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The situation of black tea in Poland

linkstou 1 | 2
23 Oct 2017 #1
Hello everyone!
This is Kevin from Keemun where is the origin of Keemun black tea.
In the past years(such as 1960s,1970s), Keemun black tea exported a lot to many euro countries, such as Poland, UK etc and it has a highly praise.

but since 2000, Exports have fallen sharply.There are many reasons for this:The impact of low price tea in India and Kenya,A large number of fake Keemun black tea has a great influence on consumers' enthusiasm for buying it.

You may see too many Black tea marked "keemun black tea" in the tea market, but keemun black tea's annual yield in the origin place is only 6000 Tons...

We are very worry about it and we are taking action to revitalize the popularity of keemun black tea in Europe.
Prime Minister of Poland(Rzeczpospolita Polska) came to our shop that located in Beijing to taste our black tea during the "Belt and road Forum for International Cooperation" held in May 14th, She said that the people of Poland would like to drink the authentic keemun black tea again. which has a big influence on us, so now we are trying to looking for ways to open up high-end black tea market in Poland.

We will visit Poland in the November and want to meet some good partners.
I do wish if there are good partners can see this and supply me your goods suggestions on Poland market.

Many thanks!
My email address is and my Wechat ID is:linkstou.

In the end, I wish I can meet some good guys in Warsaw who love to drink Black tea, I'll give him or her some Black tea as a gift,That's the real keemun black tea.

I'll check this post always, hoping to see more friends in here.
OP linkstou 1 | 2
23 Oct 2017 #2


Hello guys.
I just posted a post talk about Black Tea in Poland before.
I'm in Beijing, China.I'm working working for Bring China's projects to Europe and bring European projects to China.
Now I have some good business that need to start in Euro, I want to take Poland as first place. Because I had the honor of meeting the Prime Minister of Poland Rzeczpospolita Polska in Beijing at May 15th and she told me that It's very meaningful to bring the Keemun authentic black tea to Poland.

I want to look for some good business partner who can work for the Keemun black tea in Poland and other Euro contries.
Actually, I have contact with the Embassy of the Poland in China to seek for help, however,the results are not very good. So I turn to here for help.

Any good suggestions or help will be very grateful.

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