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Old Polish money banknotes - what's their value today?

10 Aug 2016 #301
The Zloty was revalued in 1993. The rate for old to new Zloty was 10,000:1 and the old currency was valid for two years only I believe. Your old notes are therefore worthless and useful only as souvenirs.

BTW the Euro is not the currency in Poland - it is the Zloty.

Your old notes are therefore worthless and useful only as souvenirs.
George_B - | 1
23 Aug 2016 #302
Merged: Polish Zloty

Excuse me if someone knows please answer the quastion ...
I have a paper money of the Polish Zloty 1990 Year ... 100 000 PLN ...
Just want to know if in Poland is acting this moneny or not ? or wich countries are able to exchange

I am from Republic of Georgia ...
mafketis 34 | 12,197
23 Aug 2016 #303
I have a paper money of the Polish Zloty 1990 Year ... 100 000 PLN ...

If you could convert it, which I'm not sure if you could, it would be worth 10 current zloties (back in the mid-90s they launched new zloties with 4 less 0's).

10 new zloties are worth about 2 and one half euros. Probably not worth the bother of converting.
25 Sep 2016 #304
Nqkoi znaeli tezi pari dali vqrvqt ohte STO TYSIECY ZLOTYCH OT GODINA 1990
English is required on this forum
shahid iqbal
30 Oct 2016 #305
We have polish note of one million polish note can I exchange it what is value of this note now plz contact my email: sipra-08@hotmail
Marysienka 1 | 195
30 Oct 2016 #306
it would be 100 PLN whch is around 25 USD right now. Unfortunately our banks stopped accepting those some time ago
bika - | 1
4 Nov 2016 #307
Merged: i want sale old curency of poland

hi i have old currency of poland like1000 tysiac zlotych (2),500 piecset zlotych (1) 100 sto zlotych (2) ,

I want sale this so please contact with me by mail or by ph

email id:- marwarijaat89@gmail
Ph :- +91 9050387381

thanks with rgds

Ziemowit 13 | 4,347
4 Nov 2016 #308
My God! What an incredible amount of cash you keep in bank notes!
cms 9 | 1,255
4 Nov 2016 #309
bika - the money is worthless, about 10 cents, Where did you get that ? Did someone tell you it was worth something ?
26 Dec 2016 #310
500 zty year 1919
27 Dec 2016 #311
I have a old 1982 old 1000 polish zloty looking to get rid of it. please call if interested 2489793562
11 Jan 2017 #313
I have 5000,and 500 Polish Zolty notes that are 1982 series, i live in Pakistan , how i can exchange them in Pakistani currency.
20 Jan 2017 #314

worth of a bill

My sis found a 1908 Polish paper bill decent shape is it worth anything also 194i have pics if anyone wants to see
Awrite pal - | 11
20 Jan 2017 #315
That's not possible you have 1908 polish bill as Poland haven't existed in that time - it was occupied. Money from that time could be some value really, for the historical note collectors, it depends on the conservation and historical value. I've been such collector for some time, I still have some notes and coins, but I don't really do that anymore. I'd love to see the photos anyway, also maybe I could help in telling you what you have.


It's worth almost nothing.


That could be some value for collectors. Can I see the photo?
Connietpeterson - | 1
18 Mar 2017 #316

I have bundles of banknotes from all around the world. These are not exchangeable at the bank here in the U.S. My dad had a coin shop way back when and I inherited these little beauties ( thousands of them ). If you would like me to send you a list of what I have, let me know and I would be happy to accommodate you.
NJ Donna 17
23 Mar 2017 #317
What about polish coins. I have collections of them from early 1930's up until mid 1990's. Some proofs and some not proofs. Most are silver. Some are nordic gold. All denominations of zl from 200,000 to 10. No bank in the USA will convert coins to US dollars. Where can I convert these polish coins to us dollars? Does anyone know? any info would be greatly appreciated. send an email to donna.dbefunds@gmail
DominicB - | 2,709
24 Mar 2017 #318
No bank in the USA will convert coins to US dollars. Where can I convert these polish coins to us dollars?

Nowhere. As money, they are worthless, and no bank anywhere will redeem them for you. As collector's items, that depends on what a collector will pay for them. Might be practically nothing, or might be something substantial, depending on the nature of the collection. You'll have to do your research and shop around for an interested buyer. Most likely, they have only sentimental value, in which case they would make a good gift for a young person who is interested in coin collecting.
NJ Donna 17
24 Mar 2017 #319
Thank you DominicB for your response and for your time. I am going through Fischer, looking up each one. I have done about half of them so far. Have about a hundred more to go through. What a waste of time and money my Father sunk into these useless collections. He said, you can live the rest of your life on these coins and stamps. The mints that produce these coins, proof coins that is, only make money for themselves. Taking a lot of money from people. Some of them aren't even worth what they say, and not even worth that amount in silver. Very sad indeed. Because my Father paid a fortune for all of this over the 50 years, and his stamp collections (1,000's of them). Time to use the stamps as postage, that's about it and the boxes of coin sets as door stoppers.
DominicB - | 2,709
24 Mar 2017 #320
@NJ Donna 17

Look on the bright side. At least he didn't spend it on cheap wh0res and cocaine.

Yes, collecting is generally a very poor investment. It can be a fun hobby, but very rarely pays off financially, and then only for the very few who acquire genuine expertise.

Good luck!
13 Apr 2017 #321
I have two : Rzeczpospolita Ludowa 10000 Dziesiec Tysiecy Zlotych 1987 what's their value today?
terri 1 | 1,664
14 Apr 2017 #323
You may be able to see how much people are asking for their coins/notes on allegro.
24 May 2017 #324
We have polish note of one million polish note can I exchange it what is value of this note now please contact my email: osmanalbarbry@gmail
31 Aug 2017 #325
@thecook2009. Are you interested in a 50000 ranco central de reserva del pero if yes what's it worth if no thanks for your time
Dirk diggler 10 | 5,009
31 Aug 2017 #326
Most of the old prl money isn't worth anything.

I do have one coin that's 100k zloty with an image of a soldier on the back and some writing about the Warsaw uprising. Idk the value now but I remember when I looked it up online it was going for like 10 20 bucks.

There are people who will ask hundred to several hundred for some of the rarer memorial coins but remember this is an asking price... It doesn't mean your coin is worth that much..

The only pl coins worth a lot are gold ducats
Tlum 11 | 194
1 Oct 2017 #327
I'd say that coins would be typically more worthy than just old (socialist-era) banknotes.
polishnotes - | 2
2 Oct 2017 #328
Hi all. I've recently married a polish woman and am now living in Poland. I think it would be fun to collect some of the older banknotes and Polish currency as a way to help me learn more about the history of Poland. So, if you have any Polish currency you would like to sell for a reasonable price, let me know. Send me an email and let me know what you have and how much you want for it. It would need to be shipped to Poland. Thanks!
kaprys 3 | 2,286
3 Oct 2017 #329

check the link above and ask your wife to help you in Polish. Shipping from Poland will be cheaper.
11 Oct 2017 #330
I have 2000 old polish zloty money here all i want is exchange my money to new

If you intrested just contact me here

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