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Help With Translating Handwritten Polish Records

6 Mar 2018 #1

I have several images of records that may be related to my family that I obtained from the Geneteka website. I was hoping someone here might be able to help provide me with a translation of them. I understand that some of them, maybe all of them, may be illegible. I did try to increase the contrast, but not sure if that helped.

If that's too much to ask, any recommendations on reputable translation services would certainly be appreciated.


kaprys 3 | 2,501
6 Mar 2018 #2
That's not Polish. It's written in the cyrillic. Your ancestors must have been born under the Russian partition.
OP rickzawadzki
6 Mar 2018 #3
Hi Kap,

Thanks for the clarification! The records are supposedly church records. My great-grandfather was born in Wypychy, Pniewo, Mazowieckie, Poland around 1880. Was that considered part of the Russian partition at that time?
kaprys 3 | 2,501
6 Mar 2018 #4
Well, I don't really know for sure but since the records are in the cyrillic, I'd say so. They wouldn't have used it under the Prussian and Austrian partition.

I have seen similar records before. They use the Latin alphabet when giving the name of the father, the baby etc but the rest is in the cyrillic.
Paulina 12 | 2,033
6 Mar 2018 #5
@Rickzawadzki, at the time that territory where your great-grandfather was born was part of the Kingdom of Poland (also known as Congress Poland) which was a puppet state of the Russian Empire:

My region was also part of Congress Poland at that time and my family's church records are also in Russian (my aunt got them translated).
OP rickzawadzki
6 Mar 2018 #6
@kaprys @paulina Thank you both for your help and education. So, from here on out, if I'm looking for a translator I should seek someone who can reliably translate Russian rather than Polish, correct?
cinek 2 | 345
6 Mar 2018 #7
It's definitely Russian. Mazowieckie was Russian partition in XIX century. I could only decipher some dates and names but cannot grasp the actual meaning of those documents. You must find some Russian person to translate.

Paulina 12 | 2,033
6 Mar 2018 #8
I should seek someone who can reliably translate Russian rather than Polish, correct?

Yes, all the scans are in Russian. I've noticed some Polish names written in Latin alphabet ("Józefу z Prusów", "Jan") as kaprys mentioned, but that's it, so you need a Russian translator, probably someone who has some experience in translating archives from the past or at least someone who has a Russian philology degree (since some of the language may be outdated), I guess.
OP rickzawadzki
7 Mar 2018 #9
@Paulina @Cinek Thank you again for being so helpful. This definitely puts me on a better track towards having them translated. I really appreciate it!
Paulina 12 | 2,033
7 Mar 2018 #10
You're welcome, Rick :)
30 Apr 2021 #11

Translate handwritten name list

Looking for someone to read/translate a family member list written in Polish. I cannot read some of the names. Have the list in digital format.
Lenka 3 | 2,731
30 Apr 2021 #12
I can give it a go if you want
chirogal10 - | 2
21 Jun 2021 #13

Translating handwritten Polish records

Does anybody know a resource for translating birth, death, and marriage records from Polish Archives? Can they be posted here? I have scans.

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