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Recruitment agencies in Poland to hire workers?

meicarrie 1 | 2
17 Sep 2009 #1
i want to know if there is any recruitment agency, which will recruit chinese worker to work in poland. Or is there any chinese restaurant who want to employ chinese chef or worker? thanks
Alicjav - | 16
25 Sep 2009 #2

yes there are...

contact with me on skype: ID: alicjav1

Best regards,
OP meicarrie 1 | 2
25 Sep 2009 #3
hi, this is carrie, pls add my skype:guomeiq
sohel - | 1
20 Nov 2009 #4
Hi sir

this is my skype id is : sohel.ahmed3 add me
slask miller
5 Jan 2010 #5
Merged:Work agencies in Wroclaw.

hi again. can anyone help need a job ( dont we all) is there any employement agencies in wroclaw.

thanks in advance
casme_edu - | 1
25 Feb 2010 #6
Please tell me your email address and contact phone! urgent! want response immiediatly!
dtaylor5632 18 | 2,007
25 Feb 2010 #7
you say you racist

ummm no that was you.

I see you are the racist.

Clearly a wind up but funny.
suren - | 5
8 Apr 2010 #9

im suren there are three work agencies in wroclaw one is near market place and the other one near renoma and 3rd one opposite to newly build sky tower
tigerbalm - | 1
20 Sep 2010 #10
We Charles Vijay Overseas Recruiters are Overseas Recruitment agency apprved by Ministry of Over saes Indian Affairs, New Delhi, India, to know more about us Please visit: .We are interested to associate with any reputed recruitment ageny/ Employers through we can deploy Indian manpower of all categories of candidates qualified, skilled, experienced in Middle East. Please contact. e-mail.
DarrenM 1 | 77
22 Sep 2010 #11
In all honesty, Indian "Skilled professionals" are the worst calibre resource I have ever worked with and i'm well placed to comment. I manage a team of 20 on-shore and off-shore.

I can't wait until the contract ends!!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
22 Sep 2010 #12
Let me guess - they're over sensitive, over confident and very poorly equipped to deal with working with Western partners?
Mediterranean - | 2
8 Oct 2010 #13
Merged: Recruitment agencies in Poland needed!


can someone tell me if there's any Recruitment agencies in Poland so you will search through them to find a job ??

any help and links please will be appreciated ..

LwowskaKrakow 28 | 431
11 Sep 2011 #14
Merged: Looking for a Job in Poland ?Try Recruitment agencies in Poland

For those looking for jobs in Poland you may type Kelly search Poland in Google to get a list of recruitment agencies such as GBSrecruitment .com ( Krakow)

however you might have to be fluent in Polish depending on the sector you apply for.
27 Sep 2012 #15
I am a foreign student willing to do work because I have free time too after study. So I dont want to be free at that time. I want a dish cleaning job.
MatteoCarati 3 | 30
13 Jul 2013 #16
Merged: Recruiters in Poland (finance / economy sector)


Anyone has a list of some recrutiers in Poland in the finance / economist sector ?

I am currently in touch with Antal, but i'm curious if there are more.

Monitor 14 | 1,820
15 Jul 2013 #17
you can find them through
15 Jul 2013 #18
look at the offers here, some are very well paid

top language jobs []/search/languages-2/locations-37-country/
jon357 72 | 21,141
15 Jul 2013 #19
Goldenline is certainly worth a shot, however the traffic through that site seems to be less as time goes on. I'm sometimes contacted by Poland-based recruiters on LinkedIn. Worth mentioning that your LinkedIn profile can be pasted into Goldenline to save time.
MatteoCarati 3 | 30
29 Jul 2013 #20
The website goldenline is completely in polish it seems. Can someone just give me some names of recruitment agencies or good options on how to apply in the economic/finance sector?

sobieski 107 | 2,128
29 Jul 2013 #21
And that is why you won't get far in Poland without Polish.

- Amrop
- Korn Ferry
- Grafton
- Accenture
- Michael Page
Motol - | 1
30 Jul 2013 #22
Recruitment agency:

Adecco Poland
Hays Poland
Otto Polska
HRK polish job site job site
2 Sep 2013 #23
Looking for recruiters in Poland (English speaker). Location: Poland, Krakow

We looking for IT recruiters in Poland ready to join immediately! You look for a new job? Or you know somebody who look for this?

We are a IT Recruiter Company with Headquarters in the UK in London & Huddersfield and global presence in USA, Poland, Romania, Lithuania and an offshore development center in Hyderabad .

We look for recruiters with minimum 6 months experience (is not required IT recruitment experience), residing in Poland (near Krakow is preferable), basic English speakers.

We offer training in Huddersfield, UK!

If you are interested, please send me an email with your CV at:
19 Aug 2015 #24
Merged: Recruitment firms for IT people in Poland

hi guys,

New on this forum and need some information regarding recruitment firms.

Which are the recruitment firms, specializing in IT recruitment, in Poland? A company that I am working for is asking me find reliable and competent recruitment firms that could help the firm in starting an nearshore IT department.

How much do the firms charge for recruiting people.

Thanks guys!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
19 Aug 2015 #25
A company that I am working for is asking me find reliable and competent recruitment firms that could help the firm in starting an nearshore IT department.

There is no such thing as reliable and competent recruitment companies here, to be honest. You'd be far better off employing someone locally to do the job, in my opinion.
Polsyr 6 | 769
19 Aug 2015 #26
My opinion: recruiters here are garbage by default until proven otherwise - and most likely they will prove themselves repeatedly and without fail to be garbage (as seen from both potential employer and potential employee viewpoint). No ethics whatsoever.

I am under the impression that recruitment here is a standard career path for those that failed in everything else or have no real competence besides a piece of paper from some school that means that they blindly memorized their psychology texts or cheated on their exams.

Sorry if I offended any good recruiters. I am not aware of your existence.
19 Aug 2015 #27
Does your company require English people with lots of IT experience.

This forums is full of expats what companies in Poland refuse to employ.. but they insist in teaching English. lol

Just place a advert here and you will have 50+ CVs
19 Aug 2015 #28
Hi guys!

Harsh words for the recruiters, but not residing in Poland it is hard to know this.

@ringostar: English is absolutely sufficient, Polish is not needed for these roles.

Do you guys have any information on salary expectations for a PHP software developer with a few years of
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
19 Aug 2015 #29
To be honest, with such competition among employers right now, it's an employee's market. I can tell you that you will be expected to put up considerable benefits, such as a gym membership, money off lunches and other perks. What's actually happening now is that Poland is importing a huge amount of Indian workers as the best Polish workers are looking for rather high salaries.

Where are you based?
17 Nov 2015 #30
Merged: IT Recruitment Agency


I am looking for good IT recruitment agencies in Poland. My company is looking to hire developers/engineers, with relocation to Asia (Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia). Thank you.


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