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Does it take 100 days to get Poland's work permit? Local hire?

eamdavadi 1 | 14
6 Jun 2018 #1
Can anyone suggest? why does it takes longer time to get work permit approved for non-EU residents? 100 days is too much.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,070
6 Jun 2018 #2
Because EU citizens have the automatic right of freedom of movement within the EU, quite simple really.
OP eamdavadi 1 | 14
6 Jun 2018 #3
Thanks for the response, but its quite strange that non of the EU country take this much of time just to approve work permit. If some employer is in urgent need.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,070
6 Jun 2018 #4
They need to do proper checks on people , we wouldn't want criminals or terrorists on Polish soil, you must understand we live in difficult times, so we can't be too trusting. we do our best with the limited resources that we have.
dolnoslask 6 | 3,070
6 Jun 2018 #6
Maybe it would improve if employers petitioned the government to deploy more resources, so that things speed up.
Seeker01 - | 17
15 Aug 2018 #7

Hi, I too haven't received my work permit was applied in mid april by my future employer, it's going to be around 4 months now..getting very impatient. How about you? did you get it?
terri 1 | 1,664
15 Aug 2018 #8
It takes as long as it will take. Around 4 months means anything from 6 months onwards.
Seeker01 - | 17
28 Sep 2018 #9
Hi All,

I am also trying for work visa and have received my work permit few days back. It'd be really helpful if you could answer below queries :

1 - How much time it took for you to get the work permit? (mine came after 5.5 months)
2 - There is nothing as such stated in my work permit to travel before any specific date. Only validity is there.
3 - I have just received the soft copy, how much time does it take to get the hard copy? and how it comes?

An early response would be highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,
devil_storage 4 | 26
28 Sep 2020 #10
Germany takes 3 weeks for work permit, and it is declared the best country in world, my work permit came in 1 month an year back in Poland, but getting visa dates and going and collecting it was a pain, Poland have their own rules and we have to respect them if we want to be here....if only they speed up stuff and employ more people and digitize things , things could be more faster and Poland will grow at a pace it should....

Home / Work / Does it take 100 days to get Poland's work permit? Local hire?
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