 on my account either.

I am from Chicago,Il.
amymills - | 1
8 Sep 2009 #37
I also have about 3400 (Dollars ?) I have no idea how to check if this is worth anything in US dollars. where do I start. there is 500's, 200's, 100's, 50's, and a 100 from 1941. serial numbers are on them, can I search the serial number. I know the $ devalues in Poland and some go out of circulation. I'm not even sure where in the US I could take it to be checked.

Easton, PA
8 Sep 2009 #38
have one 10,000 and 1 1,000 Zloty denomination.

Don't worry about it. The bank made the mistake and now they must eat the loss.

Just close your account with them and open an account with another bank. You exchanges the money in good faith and they bought it from you at a price which they thought would make a profit for them.
Krzysztof 2 | 973
22 Sep 2009 #39
from 1941

The only money in circulation in Poland is made in the 90's and 00's (since 1994), here you can see them:

This bank said it is still in their system

That's really their fault, because the "denomination" was made 15 years ago, so they had lots of time to introduce the changes in their system.
17 Nov 2009 #40
14 Jan 2010 #41
I have a few old Polish notes as well, one is 10,000 Zlotys from 1988 and the other is 5,000 from 1982. Are they worth anything?

Please email me at:
15 Jan 2010 #42
I have 2 1988/10000 PLN that was given to me as good luck charms. However, I have no use for them so where can I unload them at.
1jola 14 | 1,879
15 Jan 2010 #43
The purpose of good luck charms is to prevent bad luck. :)

I'd think twice.
19 Jan 2010 #44
Do WWII Polish Banknotes have any value to collectors? My Grandfather brought back the following notes with him in 1946. I just inherited his photo collection after my father passed away and the notes were in my Grandfather's photos of WWII.

I have three 20 Dwadziesca Zlotych bills in excellent shape (Dated 1940 R.)

I have two 5 Piec Zlotych in good shape (Dated 1941 R.)

I have two 2 DWA Zlote in average shape (Dated 1941 R.)

I am not Polish but looking at some basic research, these must be Second Zloty issued during the German occupation by the General Government.

I might frame them or just keep them stored if they have no collectors value.

jonni 16 | 2,485
19 Jan 2010 #45
There were quite a lot issued, a lot of black market trading in PL at the time was in Reichsmarks or bartering and people after the war tended to hang on to those zloty notes as collector's items, so unfortunately they are more of curiosity value. They may be worth more in the future.

Be careful of calling them Polish banknotes. Just as Auschwitz was not a Polish camp but a German camp in Poland, they are not Polish banknotes but German banknotes in Poland.

There are some for sale on Ebay at the moment - interesting to check out.

If they have an overprint by the Armia Krajowa like this:


or this:


Then they are worth much more.
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
19 Jan 2010 #46
Don't worry about it. The bank made the mistake and now they must eat the loss.

Not sure about that. A friend exchanged some of the old Zimbabwe dollars and the bank made an error - instead of getting back US $50 dollars he got US $5,000. When they realized their error they have him 30 days to repay it then they started charging him an interest on the money, as if he'd taken a loan from them. He contacted an attorney who said he had no case. He repaid it a few weeks later. By at Bank of America.

Sorry about the spelling errors above, not enough time to correct...

Those of you who have "old" (pre-1995 but post-1945) Polish banknotes and want to know how much they're worth - remember, the largest note today is 200 Złoty.

It's really simple - if you have a 10,000 Złoty bill obviously it must be an old bill, there are no new bills over 200 Złoty remember?

Simply divide it by 10,000 (1 new Złoty = 10,000 old Złoty - or Złotych) and you have the value of the new Złoty.

In other words:

10,000 old Złoty equals 1 new Złoty or 35 US cents.
100,000 old Złoty = 10 new Złoty or US $3.5, etc.

Today Tuesday 19th Jan 2010

PL 1Zł = US $0.35 (or 35 cents)
US $1 = PL 2.78 Zł

However check yahoo currency or your bank for today's value.
29 Jan 2010 #47
Angie2010 2 | 22
29 Jan 2010 #48
I work with banks.... and in Canada I know that even if a certain currency or bank note is not in circulation we will accept it. After, of course, making sure it's legit.
pantsless 1 | 267
1 Feb 2010 #49
this thread is proof that most people are idiots
pawian 187 | 17,522
1 Feb 2010 #50
Fortunately, I didn`t participate in this thread. I intuitively felt it was a bad thread. Dirty. That is why I refrained.
It is good and exciting to know that I am not an idiot.
pantsless 1 | 267
2 Feb 2010 #51
h1 i havers old polish banknote 100000zl from 1987, i sell for current exchange rate, send funds me to prompt.
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
2 Feb 2010 #52
Would you take 10 new zloty for it? LOL
m2tyj - | 2
3 Feb 2010 #53
hello evening this note has been in my family a long time with many storys behide it if any one has info or idears or price would be very helpful thank you for your time it has the date 19 19 trying to up load
m2tyj - | 2
3 Feb 2010 #54
this an upload of my note

16 Mar 2010 #55
Merged:How much is my polish bank notes worth?

Is there any USD value to the following bank notes?

(1) 50,000 Piecdzieslat Tysiecy Zlotych, 1989. Image: Stanislaw Staszic

(1) 1000 Tysiac Zlotych, 1988. Image: Stanislaw Wyspianski

(1) 10000 Dziesiec Tysiecy Zlotych, 1982. Image: Mikolai Kopernik

(1) 500 Piecset Zlotych, 1982.Image: Tadeusz Kosciusko

(1) 100 Sto Zlotych, 1988. Image: Ludwik Warynski

(1) 50 Piecdzieslat Zlotych, 1988. Image: Karol Swierczewski

Please reply to:
delphiandomine 88 | 18,454
16 Mar 2010 #56
No, if you want a response, you'll get it on this forum.

They're worth something in USD. Maybe what, just over 3 dollars? :)
16 Mar 2010 #57
can I get some of that old money if you wouldn't mind peps I would love some because at the minute I don't have any but if I do get any then I will let you all know that I have got some so that I won't have to keep bothering you!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Lauren

orginally from Manchester
skysoulmate 14 | 1,295
18 Mar 2010 #58
m2tyj - I'd say contact the Polish Numismatic Society even though they primarily deal with coins.

Your bill is in a very bad shape and I seriously doubt it has any value to it but who knows. It's from 1919 so a year after Poland regained independence after generations of non-existence. It's also called "Polish Mark" because they'd just changed over from the Reichmark (German currency of the time) and simply renamed it to the Polish Mark. Later the name was changed to Złoty or Gold.

If this note has been in your family for long time like you said you probably should put it in a glass frame and keep it as a family heirloom. Small piece of European and in particular Polish history... Hang on to it.

Some people lucked out though.
9 Apr 2010 #59
I have a 5000 note piec tysiecy zylotych. what will you offer for it?
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
9 Apr 2010 #60
Nominally It is worth 0.5 PLN and 1USD=2.8 PLN... If It is in excellent condition (never in circulation) some collector could pay $10-15 (depends on year/series) for, If It is in very good condition then I think $4-6 and If It is a normal banknote, which were kept in many wallets than rather no more than $1-2. Generally Polish banknotes from late PRL/early IIIRP era aren't worth much because there are many of them on the market.

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