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Recruitment agencies in Poland to hire workers?

sunhp 4 | 24    
14 Aug 2016  #31

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Hello, I am looking recruitment office in Poland. I am legal agent from Nepal, If Any company need cheap foreign worker for industries and company. Please contact to me.

28 Oct 2016  #32

Respected Sir/ Madam ,

Greetings of peace & progress!

Please kindly refer us as an ISO certified Overseas Employment Agency & Multi Skill Training Centre from Nepal catering all type of work force as White collar & Blue collar since 1996.

With best regards.
Rana G.N
(Director Overseas Executive)


Motherland Overseas Pvt. Ltd.
Govt. Lic-339/059/060
Post Box-11196
Kathmandu, Nepal
Anurag Bhusal    
26 Dec 2016  #33

I am searching for a good agency.who employees students from India,Nepal and other countries.Because I have a lots of gmail id is
22 Jun 2017  #34

We Muktinath Overseas (P) Ltd, Nepal is looking for partnership recruitment agency for Poland any company interested for partnership may write to me in email:

Sushil Man Sherchan
16 Jul 2017  #35

Dear Recruiters,

I am the HR Director of HR agency legally active and working on deployment of eligible workers to different working destinations from Nepal.

if we can co-operate and work, kindly let me know.

i am open for any Business partnership.

further i will wait for your reply to enhance further information flows.

With Kind Regards,

jon357 70 | 12,784    
16 Jul 2017  #36

What are you doing to increase the wages of agency workers and reduce the profit margins of the agencies?
19 Jul 2017  #37

Hello!!! I was willing to know, if there is any recruitment agency, which wants to recruit Nepalese worker (semi skilled, skilled or non skilled) to work in Poland?
MarkyAnton 1 | 1    
21 Jul 2017  #38

Hey, if you look for a job in Cracow, related to BPOs, reinsurance, MGUs, MGAs etc check out Xceedance Poland. For now they have one job opportunity posted but I'm sure you can contact them and apply also to their general mailbox:
jon357 70 | 12,784    
21 Jul 2017  #39


They sound like bottom feeders, making a profit from money expropriated from the workers.
freeosphere - | 6    
18 Aug 2017  #40

@DarrenM - In all honesty, Indian "Skilled professionals" are the worst calibre resource I have ever worked with and i'm well placed to comment. I manage a team of 20 on-shore and off-shore.

Just saying I am well placed and manage a team of 20 doesn't make your opinion a fact, rather reflects poorly on your ignorance. Folks at Google, Microsoft, MasterCard, PepsiCo etc. aren't fools to have given Indian CEOs command of their businesses. You call yourself IT man, you should know who designed the Pentium, USB, co-founded Sun, Hotmail etc. The brilliance of Indian Aerospace industry is world renowned. Be it art, cinema, literature, business, science, mathematics or IT, Indians have excelled in all. They are not the worst, people like you are. And remember, when Russians enslaved Poles in Gulag, it was India where Polish refugees had gone for help. If not for the Indian Prince who adopted thousands of Polish children (probably your parents among them), countless Poles won't be alive today. And when I see a thankless pitiful creature like you bashing Indians, I hope we never do it again.
5 Dec 2017  #41

Dear Sir / Madam,

Greetings from Divija Group, Hyderabad, India.

We are looking for the business partners in Poland who can provide and advice the work permits or TRCs or any sort of visas or Invitations for Poland or any other European country for our Indian and Nepalese following clients.

The following candidates are looking for the relocate to Poland or EU to work and live there.
Software (IT) Engineers
Electrical Engineers
Mechanical Engineers
Civil Engineers
Networking Engineers
Hotel Management Professionals (Chefs, Waiters, House Keepers, Bar Tenders, etc,)
General Workers
These are now in India itself. We are searching the right business partner to get the help on the visas for them in EU. They can relocate after the visa only.

My Mobile / WhatsApp number is 00918099944418 or Skype ID: divijagroup



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