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Applying as refugee in Poland - how much pocket money will government give?

5 Jan 2015 #1
Q-1 If i will apply for refugee in Poland and suppose my claim is under process but i want to stay in any European country with permanent residents, so is their any chance for me to get PR of any European Country?

Q-2 In Poland - How much pocket money government give per person including one child (Per Month)? and what other benefits gives to refugee from Government ?

Please reply
Thank you
pigsy 7 | 305
5 Jan 2015 #2
Another immigrant burden.And what this question has to do with Poland in particular?

How much pocket money government give

Damn you freebee loaders living on our taxes stay where you are and dont even think to come.
5 Jan 2015 #3
It's hard not to agree with pigsy. I don't understand how Poland (and other countries whose citizens worked hard for generations to be where they are now) is now turning it into cr@p. The social 'justice' and 'white privilege' scam promoted by corrupt politicians has created this situation. Today it's not about "how I can use my energy and my talents to make my community and country better off"; it's about what tricks to use to get as much as possible without any effort. It applies to all nations (some Poles go to the UK, for example, to milk its social benefits).

People like 'hiren' should ask this question instead: "Hi, I'm planning to go to Poland. I have a {..} degree and I can do the following things. {..}. What are the job prospects in Poland? If my skills aren't enough, are there any opportunities (like educational or vocational programs) that would increase my chances of getting a well-paid job?"

Maybe I'm a little old-fashioned, but that's how it used to be yet 20 years ago.
5 Jan 2015 #4
@ Pigsy and Nathan:
Interesting point of view especially since refugees/asylum seekers cannot work in Poland. They are put in special acommodations and are under close watch until they are granted the right to stay in Poland. So he couldn't work even if he tried.
Wulkan - | 3,249
5 Jan 2015 #5
some Poles go to the UK, for example, to milk its social benefits

but luckly vast majority come to work and pay their taxes
ufo973 10 | 89
5 Jan 2015 #6
If you stay in government provided accommodation with free meals (almost hell) then 70pln per month (lol i am sure you will earn more if you go to somalia or to russian ukrainian border where there is currently war).

If you intend to live on your own and buy your own food then 750pln per month (you won't be able to live with this money for whole month so you must have a side job).

Why don't you apply in countries like Germany, UK or Sweden? where they will provide you 10x this amount with private accommodation and 100s of other benefits? Most of the young Poles are already there with their families :)

REMEMBER: Once you applied for refugee in Poland, You won't be able to apply for it in another EU country for lifetime (search DUBLIN REGULATION).So you are wasted!!!
5 Jan 2015 #7
You all sound like a bunch of rasict xenophobic Pole's.
Paulina 10 | 1,860
5 Jan 2015 #8
Now let's see - pigsy isn't Polish, Nathans probably isn't Polish either, ufo973 not only isn't Polish but is also anti-Polish, so who do you have in mind exactly, tictactoe?
Levi_BR 6 | 219
5 Jan 2015 #9
Why you dont ask for HOW TO FIND A WORK instead of Earn Money without doing nothing???

Is this kind of BAD immigrant that creates racism! People start to think that all Immigrants are Lazy money leechers instead of hard workers.

Paulina 10 | 1,860
5 Jan 2015 #10
In all honesty, I think "hiren" is a troll who's been trolling this forum for quite some time now, under different nicknames, pretending to be different nationalities (not long ago he wrote here as Pakistanis/Indians, I think, and lately as Israelis, probably) aiming to get reactions as the ones from pigsy, ufo973, etc. so someone like "tictactoe" could write something about "rasict xenophobic Pole's".

I don't know why people here are falling for this every single time...
pawian 176 | 15,325
21 Jul 2020 #11
That`s the eternal fun game in forums - both the author and addressees enjoy it very much. Even when they feel infuriated.

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