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Wholesale in Poland - heating, ventilation, water

8 May 2015 #1
Maybe someone can help with info about local companys in Poland who work with heating,ventilation,water materials( like Sanistal,Onninen )
I looking for wholesale company.Thanks
Polsyr 6 | 758
8 May 2015 #2

They actually have a Polish website with a list of distributors - maybe 100 distributors or more. What area are you based in?

I work in equipment for HVAC, water treatment, and pumps, and I can provide solar thermal equipment and accessories and heat pumps wholesale, made in EU.
8 May 2015 #3
Country - Latvia

Polsyr , can I ask for this web page address? Or maybe You can give a personal coordinates ( or web page ) ?
Polsyr 6 | 758
8 May 2015 #4
web page address

Please write to me a private message on the forum or provides your email address and I will write to you.
DsKs - | 1
8 May 2015 #5
Please send a coordinates to

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