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Asylum laws in Poland

Farhan Riaz
19 Apr 2011 #1
What are poland Asylum laws?Is there any person who can tell us in detail abt poland law for asylum much get money from govt and what Govt Offering other benefits for such a people. what education policy for such a people.

19 Apr 2011 #2
What are poland Asylum laws?

The absolute minimum that Poland can get away with under international law and agreements.

how much get money from govt and what Govt Offering other benefits for such a people.

Not enough to live on. Other benefits include getting your head kicked in on a regular basis by the Poles who live in the same city as you and getting fairly constant hassle from the police.

what education policy for such a people.

The policy seems to be to teach them that Poland is not a pleasant place to claim asylum in.

Try Britain instead: the people there are a far softer touch and you get loads more cash than you would in Poland.
19 Apr 2011 #3
Try Britain instead: the people there are a far softer touch and you get loads more cash than you would in Poland.

But the women aren't nearly as nice there.
20 Apr 2011 #4
Try Britain instead and you get loads more cash

Sorry its full and we have no money :)
16 Oct 2015 #5
Merged: Settle

Hi, this is moon
I m asylum seekers in France & I decide to live & work in poland. Do u have any advice fir me.olz
16 Oct 2015 #6
Nice troll! Very unlikely: in France you can get 1,000 euros/month just doing nothing, free accommodation, free medical care (CMU) and in Poland, you'll get nothing and if a job, no more than a few hundreds of euros if you are lucky
16 Oct 2015 #7
in France you can get 1,000 euros/month just doing nothing, free accommodation, free medical care (CMU)

And yet migrants run away from it to get to the UK......
16 Oct 2015 #8
Thanks inpolska I appreciate that. Its not abt the facilities I get from France u said.I even didn't get that much money.
I read abt poland geographical & poland is most religious country I ever heard.
I had meet with a gentleman who lives in France with his bangli wife & kids abt 8 years & he told me abt polish furom where I can get advice. I m asylum seekers in France & I had to do that some of reasons.

Can I do any internal process to live in Poland? If u could give me a advice of process the would be very kind of u.thanks
16 Oct 2015 #9
@Maf: the reason why they move to UK, it's because it is easier to get papers while there and also they speak English. Most of those migrants don't speak French (no way to get a job without being fluent in language) and are not allowed to receive work permits in France.

@Moon: trust me, if you know how French administration works, you'll get around 1,000 + free flat (or help through CAF) and free medical care throuth CMU. In Poland you'll have nothing and to work, it's very unlikely that you'll get anything and most salaries in Poland are very low.
16 Oct 2015 #10
they speak English

I would not call most of what they talk "speaking English" in any real sense, they know how to string some English words together but that's about it.

Is there any person who can tell us in detail abt poland law for asylum people

What's the basis of asking for asylum? From Pakistan a Christian or Ahmadi might be able to claim oppression (since the Sunni majority is very hostile and actively oppresses minority religions) but that's about it.
16 Oct 2015 #11
@Maf: also do NOT forget that they have huge communities in UK and therefore it makes sense for them to go where they have friends, brothers and cousins so they can help each other and also feel a bit like at home. If they don't speak good English, at least they do speak SOME whereas they speak ZERO French so GB much easier for them. Also, in GB they can get work permits quickly and may work while illegal; in France, most of them are not eligible to work permits and are not allowed to work without papers so not interesting to stay in France unless they are just interested in (too generous) welfare.

As to applying to Poland, it does make no sense (not only financially but also for all the rest). Since Merkel has invited everybody, the OP should try Germany ;)
16 Oct 2015 #12
Thanks I understand that..
I not get that much money how much u said. UN always said ,they paid much money a asylum seekers but its not true.
I get only 330€ PER month & free medical nothing else. Here is no future for get settle. Look inpolska honestly I lost my everything & I leave my country to come here for a better life. I can't do asylum any other country. I can only do internal process any other country. I think inpolska u understand ..Thanks
16 Oct 2015 #13
@Moon: migrants do currently get 1,010e, so probably you did not qualify for the whole deal;). And as to free medical programs for migrants, they are called "AME" and not "CMU" like I said ("CMU" is not for migrants).

You know, in Poland you will get nothing. In order to work in Poland, you need to speak Polish, most salaries are very low, the climate is bad and as a 3rd Worlder, you'll have it tough. Today, in Gazeta Wyborcza, there is a report of Muslims being (verbally and physically) attacked in Wroclaw and even if people are not physically attacked on a daily basis, they suffer from racism and believe me, it's not very pleasant ;)

The easiest country for English speakers to get work permits is UK so why don't you try there? Forget about Poland!

What is your nationality, the language(s) you speak, your age, your marital status, your education, your work experience?
16 Oct 2015 #14
Thanks inpolska..
Well I can't get migrate or imegrant in France even I can't get work permit in france, I have to be stay in France all my life as refuse because I m asylum seeker here. As my opinion I mean to say u if I could get migrant or imegrant in Poland at least I could survive as person or as a worker in poland or any European countries..main fact is I don't know & i don't have any relative in Europe..

I m from Bangladesh, I do speak English, I m 26 years old, I have done my school in 2005 & I have done my collage in 2007. I had admit in university in 2008 I couldn't have done my university cause i was involved with politics because of I had to leave my country..I used to work as a waiter & as a cheaf parttime..
16 Oct 2015 #15
@Moon: your situation is of course very sad but Poland is not the country for you. Poland is a poor country (millions of Poles move abroad for work) and is a very closed (everybody is white, everybody is catholic...) society hence not tolerant for others. On top of that, it's cold and grey most of the year.

If you speak English, try in the UK. Or what about India?

PS: if you are from Bengladesh, you cannot get what is offered to current migrants.
16 Oct 2015 #16
I can't go uk cause I m already asylum in france & india is **** country same like mine..I m Europe is that means I m safe. If I m in asian any country I would be in jail..

Anyway thanks to u so much.
If u could find any other way please keep touch me.thanks
16 Oct 2015 #17
@Moon: sorry, nobody in a "random" forum like this one can help you. As to Poland, you'd better forget it!

Why not Sweden? They are open, generous and easy going
16 Oct 2015 #18
Thanks inpolska..
Well I've been already told u, I can't do asylum any of others country in European union as a external way. So now asylum is stop for me but I can do family visa & work permit as a internal way in any country accept france & uk.

Basically I've been told u, I don't know anyone in Europe. I only know that polish gentleman who told me abt polish forum.

U said Poland is poor country but Poland is in European union. As a example I know my country & I know how to do any kind of process in my country & even for foreigner.same as u polish so u know ur country.

I know my situation very sad.
But still u know I don't want to lose my hope...if u expect to provide my number I could give u..Thanks abt all information.

Thank u so much inpolska..
16 Oct 2015 #19
So, if you can't apply for asylum within the EU, you cannot do it in Poland ;). Since you are from Bengladesh, how come you have the refugee status? Is there a war over there? Yes, Poland is a poor country (millions of Poles have to go abroad for work). Not all countries are rich in the EU. Bulgaria and Rumania are poorer than Poland.

What would you do it in Poland? You wouldn't get a work permit, wouldn't get a job. There is no welfare and salaries are low. It is cold and grey and people are racist (you"ve got quite a few examples only in PF ;)). Poland would most probably be the worst option for you.
17 Oct 2015 #20
Dude he means mental asylum I think, bangladesh doesn't have one I think.
17 Oct 2015 #21
@Marsu: I don't know about the guy's (most probably most unfortunate) situation but what he says does not sound correct. He claims to be from Bengladesh and to have received a refugee status. There is no war there and there is no such a thing as an economic refugee status.

Nevertheless, it's very sad. When coming from sh]]]ty areas, we are stuck and cannot do it better...

Of course, Poland is no answer to his problems.
17 Oct 2015 #22
He claims to be from Bengladesh and to have received a refugee status. There is no war there

What about religion? If he's not Muslim (or is the wrong kind of muslim) life can get pretty bad there... they've hacked a few atheist writers to death there this year.
17 Oct 2015 #23
@Maf: so IF he's an atheist (but I doubt he's a famous writer ;)), best bet is ... France but he is not eligible to receive work permit there. The refusal to issue work permits to most migrants forces English speakers to leave France for UK. If people are not allowed to work (working illegally is very dangerous in France because if caught, no mercy), they don't want to stay (or maybe, it's the idea ... :)).

Sad life when from sh###ty countries!
17 Oct 2015 #24
It's the internet. It could be anyome.
17 Oct 2015 #25
@Marsu: you have answered wrong post ;). In Poland, ALL Western Europeans are well appreciated so I doubt that Italians and Spaniard (I'm part Spanish) were victims of ... "racism".

Anyway, a lot of trolls in PF in order to maintain a xenophobic, racist, antisemitic, homohopic climate...
18 Jul 2020 #26
Poland is ready to offer asylum to parents from Western European countries whose kids were seperated from them by social workers.

The latest case is a couple who has just requested an asylum in Poland after fleeing with their autistic son from the Netherlands. They had been seperated for months.,nId,4616750
cms neuf
19 Jul 2020 #27
Absolutely insane - Poland is a country where the parents of disabled kids are left with very little support. This is obviously a complicated story
19 Jul 2020 #28
So if I have made equally as many friends in Sweden, Finland and Poland, I must go with Sweden or Finland because Poland is not good for most jobs and if you have disabled relatives?
19 Jul 2020 #29
Poland is a country where the parents of disabled kids are left with very little support.

Better little support with your kid at home than full support and your kid in foster family. Besides, the man is an IT specialist, the woman a laywer. They won`t need so much support.
19 Jul 2020 #30
The question should be what is better for the child, not the parents. The fact that their child was taken in foster care is huge red flag.

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