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Old Polish money banknotes - what's their value today?

Lazar Danilovic - | 3
14 May 2013 #182
hahah had a pretty good laugh going true this tread, seeing all the people that don't know how to use google and don't know how a calculator works haha

but yeah i use my old zlotych (1986) for poker
i have 20 big stacks like this one

I'm going to Warsawa on vacation in august !

grspring 11 | 56
28 May 2013 #183
Merged: Is it worth anything?

In one of my father -n-laws albums were (3) 10000 Dziesięć Tsięcy Złotych bank notes. Other markings are (front) Warzawa 1 Grudnia 1988 and Polska Rzeczpospolita Ludowa. The back has Narodowy Bank Polski. My question is are they still redeemable, as I have never seen this denomination before. There are old discussions about this but I found some of the answers confusing.

Lenka 3 | 2,715
28 May 2013 #185
Cross 4 zeros and you'll see how much it's worth. Besides- you can't exchange it anymore.
grspring 11 | 56
29 May 2013 #186
They will make a colorful addition to the family album. Thanks
v1ljar - | 1
18 Jun 2013 #187
Merged: Selling some polish old zloty / also im doing E-currency exchange like ukash - neteller...

Hello dear forum members ,

Just wanna know cuz someone will buy this zloty and if yes then what price?

Picture :

also im doing e-currency exchanges like :

Perfect money
and some others, if u need.. then just contact with me .

Skype : v.keerma
e-mail : eripruul@gmail

22 Oct 2013 #188
is there anyone whom might be interested in these old polish bank notes
i have approximately 24000 zoltych. I have a 10,000 note w/pic of Stanislaw Wysplanski, 2- 5000 w/pic of Chopin, 2-1000 note w/pic of Nikolai Kopernik, 3-500 note w/pic of

Tadeusz Kosciuszko, 2-50 note w/pic of Karol Swierczewski, a grand total of 24000 Zlotych, these notes were left behind by my deceased dad and then my mom held on to them for ten years plus unannounced to me, we were struggling financially when dear old dad had these hidden, thanks dad! Well if anyone care to maybe purchase them from us as a collectors item please contact me at pierre.tronik@yahoo use the heading old Polish money please.
jon357 70 | 19,626
22 Oct 2013 #189
If they're from between 1950 and 1995 they are worth very little. Hyperinflation wiped out the value of the currency and it was replaced. There are still a lot of old banknotes in people's drawers so no real value to collectors.
25 Oct 2013 #190
can any one help me that where can i exchange Narodowy Bank Polski 50 and Narodna Banka Jugoslavije 20000 Dinara in INR or USD. you can reach reach me on snravi0304@gmail
jon357 70 | 19,626
25 Oct 2013 #191
where can i exchange

For the first, a bank, for the second, a time machine.
8 Nov 2013 #192
hi ive got 1200 in polish zloty altogether 6x200 notes can anyone please tell me if theyre worth anythin an if so how do i go about it im from united kingdom so gbps please thankyou.
8 Nov 2013 #193
can anyone please tell me if theyre worth anythin

As this thread makes very clear, 10,000 old zloty are equal to 1 new zloty. So your 1,200 zloty is equal to 0.12 new zloty, which is about two and a half pence.

im from united kingdom

In that case take them to your local strip club and use them to tip strippers.
jon357 70 | 19,626
8 Nov 2013 #194
hi ive got 1200 in polish zloty

Are they old or new zloty? Who is the face on them - is it a king?

Too late to edit.

If they have a picture of King Zygmunt I Stary on (see below), 1200 zloty is just short of 250 quid - you'll get a bit more than 200 at Thomas Cook If they have a picture of a man with a suit and moustache, as Harry says you can make a stripper temporarily happy (unless she's Polish).

money money money, must be funny
13 Dec 2013 #195
hi.. I have an old narodowy 1000 here, can you give me an idea on how to exchange it to peso? thanks po
20 Jan 2014 #196
I have some polish money I want to sell dated 1982 to 89. I have 7 1000, 6 500, 5 200 and a 20. Do u know anyone who would buy these

I can he reached at
21 Jan 2014 #197
what about the 1982 and 1989 notes how much is that in euros
any idea ? i would be happy if someone can help me here
22 Jan 2014 #198
I have the exsact polish money amounts in the above pic are you still interested in buying them? If you are here is my email kenwardmariposa@gmail
15 Mar 2014 #199
kristian_sera101@yahoo i have 50000polski
17 Apr 2014 #200
Hello i have polish zlotych from 1929 til 1934
20 Jun 2014 #201

I want know, how much it worth now in USD?
10 Jul 2014 #202
Hi this is siddhu i have the 50000 rs poland curency
16 Jul 2014 #203
I have the note of Poland of 100000 STOTYSIECY ZLOTYCH of the year 1990. How much i will get exchanging it in Indian Rupees.
jon357 70 | 19,626
16 Jul 2014 #204
196 Rupees only, unfortunately. That note was issued during a period of hyperinflation. I think you are too late to exchange it, though.łoty
16 Jul 2014 #205
I have the note of Poland of 100000 STOTYSIECY ZLOTYCH of the year 1990. How much i will get exchanging it in Indian Rupees.

You can't exchange it: it is not legal tender. You could try to sell it to a collector and get anything from US$1 to US$15 depending on the condition and serial of the note.
18 Jul 2014 #206
Tulsa gold and silver. Buys and exchanges all currency foreign n domestic n collectors/misprints as well
3 Sep 2014 #207
Heyyy I have a polish from 1982 for much u can give me
grey squirrel
3 Sep 2014 #208
Can nobody read this threadsay 10000 times old polish money is worth less than a sheet of toilet paper use it as firelighters nobady wants to buy if pre 1939 possibly but still not mega money
jon357 70 | 19,626
3 Sep 2014 #209
Can nobody read

Looks that way. This one keeps coming and coming.

Mind you, it's just possible that someone has some rare overprinted banknote from the first days of the second republic.
3 Sep 2014 #210
how much u can give me

A piece of chewing gum with quite a bit of chew still left in it and a lollypop that's hardly been licked.

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